AlaskasWorld - A Complete Guide to Access AlaskasWorld PET

How many of you love to travel by plane?? Damn!! I just love to travel by plane and I always try to find the best and economical airlines to travel. well, here I am gonna introduce you to one of the best airlines to travel. Alaska World is one of the best airlines in the world. Now you can get enrolled to be Alaska employ. Not many people get the same chance so it could be a great achievement for you:). Soon, you can start processing the Alaskasworld log in that will definitely help you to become a good employee. Plus that there are many advantages and that you guys can get from this portal. So guys are you ready?? 😀

About Alaskasworld

Ok! before starting, I guess it’s better to know about it. AlaskasWorld is actually an online portal for the Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines. The reason for this online portal is to create ease for the company to run their business. It helps the company is many ways of managing employs, collecting flight details, and monitoring the airlines.

Since most of the people, even the employs are online users so it can be a great way to connect with them. This online portal is accessible at When you access this website, all you have to do is to enter your Alaskasworld username and password. AlaskasWorld has a great feature called AlaskasWorld PET.

It is an abbreviation for paperless employ travel. you can access all the information about your job in this feature. First of all, you have to choose either you are Horizon’s employee or Alaska’s employee. it is mandatory to choose because both login portals will serve the different content.

To process the login, you need to consider the following things.

Electronic Device

The first thing that needs to be considered is to have an electronic device like a Laptop, Mobile phone or PC.
You should also have the internet browser like Mozilla, Chrome or Safari etc on your device.

Internet Connection

AlaskasWorld login portal is an online system that obviously needs an internet connection to get operated. You just need an internet connection, it could be wifi or even mobile data.

AlaskasWorld Employee ID

The most important thing you need to prepare is the Horizon Airlines employee ID or the Alaska Airlines employee ID. If you are a legal Alaska employee, then you definitely get the ID from the HRD Team. If you didn’t get the Employee ID then contact the HRD team.

How to login to Alaskasworld page- Step by step guide



It looks like you are ready to access the AlaskasWorld Online Portal. Here are the login instructions for your convenience :).

Step 1: Visit AlaskasWorld official website

Visit the website to access the employment portal. If you don’t exactly know that how you do so, Don’t worry!! switch on your device and open the Internet browser. On the browser type

Step 2: Click AlaskasWorld PET

Your next step is to find the menu of AlaskasWorld PET. You can then click the menu. Must visit this menu as you are about to log in.

Step 3: Choose the Alaska Airlines Job.

You will then reach the www.alaskasworld.cpm PET homepage. On that page, there will be some details that you have to mention. Most important is to mention the airlines with which you are working. It is important to mention because both the portals are different.

Step 4: Input your Employee ID or Arctic number

When you choose Alaska’s login portal, you have to input the arctic number. You could find this unique code on your Alaska ID card. This code consists of five digits that need to be entered correctly. If you choose the Horizon Air login portal, you will enter your Horizon ID.

Step 5: Enter the AlaskasWorld PET password

Now here you need to enter your Alaska’s or Horizon’s password as per your chosen website. If you didn’t get the password yet, then click on the link Create Password.

Step 6: Click Login

After entering the username and password click on Login. Congratulations!! you have passed all the steps and you got the access. Afterward, you can do many things like updating the profile as well as employee benefits etc. Now you can do your job via this portal

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How to create AlaskasWorld Login Password

If you are new, you are definitely thinking about how to get the Login password. Don’t worry about it, just follow the given steps

Step 1:

Open the website

Step 2:

Here you will see four options. Click on below PET.

Step 3:

On this page, you will find links. All you have to do is to click on the links Create Password. For creating a password, you have to enter your username first as a proof.

How to Contact AlaskasWorld Customer Service

Alaskas World Corporate headquarters

If you have the particular business, you can visit the headquarter. You can also send them a letter on the address PO box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168, United States.

AlaskasWorld Customer service

If you have an issue, the customer service line is the best option. You can call on 877 238 1077 at any time. Here you can talk with the customer care representative and get the solution of your problem.

Alaskas World Media Relations

For media relations, you can call on 206 304 0008. just like the customer care services, you can talk with the representative.

Alaskas World Email Address

If you like to communicate through email, then you can send your email on [email protected]

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