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Android Oreo is the 8th version of Android mobile Operating System. The latest version of Android is officially named as Android Oreo. Android 8.0 Oreo Samsung was not believed to be much different from Android 7.0 Nougat but it contains a vast number of improvements creating a much faster, more powerful, and reliable experience. Android O makes it easy for you to look for the apps that consume most of your battery power, so it is very helpful in improving the battery life. It is a mix of innovation and all the remarkable features and delivers such an operating system due to which handset users should be able to get faster upgrades.

Android Oreo 8.0 release date

On 21 August, with the arrival of the solar eclipse over NYC, Google decided & announced the name and features of Android 8.0.

Android Oreo Features

Android oreo- features

Here are some of the features of Android Oreo.

Battery life

Android oreo- battery life

Battery life is a major concern nowadays, the latest version of Android improves the battery life by removing extra and unwanted apps from your phone. The users may face bad Android Oreo battery life but there is a way by which we can fix bad Android Oreo battery life. The first thing you have to do is to power off your device and then restart it. If by restarting, your problem remains still unsolved then check your apps who are consuming much of your battery. You can use battery saver for saving your battery life.


Android oreo- performance

Any new update is believed to have an advanced performance and Android Oreo has proved it. Android Oreo has remarkably improved performance. Boot times have increased very much and it has increased from one minute to 15 seconds. You can get started on your favorite app more quickly with 2X the boot speed when powering up. The apps open much faster than before. The major feature Oreo is improved cache management. If the apps are operating slowly it automatically deletes the cached data from the particular app.


Android oreo- picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture (PIP) allows you to run video apps on other tasks. It allows you to see two apps at the same time, it’s like having super strength and laser like vision. By using this app you can do multitasks at the same time. Android instant apps are also available, which provide access to apps, without requiring a download. If you want to watch any video in chrome you must press the button to watch on full screen. If you want to return to home screen tap the home button. The video will continue to play as a small window at the lower right side.

Security Features

Android oreo- Security Features

Android Oreo is believed to be the most secured version of Android till now. Android O provides a vast range of security features, which include remote location, Find my device, and Google Play Protect, it is a service that optimizes security on Android which scans and deletes extra apps from your play store. Nowadays digital threats are coming which can hack your smartphone so Android Oreo is capable of detecting and eliminating these threats.

Notification Channels

Android oreo- Notification channels

Notifications are now grouped into ‘channels’ allowing users to customize what they want, whether they want to sound or vibration, if you want specific notifications to be blocked they can be snoozed for whatever time you want. It can be said that the biggest notification related change has come in the form of notification channels. Besides notification Channels, notification shades are also present with visual and practical improvements.

Background Limits

Android oreo- Background limits

This new version of Android helps to minimize the background activities which are used less by the device. It’s the superpower we ever imagined. It is regarded as the coolest new additions to the new version of Android. Due to this, many of the applications kept running in the background, without consuming most the user’s battery. For example, a user could be playing a game in one window, at the same time he can browse a web in another window and can also hear music at the same time. So, he can perform multitasks at the same time.

Smart Text Selection

Android oreo- Smart text selection

One of the features announced in Android Oreo is Smart Text Collection. You only have to double tap on that particular text which you need to select. It is a small ingenious upgrade which adds content appropriate apps to selected text. For example, a highlighted address will be Google Maps and a highlighted phone number will be the phone app.

Adaptive icons

Android oreo- Adaptive icons

Apps can design ‘adaptive icons’ for containers specified by shapes like circles, squares etc, so users can pick what they want. Due to the latest version of Android Oreo, the users can select different icons for their apps. This app was introduced for bringing uniformity to smartphones.

New Emojis

Android oreo- New Emojis

Now a day’s emojis are used by a number of people and they are commonly used for fun and people really enjoy by using the emojis. Emojis first appeared in 2013, at that time they were amorphous but now Android Oreo has launched a net emoji font, which redesigns its face figures to be used in a much better way. Now there are rounded, stylish, cute and yellow in color. The new emojis include vomiting face, a man with a beard, dinosaurs and much more. It is the most noticeable feature of Android Oreo.

Notifications dots

Android oreo- Notification Dots

It is a new app introduced by Android Oreo by which you can press the notification dots to see what’s new. To open these notification dots long press on these dots, you can see the preview of the alert and then you let go the preview by swiping it away. This is an eat way to know about the type of notification and also what the notification is all about.

New settings

Android oreo- New settings

Android Oreo has redesigned the settings page making it more supportive, programmed and intuitive. It contained better-grouped categories so one can easily find anything he wants. This new setting page is designed by dark gray text on an all-white background, side navigation menu in this latest Android version is gone out from this version.

Wise Limits

Android oreo- Wise limits

One of the outstanding feature shown by Oreo is the addition of wise limits for the proper location of apps running in the background, it helps in saving battery life and clearing memory.

Improved Notifications and other Controls

Android oreo- notifications

Notifications have improved in the latest version of Android. There is a new color scheme that performs its function from media apps like Facebook, YouTube and music apps like Music Store. There is different shade for every app, these different shades make it easier for the users to control them.

Auto fill

Android oreo- Auto-fill

This is the most awaited feature since ages. Autofill is the most appreciated feature of Android Oreo. It is most helpful for the people who mostly forget their passwords. It stores your all important information and let you fill it automatically for online services. Whenever you will install some new app the system will ask you for all the important information and by the help of autofill, you will be able to provide all the information in no time. We can store different information such as addresses, passwords, phone numbers, credit card numbers etc

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Improved Audio Codes

Android oreo

Android Oreo has provided advanced Audio Codes such as LDAC codec and Audio technology and they offer super audio quality to apps that demand high performance, low-latency audio. So it is the important feature of Android Oreo and useful for the android users as well.

Easy Wi-Fi Connect

Android oreo- Easy wifi connect

It is one of the most useful features available for the people. By installing this feature you only have to go to the settings and enable ‘Turn on Wi-Fi automatically’ and this feature automatically connects your phone to nearest Wi-Fi point. By this, you can be connected to public Wi-Fi spot. When you are once connected to some Wi-Fi point, the next time you would be automatically connected to that particular Wi-Fi point.

Print Service

Android oreo- print servise

One of the main issues is that if you wanted to take some printout from your phone you have to use a third party like a plugin or data cable but Google has resolved this problem by doing a partnership with Mopria to install Print Service in Android OS. This service is compatible with all the printers that have been certified by Mopria.

Devices compatible with Android Oreo

Android oreo- devices compatible

A new version of Android is out in the market, the next question is which the devices compatible are for it? So far the devices at which Android Oreo will be receiving OTA are:

  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Nexus Player
  • PixelGoogle is also working with its partners to introduce Android Oreo to phones like Nokia, LG, Huawei, Samsung, and Sony by the end of this year.

Android Oreo adds support for NAN

Android oreo-NAN

Android Oreo provides support for Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) for Wi-Fi, wide color gamuts in apps, API for auto fillers and to allow system-level integration, Google Safe Browsing support for Web views and launching activates on remote displays.

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