• Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware

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    Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware

    Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware This year on Google I/O 2017, a lot of big announcements were made by the Company. Among them, there was an interesting announcement regarding Virtual & Augmented Reality. Google shared some progress about how the Virtual & Augmented reality are allowing us to experience computing just as we experience […]

  • chromecast setup


    Chromecast Setup Guide – Set Up Your Chromecast With Mobile

    What is Chromecast Chrome is a freeware web browser which is now providing its users great apps, games, and extensions. Chromecast is one of those amazing devices which are provided by chrome for the convenience of its users. Chromecast acts as a transmitter between the antenna or cable box of your streaming video provider and […]

  • Coachella 2018- 10 things cant miss


    Coachella 2018 : 10 Things You Can’t Afford To Miss

    The world has unlimited festivals to amuse people and to depict the specific culture according to their taste. One of the astounding and breath taking festivals is Coachella Music and Art Festival which is commonly called Coachella Festival. Millions of people rush towards this festival every year to get all the enjoyment out of it. […]

  • 12 things you will love at sephora


    12 things you would totally love at SEPHORA – Express Blogger

    The Things You will love at SEPHORA the Most Sephora, the very renowned makeup place where almost more than 300 cosmetic companies have their cosmetic products displayed, like skincare products, makeup products, nail color, Hair care products and body fragrance. Sephora has its very own private logo. It is a place where the magic happens […]

  • cracker barrel survey



    Enter Cracker Barrel Survey & get a chance to Win A Rocking Chair Or $100 Gift Card

    Cracker Barrel Survey Cracker Barrel is an old American ‘’Country themed’’ store, which combines a restaurant with a gift store. Founded in 1969, Cracker Barrel now has 644 locations across 42 states & has 70,000 employees. As Cracker Barrel is a country themed restaurant, there are a lot of rocking chairs and great Country Music […]

  • 23 Places To Visit In Germany


    23 Places to Visit in Germany- Make Your Trip Amazing

    Germany is famous for the world war II. Berlin is the capital and a very beautiful city of Germany. It is 7th most visited place in the world. Germany is very famous for its mesmerizing views, locations and historical places.There are many beautiful places in Germany which are worth visiting. Some places to visit in Germany […]

  • attractions in dubai

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    Top 20 Attractions In Dubai You Can’t Miss On Your Visit

    Attractions in Dubai | Things You Can’t Miss Indeed, we all know the beauty and amusement of the world are worth seeing. After loads of work, one should always plan to visit and see some amazing countries and places.And for the sake of relaxation, there’s no better place than visiting Dubai. There are a lot […]

  • burger king survey

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    Enter the Burger King survey & win a Free Whopper / Chicken Sandwich

    Founded in 1954, Burger King now is the second largest fast food hamburger chain with 11 million daily customers all around the world. Burger King restaurants are known for serving high- quality, great & affordable food. During your last visit at Burger King Restaurant, did you face any difficulty? How much are you satisfied with […]

  • Walmart Survey

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    Walmart Survey Guide Enter to Win $1,000 Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers

    WalMart Survey Guide Founded 50 Years ago, Walmart is now the largest retailer in the world with almost 2.3 million employees & 11,000 worldwide locations in 27 countries. Walmart sells general household thing from clothing to hardware & gardening products. When you last visited Walmart, were you able to use coupons? Was the staff Nice […]

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    BirchBox Reviews | Know Everything Before Subscribing

    What Is BirchBox Birchbox is a remarkable online business of cosmetics and beauty industry. It is now considered as a revolutionary trendsetter in different countries.The entire business relates to grooming, beauty, and cosmetics. The idea came up in the mind of two British business students named Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna in September 2010 so […]

  • ICC Champions Trophy 2017 doodle google



    ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Doodle by Google

    So today Google launched a new Doodle on beginning of ICC Champion’s trophy 2017, I Played the game my best was 88 🙂 This Game is available on specific regions the Countries in which the Doodle is Visible are the Participant Country Teams Which are Cuba Guyana South Africa United Kingdom New Zealand Pakistan India […]

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