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Traveling has the great worth in your life. It is not only that you want to reduce work stress, but also due to some of the many reasons. One of the fundamental reason to travel is food. People from all the entire world love to get the best international food to make their traveling and visit different parts of the world more memorable and nice. While traveling, there is a basic question in your mind related to that place which is, what is the best food you get there? So to provide the answer here is the list top international food.

18 best international foods

Follow the article to know about the best international food of the world and make traveling more fun and enjoyment.

Banh Mi, Ho Chi Minh City

best international food- Banh mi

When it comes to best food in the world, a famous dish in Ho Chi Minh City is very famous. Banh Mi is a term for all kinds of bread in Vietnamese, but it’s become excellent with a mouthwatering sandwich that is probably the best to be described as a Vietnamese hoagie. It is the best international food of French colonialism in Southeast Asia. Banh Mi combines Western and Eastern ingredients along with the superb combination it has the international worth.

Suppli, Rome

best international food- Suppli Rome

Suppli got its popularity from Rome. Sicilian arancini, the fried rice balls are named for the word to be delicious pride. Suppli is the world’s famous food including chicken gizzards with cooked rice. Nowadays you can find the addictive croquettes at any Roman pizza spot or grocery store and also the food streets. Rice made with ground beef and tomatoes, and mozzarella you can get it at low prices and anywhere. Suppli can make your tour and travel more energetic so must try this international famous food.

Poutine, Canada

best international food- Poutine Canada

Poutine is also one of the best international food and famous in Canada and also around the world. Potatoes cooked in the form of fries smothered in cheese curds and brown gravy. It’s the kind of easy food easy to take anywhere with you easy to cook and easy to carry and the best thing is it’s easy to purchase at the low rates.

Pudim, Brazil

best international food- Pudim

Pudim is exactly like flan. This is internationally famous in Brazil. Brazilian has a softer texture. This dish is world famous due to the epic taste and sweetness. You’ll easily get this eatable in every restaurant, cafe as well as home. Must have it to make your trip sweet and memorable.

Pork Satay, Bangkok

best international food- Pork Satay

Pork Satay originated from Indonesia basically, but later it got great popularity in Thailand. So mostly tourists thought that it is a Thailand worth dish. Chicken and beef are used in Pork Satay while making. The thin fried slices of meat are marinated in coconut milk and turmeric for some time, and many spices before being cooked over charcoal. Which is only half part of the Pork Satay. This delicious dish has also the traditional worth so traditionally served with cucumber salad and spicy peanut sauce. Have it!

Doner Kebab, Turkey

best international food- Doner Kebab

It is also called Shawarma. So if you are going to have a trip to Turkey, must enjoy this flavorful eatable there. Doner kebab is made of meat cooked in a vertical spit way which is wrapped in a flatbread. Doner Kebab has an international worth due to the delicious taste. You will be served as a sandwich along with the salad.

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Potato chips, United States

best international food- Fries

Potato chips are the most popular easiest dish to make and also your best travel friend. It was first invented in New York. Chips have many different kinds as well but basically cooked in oil. It has the multi worth like its child-friendly as well as adult friendly. Potato chips are easily available all over during traveling.

Rogan Josh, Kashmir

best international food- Rogan josh

It is also best international food and famous food of Kashmir which is the world most beautiful place in the world. If you want to have a trip to the beautiful place you can get the best cuisine there as well. Typically consists of meat ingredients. You can eat it with chapatti and also with rice. Must try it!

Tagine, Marrakesh

best international food- Tagine

Tagine is a famous dish in North Africa especially having the great popularity in Marrakesh. This dish is slowly cooked for hours over hot coals so that the meat using while cooking gets fully cooked. The beauty of it is that lot of variation among Tagine and another, but the basic components are meat lamb, chicken, or beef. Sometimes you do not like to eat meat so Tagine is also available in many vegetables, and lots of herbs and spices fruit and nuts are also wonderful ingredients. You will serve Tagine with couscous or bread. Tagine is also a mouthwatering dish in Morocco.

Bhel Puri, Mumbai

best international food- Bhel puri

If you are going to travel some historical and internationally famous places in India. There is a common famous food there having internationally worth. Bhel puri is collectively called Chaat. You can get this dish at cheap cost and at anywhere easily. It is a combination of puffed rice, fried noodles which is also named as Sev, vegetables, cool spices, and chutneys. The ultimate result is an exciting balance dish of textures and salty, sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. Must try to make a visit memorable!

Crepes, Paris

best international food- Crepes

Crepes are often famous in Paris. They are cooked with wheat flour mostly. You can have crepes that can serve for lunch as well as dinner. They are commonly filled with ham and cheese. So, you can get this dish in many vegetable forms, eggs, and also meats. Sweet crepes are nicely made with wheat flour and can be served for breakfast, having sugar, fruit, custards, or Nutella.

Espetinho, Rio de Janeiro

best international food- Espetinho

To get Espetinho, the first question in your mind is to get it from where? So it is the famous food in Rio de Janeiro and also most of the Brazilian cities and streets anytime to get. Espetinho has the varieties related to beef and chicken, but the good thing is you may get Espetinho with sausages, hot dogs, shrimp, cubes of fish, and also non-melting cheese called Queijo Coelho.

Falafel, Israel

best international food- Falafel

Falafel was first generated from controversial regions. Gradually Falafel got the international worth among the tourists and travelers as well as locals. It is famous in Palestine, also have worth in Israel and Egypt. Falafel can be cooked in deep-fried balls made from chickpeas. It can also mean a sandwich. You will be served with salad, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, spices, and tahini sauce.

Buttered toast with Marmite, Britain

best international food - Toast

Mostly the visitor wants food which has the energetic worth but also best for digestion. Buttered toast is very tasty because of butter products. You can carry it to anywhere while traveling. Buttered toast is also good to eat as you can get it with the layer of marmalade, chocolates, eggs, kebabs whatever you like to eat.

Chicken parm, Australia

best international food- Chicken Parm

Melted Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, and a peppery, garlicky tomato sauce drizzled over the top of a chicken fillet. People all around the world who are the chicken lover can get their best cosines in Australia. Chicken parm is the most favorite dish in Australia due to its magnificent taste.

Sunday Roast, British

best international food- Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast dish has a great importance in British. This dish mainly consists of Roasted chicken and also roasted chips. It has a worth itself because it is often served on Sundays. If you are traveling to the UK and you want to get the world best food you have to get Sunday Roast to make your food desire fulfill. Sunday Roast consists of roast beef and potatoes and another kind of vegetables.

Peking Duck, China

best international food- Perking duck

Centuries-old recipe name Peking duck is famous in China. It is one of the best international food and very famous in the area.Β Typically consists of thinly sliced pieces of roasted duck that are served with the skin. Peking duck is accompanied with include cucumbers and hoisin sauce. It is famous and international due to its epic taste. Must try this if you are going to China.

Biryani, Pakistan

best international food- Biryani

Biryani has a great international worth due to its fabulous taste. It is one of the most epic dishes in Pakistan. It consists of rice along with the deep cooked chicken. This dish has many different kinds like Hyderabadi Biryani, Fish Biryani, beef Biryani etc. Like the changed names, these dishes also have different tastes. Biryani is also famous for locals as well as an international level.

These are the above given best international food around the world. So if you are going to travel any part of the world you can get the best among the best and the epic food there. Internationally famous food is also the major food to make your trip long lasting and tasteful. Must try and stay healthy.

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