14 Best Things To Do And See In Corsica – France : Visit the Wonderful Island


Corsica is also known as Corse, the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an amazing place and it is one of the 18 regions of France. You should know the location of the place when reading about the 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica.


Some Facts about Corsica

The natural beauty of Corsica has been long known to the Europeans. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Corsica is a laid-back French island, with a breezy vibe that’s part European weekend and part tropical honeymoon. With a coastline running as long as a thousand kilometers, two-thirds of the island is covered by mountains.

14 things to do and visit in Corsica

With the stunning scenery of the seaside along with the displays of nature in the form of forests and mountains, the island lives up to its label “the island of beauty”. Located to the west of the Italian Peninsula, southeast of the French mainland, Corsica is like a heaven for beach lovers and hikers as it boasts about 1000 km long ribbons of shoreline as well as up to 2000 km of trails on the island including the famous GR 20. Also the birthplace of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, it is a land of unique culture proud of its vibrant traditions and secular customs embodied by music, singing, and craftsmanship. Get to know about the Best In Prague to travel abroad.

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica

If you are looking for a peaceful travel destination with beautiful beaches and untouched nature ready to be explored, Corsica will do the job. All you have to do is to bring your hiking boots, a bathing suit, and a dress for evenings in Corsica’s lively harbors with you. So here are 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica.

Visit the town of Ajaccio

14 things to do and visit in Corsica- Ajaccio

It is the largest town and also the capital of the island. It is a town of remarkable beauty boasting a majestic seaside with sandy beaches with snow-capped mountains towering the town from the other side. What makes this city interesting is its cultural heritage dating back to the 15th century when it was founded by the Genoese. Narrow streets and a bustling port mark the historic old town. ‘Place de Gaulle’ located at the center of Ajaccio is a grand square which has a statue of Napoleon in it. Another thing which makes this town important is that Napoleon Bonaparte was born in this town on August 15, 1769.

Explore Bonifacio

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica - bonifacio


One of the 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica is Bonifazio. Founded in the 9th century by Bonifazio, the Marquis of Tuscany, Bonifacio is a well-preserved fortified town of Corsica. The town is like a medieval maze lined by old houses. A historic church built between the 12th and 13th century named Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure, standing in the center of the town is a source of tourist attraction. Having a simple exterior, the interior awes visitors with its serene Romanesque architecture of columns and arches. Bonifacio is only 11km away from Sardinia. And this town also has numerous beautiful beaches near it.

Enjoy the sceneries remote Scandola Nature Reserve

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- scandola nature reserve

Scandola Nature Reserve has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO for its biodiversity and beauty. This area is only accessible by boat and you can take a boat tour from the port of Calvi to admire the steep red cliffs and volcanic headlands of the coastline being hit by crystal clear waters. You might even be joined by dolphins during your tour as the marine life in this area is amazing due to remoteness. It also provides the best scuba diving venue to the tourists. The remote beaches of Scandola are a treat to people who enjoy peace.

Trek Through DĂ©sert des Agriates

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- Desert des agriates

Another place out of 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica is the Desert des Adriates. The word Agriates means “cultivated fields”. This 15000 hectares of land was once fertile farmland used to grow crops but with the passage of time, it became barren. The name of the place itself depicts irony as it translates into “desert of cultivated lands”. The area is inhabited but not devoid of life as it is covered by patches of meadows. But this place also provides the tourists with amazing beaches with soft sand and crystal clear waters. Also, these barren lands prove to be excellent tracks for hiking and walking etc. 

Go to Maison Bonaparte

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- Maison Bonaparte

Maison Bonaparte is the birthplace and home of the Corsica’s most famous son, Napoleon Bonaparte. How can we miss this place when listing 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica? It is located in the town of Ajaccio. This house has been turned into a museum which is filled with preserved furniture and other belongings of the Bonaparte family. The mason has been classified as a historical monument because of Napoleon being a prominent figure in history. Are you on a long trip and have to head towards New York City? You must go in because traveling is life and we should live our life with full spirit.

View Escalier du Roi d’Aragon (King Aragon Steps)

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica

 The place is best out of 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica.This is a diagonal staircase that runs from the top of Bonifacio, Corsica. Built onto the chalky white cliffs, there is a total of 187 steps which according to the legend were carved by the Aragonese soldiers in a single night in their failed attempt to capture the city.

Lavezzi islands

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- lavezzi islands

When talking about 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica we can’t miss  Lavezzi Islands. Accessible only by boat, these islands are somewhat of a paradise. Located off the coast of Bonifacio, these beautiful islands, rich in marine life, are one of the best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving in Corsica. For sunbathers, there are also secluded beaches with crystal clear waters hitting the shores.

Take your loved ones to Chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Serra

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- Chapelle de natre- Dame de la serra

It is one of the important parts of our list of 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica.It is a chapel up the hilltop overlooking the town of Calvi. The panoramic view of the town and the waters of the bay make this trekking up the path to the hilltop worth it. Every pilgrim is welcomed by the statue of our lady of Serra. Superstitions claim that taking your loved ones to the chapel will ensure many years of happiness.

Go ancient

There is a European version of Easter islands on Corsica as well. In the prehistoric site of Filitosa mysterious heads jut out of ground called Dolmens and Menhirs. According to the archaeologists these mysterious figures, dating back to the Neolithic era, depict primitive warriors who fought against the Egyptians. Weapons and armors were also found on this historic site in 1950.

Admire the views from a train

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- view from train

14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica includes the train trip too.There are three main rail routes around the island which provide some stunning views of the island like the ones you cannot see when traveling through the car. All the routes intersect at Ponte Leccia. One head north to Bastia. Another one heads south to Ajaccio while the last one heads west to L’Ile Rousse and then on to Calvi. These routes provide some stunning views of a number of pretty beaches and villages and some lovely mountain sceneries as well.

Sign up for a boat trip

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- Boat trip

Boat trips along the coastlines enable you to admire the beauty of the island in a different way. 14 things to do and places to visit in Corsica will help you know about this beautiful place. You can view the beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters hitting the soft sands of the beaches and mountains with steep slopes diving into the water. Also, you can view the coastal villages and towns as well and enjoy the view.

Swim in the sea water or rivers

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- Swim

The crystal clear sea water provides a great opportunity to swim in the beautiful waters as much as you want. If you are afraid of sea water, Corsica also bear some beautiful rivers for you to swim in or to row your boat.

Hike the GR20

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- hike to GR20

Regarded as one of the most difficult hiking trails of Europe, Grande Randonnee (GR) 20 route is a 160 km grueling expedition through rugged terrain. Reaching up to an altitude of 6000 feet, it requires a couple of weeks to complete it. It is a tough but the most exhilarating way to explore the island. The route runs through mountains between Calenza and Conca with villages camps along the way.

Canyoning across the beautiful canyons

14 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Corsica- The Canyons

Corsica provides a great opportunity for canyoning which is an outdoor pursuit that involves swimming, rowing, rock climbing and walking through the canyon. The canyons in Corsica along with providing an outdoor sports venture also provides stunning views of nature. Check out the free things to do in London and save money.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and may have made your mind to pack the bags and leave for Corsica. Travel with your friends or family and enjoy the beautiful nature and don’t miss a chance to admire the nature.

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