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Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands which attracts millions of tourists every year. Tourists from all parts of the world come to Amsterdam to visit its historical places and other recreational spots. The main attractive places of Amsterdam are its museums. It has more than 50 museums. Amsterdam is the best destination for those people who desire to visit theaters, museums, and historic places. Following are the top-rated 16 places to visit in Amsterdam.

16 places to visit in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Museum

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- museum

On top of the list of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam comes the Amsterdam Museum. It depicts the items affiliated with the rich history of Amsterdam, previously it was called Amsterdam Historical Museum. It is located in the center of Amsterdam. The museum consists of 70,000 objects which are placed in other various buildings. Dutch people have a great love for their country traditions. They always kept the museum worth-seeing after ages. Apart from history, Amsterdam Museum also presents the customs, traditions, people, and crafts of Amsterdam. This Amsterdam travel guide will help you to move around the Amsterdam.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Vondelpark

Vondelpark is one of the best sights in Amsterdam. It is a large urban park where 10 million visitors come every year. It is always full of people and constructed on muddy dump area. The 45 hectares park also has an open-air theater, numerous playgrounds, cafes and restaurants where people come for jogging, dog-walking, music-listening or to enjoy a sunny day.

It comes second in the list of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam. The Vondelpark arranges many cultural and sporting events throughout the year. It is a famous open-air theater, dance performances, and music events are held from May to September. Several hotels are located near Vondelpark in which StayOkay Hotel and Flyingpig Hotel are popular.

Dam Square

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Dam Square

Dam Square is a town square in Amsterdam. It is central public square and popular gathering place since the 17th century. It has frequently been the location of demonstrations and many different events. There are food stalls, restaurants and shops galore in Dam Square. It is the most crowded place of the Amsterdam. The most popular places in Dam Square are Madame Tussauds (waxworks museum), New Church, and Bears Van Berlage. Although all places in Dam Square are amazing Royal Palace is like the jewel in the crown which is now used to hold official receptions. Indeed, Dam Square is one of the must see the place in the top 16 places to visit in the Amsterdam.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- micropia

16 places to visit in Amsterdam includes Micropia. This is worth watching museum of Amsterdam. It is based on the concept of distributing the knowledge of microbiology and the first museum on microbes. Micropia claims to be first of its kind. The first floor of the museum is a type of scientific laboratory which offers plenty of interactive displays. The visitors can scan their bodies through the scanner to get information about the microbes living in their bodies, they can also see the films on the decomposition of animals.

Micropia is a unique place not only in Amsterdam but in the whole world. Although entry to this astonishing place is not cheap it will give you much information on microbes, bacteria, and viruses.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- IJ

IJ is pronounced as ‘ay’ or ‘eye’. It is a body of the water, formerly a bay, in the Dutch province of North Holland. Hundreds of cargo sail ships arrive here daily. It is known for being Amsterdam’s waterfront. Tourists and locals use free ferries between the vessels to cross it. You are not officially allowed to swim in the IJ but there are some ‘wild swimming’ spots where people use to swim usually. The place is included in the list of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam because of its charm and beauty.

The bank of IJ consists of other amazing places like a world famous creative community. The number is growing for the restaurants, hotels, best music venues and EYE Film museum.

National Monument

A national monument, Amsterdam is located on Dam Square. It is one of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam. It is a monument of 1965 World War II. A ceremony is organized every year at the monument on 4th May in the remembrance of the casualties of World War II, known as Remembrance of the Dead.

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- national monument

A 22 meters high liberty pole was erected in the center of Dam Square occupied by people of all ages and nationalities sunning themselves, relaxing or book reading. Two minutes of silence is observed in the honor of those who were fallen during World War II. It’s hard for visitors to miss National Monument during their trip.

Anne Frank House

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and biographical museum, also one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is the third most visited museum in Amsterdam and fills the list of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam. It is a 12-minute walk from Dam square. During World War II, Anne Frank hid from Nazi persecution with four other people in the house which makes this place memorable. But now this place comprises of historical documents, film images, Anne’s original diary and other notebooks. Most of the people dream to study abroad and top Universities of Europe and be their target and they must achieve it with the fun and be traveling.

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or to make videos inside the Anne Frank House. Whoever visits Amsterdam must visit this historic place.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Leidseplein

The Leidseplein is a square located in the central Amsterdam. It is busiest and most crowded place for nightlife in the city. If visitors plan for a night out in Amsterdam then Leidseplein is the most accurate place facing the most famous Vondelpark. It has a wide range of amazing sights and entertaining services. Visitors can take a break from shopping and relax with a drink on the large terraces of Leidseplein. It has many numbers of restaurants, brown cafes, pubs and bars which are serving food account for almost every building. You can have a look at what is Prague offering on your trip?

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Royal palace

Royal Palace of Amsterdam is worth watching palace in Amsterdam.The building is one of the three buildings in the Netherlands which is at the disposal of Monarch and look after by Act of Parliament.The palace was opened by 1655. The architecture style is Classicism. It took 17 years to complete the palace building. The building attracts thousands of tourists towards itself because of the beauty.

Science Center NEMO

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- NEMO

This is a science center in Amsterdam. There is a lobby which has small gift shops. The beautiful building was designed by Renzo Piano. The building is designed beautifully that it attracts millions of people towards itself especially the people who are interested in history and science should do a must visit this museum.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- westerkerk

This is a reformed church especially for the religious Christian community and it is located in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands.The church was opened in 1631. The 86 m long church is located in North Holland. The tower of Amsterdam is the highest tower in Amsterdam. The building has been designed beautifully and many tourists visit the building every day. This is one of the attractions of Amsterdam.

Eye Film Institute

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- eye film institute

This is one of the unique buildings of the world. The building has a huge collection containing 37000 film titles, 60,000 posters, 20,000 books and almost 70,000 photographs. People from all around the world come and see the eye film institute. The building is a worth visiting attraction in Amsterdam.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- Magere brug

This is the bridge located over the river. The center of this building is made up of white painted wood and the building is a beautiful and amazing design of architecture.This bridge was built in 1934. Famous thing about this bridge is that it is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge itself attracts to make a visit.


16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- effeling

Efteling is known as the WORLD OF WONDERS. This is a theme park, fantasy-themed amusement park. The park has been opened on 31st May 1952. It is located in the province of North Brabant. Efteling has got hotels, theme park and much more to attract tourists towards itself.

Tropen Museum

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- tropen museum

Amsterdam has many amazing museums which provide a lot of knowledge to the people who visit them every year. This is an ethnographic museum of Amsterdam. This is one of the largest museums in Amsterdam. It is located in North Holland. The museum is capable of eight permanent exhibitions. Every year thousands of people come and visit this attraction of Amsterdam.

Diamond Museum Amsterdam

This amazing museum is included in our list of 16 places to visit in Amsterdam. Coster Diamonds is the owner of this museum and this museum is an attraction about the geology of diamonds. The ticket of this museum also includes a visit to the factory where they polish the diamonds and the bright, shiny and expensive diamonds are a great attraction for the people who visit Amsterdam.

16 Places To Visit In Amsterdam- diamond meuseum

Hope this helped you know about the best places in Amsterdam. Now make up your mind and travel to the world full of historic places and museums. For the interest of novel readers,   Amsterdam is the place where the female lead wanted to go to visit the writer in the novel “The Faults in Our Stars”.

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