Our smart world has gifts like google voice, Apple Siri, and Cortana but it wasn’t enough until Amazon blessed us with another ”artificial intelligent” product named Amazon Alexa.
Before these virtual assistants we had to do things by touching the device but they just made it a lot easier. In this battle of innovation, Amazon has also decided not to stay back by showing its powers through its very own virtual assistant.The technology powering behind Amazon Alexa is Amazon Lex.

Amazon Lex:

Amazon Lex is natural language processing and understanding technology powered by automatic speech recognition. It was introduced in November in Las Vegas. It’s a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Google Raspberry is also useful like amazon lex.Raspberry Pi is a computer of credit card size. 

amazon lex

Amazon opens up to developers:

Now Amazon clarified, how developers can use Lex to build their own applications. Amazon is opening the doors towards the Amazon Lex API/Source Code. In 2016, they started “Preview phase” but now Lex technology is rolling out to all developers, they are providing tools to build conventional speech recognition applications.

The openness of this technology has been Amazon’s larger strategy using Alexa platform. e.g it already had rolled out Alexa Voice Services through which developers are allowed to integrate Alexa into their own devices, like bedside alarm clocks, speakers, and more.

Chatbots will use Lex technology to recognize the human natural voice, developers can add Amazon Lex into their developed apps.

You can see the Example of how developers can use Lex technology into their Software Applications.


lex chatbox

Why Amazon is opening doors for developers?

Amazon want to spread their Lex technology, they wanna see Amazon Lex as a most widely used Virtual assistant. By spreading amazon Lex technology, Amazon not only will improve its economy but also will improve their ”Artificial intelligence algorithms” by gathering information with the help of worldwide developers. More usage of this technology will make ALEXA better at understanding human voice.

amazon lex


As Google is using its voice recognition technology in its Android platform. Apple is using its mobile assistant in its iPhone IOS platform. Both are getting speech data from billions of users and making Google Voice & Siri better and better.

Whereas Amazon has fewer customers as compared to its competitors. Amazon Alexa has approx. 10 million users. Amazon wants to get data from worldwide developers in order to improve their Lex voice recognition technology.

Amazon said, Developers will use the same technology for speech recognition and natural language processing to automate their existing apps that are using by Alexa.

AWS vice president of Databases, Analytics and AI Raju Gulabani said, “Thousands of machine learning and deep learning experts across Amazon have been developing AI technologies for years, and Amazon Alexa includes some of the most sophisticated and powerful deep learning technologies in existence”

How Developers can access the Lex?

Amazon Said, “Developers can then publish the conversational app to mobile and Internet of Things devices, web applications, and chat services such as Facebook Messenger, Slack or Twilio”.

Amazon will handle all authentications required by different platforms, developers don’t need to manage. Developers would only pay for the number of text or voice queries that Lex processes. There are no upfront commitments or minimum fees.

Developers who want to get started with Amazon Lex can do so here.

lex developers

Amazon says Lex is free for the first year (up to 10,000 text requests and 5,000 speech requests per month) and developers will be charged a flat rate based on the number of requests of text and speech a month afterward ($4.00 per 1,000 speech requests $0.75 per 1,000 texts.)

Future of Lex:

Bots that convert speech to text and those that could recognize the intent of the text would be able to create using lex technology. Lex could be able to perform many tasks with the help of chatbots, like book hotel, book a flight, order online and much more. E-commerce industry will also take advantage of this technology.

amazon lex future

“There’s massive acceleration happening here,” said Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, in an interview with the news source. “The cool thing about having this running as a service in the cloud instead of in your own data center or on your own desktop is that we can make Lex better continuously by the millions of customers that are using it.”

Transferring of power to developers will make Lex platform more intelligent and efficient in future. This decision of Amazon will make a great difference in the voice computing.

Amazon is not only providing this open ecosystem for Alexa’s software. The company said it would make available the technology which is powering its Echo speakers to third party device makers as well. This device includes the microphone listening to Alexa commands, and the intelligent software that can recognize wake words, reduce background noise, and cancel out echo in large rooms.


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