Accelerated Mobile Pages- Everything you need to know

Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP

User Experience matters a lot for a company’s reputation and success. I’d rather say that it is a core feature & functionality in any form of business, website, or application. Smartphones have taken over the internet world and are the most used devices for surfing the web today.
Mobile surfing with Accelerated mobile pages

Everything searched on the web daily needs to appear instantly improving user experience because Nobody is willing to waste their time over low-quality content and slow websites. According to the Data collected by SOASTA, 47% of the consumers expect a web page to load within 2 seconds or less and 48% of the smartphone users won’t return to a site that performs poorly. In an effort to improve mobile page loading speed, the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project was born.

Google Accelerated mobile pages project


Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Simply stated, AMP is an open source framework created to assist developers in developing fast-loading web pages that contain static content. AMP make things easier for both users and developers. AMP makes web pages incredibly fast and the load time is within a second or two. Here’s a demo showing Accelerated Mobile Pages in action.

accelerated mobile pages demo



What AMP does?

Let’s say you want to deliver a page to your user, you start with the content that you actually want to deliver than the content can be wrapped into structure i.e. paragraphs, links, heading etc. You can also add style to your content to enhance accessibility and design of your page and by adding some interactivity you can improve the reading experience of your content. Last but the most crucial, you want to be able to DELIVER your content to the user. Every developer wants to deliver their content fast and to do that the developer needs to improve structure, style, interactivity and really improve the delivery. That’s exactly what Google AMP does and helps the developers make the web fast.

Accelerated mobile pages making web pages faster

How does AMP actually work?

Accelerated mobile pages working

AMP consists of 3 core components:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Content Delivery Network

AMP Html:

HTML in Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages are like normal Html web page but have its own tags and some limited functionalities that need to be followed to make web pages faster.

AMP JavaScript:

JS in Accelerated mobile pages

The most important element is the AMP JavaScript file, which manages the loading of external resources. This element is responsible for the optimization of your web pages by keeping the whole external loading process in the background. This is why AMP pages load so fast.

AMP Content delivery network:

Content delivery system of Accelerated mobile pages

The ”diet” versions of your web pages are cached by Google to speed up load times when the pages are accessed on mobile devices.

How to Implement AMP on your website?

implementing google Accelerated mobile pages

It’s not difficult getting started with implementing AMP on your website. There are different ways to do that. WordPress provides plugins for AMP that just work fine and make everything easier for you. However, another way to do that is by HTML tags and coding which also is not too hard to do.

Here’s a markup of what an AMP looks like

Accelerated mobile pages code

Every AMP page starts with <!doctype html> and is followed by amp tag. AMP uses some of the Html tags but also limits some of the functionalities. However, an AMP page also has some custom tags for images, video, iframe and so on.

AMP for WordPress:

Accelerated mobile pages for WordPress

WordPress has launched plugins to support Google Accelerated mobile pages. The mission is to deliver the best possible user experience, AMP for WordPress is providing benefits to both the publishers and also to their readers.

WP AMP is a WordPress plugin that adds support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This Plugin enables you to make your website go mobile with just a couple of clicks.

Comparison of AMP with Normal Websites:

Here’s a little comparison of normal websites with AMP version:

Accelerated mobile pages comperison

Page Size:

423 KB 137 KB

Load Time:

5.39 seconds 2.15 seconds


2.5 x Slower 2.5x Faster


AMP example:

Check out both of the version of TelltheBell – Taco Bell Win 500$ instantly Survey

Accelerated Mobile Pages- Everything you need to know

Normal TelltheBell AMP TelltheBell


Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated mobile pages have changed the user experience of surfing the web on mobile. It has provided a lot of tremendous functionalities to mobile users all around the world.

  • Faster loading page for mobile users
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Increased visibility for Publishers
  • Support for Ads
  • AMP visitor analytics
  • Enhanced performance
  • SEO compatibility

Google gives higher rankings to publishers meet the requirements of AMP because it improves the overall mobile experience of the web including website speed, Mobile experience, and content delivery.

Accelerated mobile pages speed

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