17 Places To Visit In Singapore- Relish The Beauty Of Singapore

17 Places to visit in Singapore

17 places to visit in SingaporeSingapore is a city located in Asia and the border includes Malaysia and Indonesia. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Singapore is well known for its unique and historical culture (after second world war). This city has got different titles because of the natural and fascinating beauty it has got, also known as GARDEN CITY and ASIAN TIGER. Singapore stands at the top places when it comes to travel because of culture, attractions, history, natural beauty and amazing views. We have listed 17 places to visit in Singapore with the natural beauty and creativity that will totally make your trip memorable.

People love to visit it often on holidays with their families and friends and it never fails to amuse the travelers. You need time to explore the beauty of this city. The city has got mesmerizing views. It is one of the most amazing cities in the world because of architecture, developments and it’s amazing places and attractions to visit. The wonders include The Cloud Forest, Wonderful light, and water show, Singapore Zoo and much more.

17 places to visit in Singapore



People love and feel amused to visit the best island in Singapore. Every year almost 20 million people visit the garden. When we are talking about the list of 17 places to visit in Singapore then this garden also known as “the state of Fun” is surely a part of it. It has the biggest playground in Asia for children.The magical island covers a total area of 5 km square. Singapore is famous for its big and fascinating islands and this is also the fourth biggest island in Singapore. It offers the unique types of flora and fauna along with beautiful resorts and museums. For the entertainment of every taste of folk. Sentosa has other views and attractions as well which are also the reasons people love to visit it, the attractions include Tiger sky tower, Tall ship Royal Albatross, Sentosa 4D  Adventure Land etc. Singapore travel guide will help you more to explore the place.

Night Safari

Night safari

Singapore has a lot of sights to explore and one of them is Night Safari. The 1st nocturnal zoo in the world is Night Safari. It gives you unique experience because you can also visit it at night times and this can definitely give u much to explore. The park was created on 26th May 1994 and is located in Mandai. The zoo covers the total area of 99 acres. The most important attractions of Night Safari are many species of animals in it.

Almost there are 140 species and it also includes threatened species. It has almost 2500 different kind of animals which always attract the people and your visit is incomplete without a visit to Night Safari. The zoo was awarded “The Best Caretaker of Animals” in 2015. It also won many other awards in recent years. Almost one million people visit the zoo every year to entertain themselves with something different. This is one of the topmost attractions of Singapore and thus included in our list of 17 places to visit in Singapore.

Singapore Botanic Garden17 places to visit in Singapore


Botanic Garden has got 3rd place in the list of 17 places to visit in Singapore. This is a tropical garden located in Central Singapore. The garden possesses a wide range of unique kind of plants and from a historical point of view, the significance is a lot because the garden is almost 150 years old and it has to offer a lot of old species of plants. According to a research, it is the most visited garden in the world. National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Ginger Garden are few major attractions. found in the Botanic garden. People who come to Singapore never miss these views.

 Universal Studio Singapore

17 places to visit in Singapore

 The Lion City has Universal Studios Singapore to get your attention. It has everything one can enjoy with for example of The Walking Dead Attraction, Rides King Kong 360, Transformers 3D Ride, Super Silly Funland, Studio tour, Dolphin Island, Festival Walk and other a lot of variety. The resort park covers a total area of almost 49 acres and it has total 21 rides including 6 roller coasters and 2 water rides. The breathtaking rides and thrills and spills can give you goosebumps. Don’t miss the fun of our 4th place in the list of 17 places to visit in Singapore.



This is one of the most appealing places in Singapore. The mesmerizing beauty will take your minds in heaven. Buy a ticket of few dollars and enter the world of your dreams. It is the largest Giant wheel of Asia and its height is almost 165 m above the ground. You can have the view of the colorful city and at every turn, you’ll experience something different. It was opened in 2008 for the visitors. The ticket of this huge charm costs you almost 33$. This magic spell has other things to offer you as well like Flight Experience Flight Simulator, Fish Spa, Flyer lounge, Flower dome and many others. None of you will miss the colorful views. This place is 5th on our list of 17 places to visit in Singapore. Some marvelous places in New York City give a tough competition to Singapore.

Jurong Bird Park

17 places to visit in Singapore

 This has the theme “ where colors live”  and it has the power to attract tourists. The bird park was opened in 1971 and it covers a total land of 49 acres. It has almost 5000 animals which include 380 different species. This park attracts almost 9 lac tourist every year towards itself. It also has Lori Loft, wings of Asia, the world of dark, Penguin Coast, Lunch with the parrots and different things to attract you. The visit to Jurong Bird Park will give u a delightful experience with a lot of sweet memories. The ticket price is different for different sections from $19 to $45.


17 places to visit in Singapore

It is one of the major tourist attraction of Singapore and 7th in the list of 17 places to visit in Singapore. It has an area of 2500 meter square and it was opened in 1972. Almost a million people tend to visit it every year. It is a natural icon which shows the head of a lion and the body of fish (half fish and half lion). This is called as a national monument of Singapore. It is almost 8.6 m in height. The body depicts the early beginning of Singapore as a fish village. Bumboat, the Bay, Light, and water show (spectra) and the river are few major temptations here.

Under Water World, Singapore

17 places to visit in Singapore

Who doesn’t like to see the underwater world? We have added the underwater world to the list of 17 places to visit in Singapore. The theme is to give you a pleasant experience about the creatures living in water and you can get a chance to see them closely. It is a colorful resort and a big aquarium which has about 800 unique species from all over the world. It was opened in 1991. Dolphin Lagoon, Dive with the Sharks and Marine discovery are wonderful experiences. The Under Water World has been closed in 2016 because of its lease but hoping to see it soon in Singapore and it offers a wide variety of fun and one shouldn’t come back without having a visit. The underwater tour will uncover many mysteries so it’s a must do thing. The ticket costs you approx $29. Don’t miss out!

Art Science Museum

17 places to visit in Singapore

The Art Science museum was established in February 2011. It has a unique architecture which resembles Lotus flower. The museum displays different exhibitions for its visitors. Permanent Exhibition and few more exhibitions which include Van Gogh Alive, Mind of a Genius, The Artificial Exhibition, and much more which enhances our knowledge about the history of art and science. It consists of 21 galleries with different sections. The opening hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The science and art cultures are being displayed in a modern and distinctive way which gives a viewer more comprehensive knowledge about certain things. The tickets cost you around $ 17 to $ 38 and online tickets are also available to avoid the long queues.

 Suntec City

17 places to visit in Singapore

The Suntec City was opened in 1991 for tourists. It has the power to evoke your interest and that is why it is the post of 17 places to visit in Singapore. It’s a beautiful place to visit if you ever visit Singapore. Suntec City offers you many things just in one location, tasty food, amazing shopping centers and many entertainment experiences. Suntec is trying its best to make itself one of the top and best destinations to visit in Singapore.

It has a classy folk always ranking at the top in fashion, lifestyle and beauty perspectives. In Suntec, there are 5 buildings and a convention center and they give you Ariel view of the left hand. It also has the fountain of wealth made up of bronze which looks like a golden ring in the hand. Suntec City Mall, City Exhibitions, and youth Olympic games are city attractive views. A beautiful and frank thing to visit.

Fort Canning

17 places to visit in Singapore

It was created in 1822 and covers a total area of 18 hectares. Physically it appears as a small hill but it has a vast historical background. Further, it turned to park in 1972 and it is also the host of many music shows and concerts. This is located in the heart of the city and it attracts millions of visitors every year. It’s quite a peaceful and calm natural place to relax and fresh your mind. Now it also has more views for our recreation like educational, cultural and few historical events. Spice Garden, Fort Wall, and Gate, Sally port are few vital places to have fun. The green place is a significant landmark as well because it is in the heart of the city. It remains open 24 hours a day and the visit costs you nothing. So, have a visit and enjoy the scenes.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road

 Orchard road has a total population of 1600 with the length of 2.2 km and area of 0.90 km square. There are many shopping plazas and restaurants at the bank of the road. You can enjoy walking here as well. It is the important landmark and a colorful place, especially at night times. Amazingly decoration on Christmas so people visit and have fun. You’ll also see tax is, buses and trains which are used as transport. The Paragon, Tang Plaza, Orchard towers are few major attractions that can attract you in no time and there is no ticket to visit it. This is a great street and you must go to visit it.

National Museum Of Singapore

17 places to visit in Singapore

The list of 17 places to visit in Singapore includes the Old museum of 1849. The opening hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Ticket costs you $8 to $15 for different sections. This is the museum which tells you all the stories from beginning to date about the culture, history, and development of Singapore. It is a great source to know about Singapore. There are different classy and elegant galleries and sections which depict a clear image of past and present of Singapore. The building has a wonderful and decent architecture which itself can get your attention. There are libraries, hotels and coffee shops in the museum as well. Without a visit to National Museum of Singapore, your visit to Singapore is incomplete.

Tiger Sky Tower

17 places to visit in Singapore

This tower has its own significance and it is one of the most important landmarks of the city. It is almost 110 m high. You can have the view of the entire city through this tower. People consider it as the most vital charm in Singapore and it attracts millions with its amazing beauty. There is an air-conditioned cabin which accommodates 100’s of people in it and then they have a ride of 15 minutes. The tower is amusing people since 2004 and never come back from Singapore without visiting Tiger Sky Tower.

 Wild Wild Wet

17 places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is full of interesting and joyful things that‘s the reason people love to visit it. It entertains every taste. It remains open from 1 p.m to 7 p.m. As the name suggests the park is water based theme and a great source to play and enjoy with water. It has 13 powerful water rides. It is a 2nd biggest water theme park in Singapore. There are spinning and thrilling rides which are amusing. Freefall, Jacuzzi, Slideup, children play area are few very good things to visit. The park equally amuses young and adult. The ticket costs you approx. $14 to $20 depending on your age.

Wings of time

17 places to visit in Singapore

Getting into Wings of time costs you 18$ to 23$ depending on the selection of seats. This is an innovative idea to attract people to visit Singapore. It is a great host of water display, fire effects, music, and much more. You won’t like to go back from this magical show. It is entertaining us since 2014. It is the masterpiece of art in water and Wings of Time attracted almost 11 million people in the 1st year and now every year millions of people get a visit to Wings of Time. The suggestions are that wings of time will amuse you at night more than a day. It has a magical power to entertain the audience. You’ll never get bored so don’t come back from Singapore without visiting it. A must and top class place to make memories.

Gardens of The Bay

17 places to visit in Singapore

It is a nature park with an area of  250 acres and it was created in 2012.This is a natural park with a total area of 250 acres and it was created in 2012. It is a green garden full of plants and unique species of plants and flowers.The beauty attracts almost 8.8 million in a year. Flower Dome, Cloud forest, and other attractions are there to entertain and amuse you. A must visit in Singapore and that concludes our list of 17 places to visit in Singapore. You better know some tips for a trip to the countries where you are going for the first time.

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