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Advanced Marketing Solutions has the expertise to successfully deal with all of your strategic communication needs, providing your organization with a unified and positive branded image. As indicated by Philip Kotler, marketing must be strengthened with advanced marketing solutions. Many new products are failing at a high rate. Many do not support advertising campaigns in the customer’s mind.

The Ten Deadly Sins of Marketing Kotler says in his book

  • The company is not sufficiently engaged with market and consumer-oriented
  • The organizations does not completely meet your target customers
  • The company needs to better define and control their opponents
  • The company has not managed great relations with its investors
  • The business does is not good at managing new opportunities
  • The marketing planning process is lacking organization
  • We must make strong policies for products and services company
  • The capabilities of marking and corporate communication are weak
  • The company is not well-organize to carry out an efficient marketing
  • The company has not made greatest utilization of innovations

A Discussion on Causes and Solutions of the ten deadly sins mentioned by Kotler:group-discussion on Marketing

The marketing is could be better. No marketing philosophy, but practice. Any new product or service must be supported by a marketing idea or roadmap that gives a return that rewards for the corresponding investment of time and money. But then, why they fail 75% of new products, services, and productions?

It is expected that advanced marketing needs to decide the system of the organization. The work of professionals in marketing is looking for new open doors for the company and carefully implement division and positioning to target new business in the right direction. But today, too many marketing departments do not address this complete procedure. Most of the marketing is reduce to a single function: promotion.

We could go on, however, we have said most importantly salespersons increasingly have to face greater difficulties in trying to save company margins and achieve profit focuses on this. To complex matters further, many companies are inefficiently organized from a marketing point of view.

Adding this inefficiency with all these challenges is an ultimate option for disaster, therefore, on the following outlines try to identify lacks that prevent most noticeable marketing companies succeed in the market.

7 Steps to Getting Started With Advanced Marketing Automationjet taking off

According to 2015-advanced marketing automation performance report, Only 4% of companies using marketing automation software. Even then, the category is growing extremely because companies are realizing its benefits. According to VentureBeat, companies using advanced marketing automation are reporting an 80% increase in leads and a 77% increase in conversations.

While the advantages are many, it is often a trial for companies to quickly get up and running with marketing automation. In this post, we will discuss the seven fundamental steps to getting started with marketing automation so you can start transforming outsiders into leads and leads into clients, automatically.

Step 1. Centralize and organize your contacts

Your first request of business is to bring together the greater part of your contacts in one place. This may take some research, but you have spent time and money obtaining those contacts. Use this list to refresh your memory of all the spots you may have contact names and email addresses.

Once you have gathered all of your contacts, import everybody into your marketing automation software and section each group with criteria that is important for your business.

Step 2. Get to know your visitors

In this step, your objective is to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and how you can most effectively reach them.

As you are jumping into the analytics, pay special attention to:

  • Demographics

What is your audience’s age range? Gender? This matters because how you talk with a 50-year-old man are extremely different than how you talk with a 21-year-old college guy.

  • Interests

Do they like films? It is safe to say that they are travel buffs? What industry do they work in? Your audience’s interests give knowledge into where they hang out and potentially the best places to advertise.

  • Geography

Where are they located? What language do they speak?

  • Technology

What browsers do they use? What devices do they use? Imagine 87% of your visitor’s access your site through Safari on their iPhone but it is not the format for mobile. A redesign focused on making your responsive might be worth adding to your list of next activities.

Step 3. Capture leads from your forms

This step is about making it easy to enter the centralized contact database you have recently developed by setting up your forms to capture new leads. Forms live in a variety of spots: email newsletter opt-in boxes, points of arrival offering a free whitepaper, contact us pages, and more. The common thread is formed catch individuals’ data to construct your email list.

Step 4. Send your first email

There is a wide range of messages you could send: welcome emails, requirement emails, reactivation emails, test emails, and onboarding emails, newsletter emails, the list goes on and on. What is important right now is starting simple and figuring out what really drives comes about.

If you have already been directing a newsletter, try an advanced email newsletter journey. Or maybe your best is re-connecting with people who have not spent a penny on your products or services yet by sending the 9-words email.

Step 5. Create more leads with gated content

Gated is any readers receive in return for giving you their email address. They are normally eBooks, white papers, and reports that are tempting and valuable enough for readers to give you access to their inbox so you can support the relationship some time.

Step 6. Launch a conversion journey

A conversion journey is a point at which a client enters into a buying sequence like purchasing online from a shopping cart or agreeing to accept a free 30-day software trial. The touch focuses and interactions in that journey are to enable, activate, and convert that lead into a customer.

Step 7. Use data to crank your performance

Making decisions without information is like shooting a target in the dark – you don’t know where you’re hitting. The correct information can give understanding into what’s working and what’s not as well as show you where to invest resources and make changes.

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