Top 20 Attractions In Dubai You Can't Miss On Your Visit

attractions in dubai

Attractions of dubai

Indeed, we all know the beauty and amusement of the world are worth seeing. After loads of work, one should always plan to visit and see some amazing countries and places.And for the sake of relaxation, there’s no better place than visiting Dubai. There are a lot of attractions in Dubai & indeed is a place to go with your friends and family and the awesome festivals Tomorrowland in Dubai like to be attended. To make your trip more exciting & memorable, I’m listing some of the Top of the list 20 attractions in Dubai that you can’t miss.

Visiting Burj Khalifa

No doubt Dubai is famous for The Sky scrapper ‘’Burj Khalifa’’. Top of the list, visiting the Burj Khalifa is the first thing you should do. Getting a view from standing at the top of it is everything. Fireworks on New Year are an amazing thing to see from this tower.It has 58 elevators and 8 escalators. The 828m high tower is worth visiting and it’s one of the best things Dubai have. The tower has attracted millions of tourist’s worldwide and the beauty is misstating. If you visit Dubai but don’t go to Burj Khalifa, trust me, you haven’t seen anything.

attractions in dubai - burj khalifa

Burj Al Arab

Second thing among the Top List is staying in Burj Al Arab. It is the world’s third-tallest building in the world. It is a luxury hotel with the expensive and unique interior. Sometimes it’s called the world’s only 7-star hotel. The amazing and top thing to do in Dubai is to visit Burj Al Arab, the towers of Arabs, which attracts many tourists to Dubai. The top building is located on the artificial beach in Jumeirah.

attractions in dubai

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah of the beautiful and attractive archipelagos in Dubai. It extended the Dubai shoreline by 520kms having a number of restaurants, hotels and other properties. It is constructed by NAKHEEL, the well-renowned construction company in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is worth seeing because of the beauty and attraction it has. It is one of the amazing things to do in Dubai & is surely going to give you luxurious vibes making your trip more enjoyable.

Shopping in Dubai



Shopping in Dubai



Next thing besides visiting places is Shopping & who doesn’t love to get what they like? Dubai is famous in the world for its mind-blowing and fascinating malls, which of course is a big obsession for women and is among the top attractions in Dubai. Dubai has multiple big malls which include The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates and Abu Dhabi mall etc. There are 1200 plus stores in Dubai Mall. According to the area, it’s the biggest mall in the world, located in Down Town Dubai. According to research, 92 million people visited Dubai Mall in 2015. It has an artificial lake which shows fountain dances to visitors & is a sight worth seeing. It has an aquarium and underwater zoo.

Shopping in Duabi

Apart from this, Mall of Emirates and other malls are also worth visiting. They are surely going to play their role in making your trip one of the best.

attractions in dubai

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay is located in Atlantis, The Palm. This is an enclosed area and people get amazing experiences in Dolphin Bay. If you’re good at swimming, then you should probably go there and enjoy to the fullest. People go and swim with beautiful and majestic dolphins. It attracts visitors of all ages specifically Dolphin lovers.This is one of the most amazing things to do in Dubai.

Dolphin Bay Dubai

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is considered as one of the oldest existing building in Dubai. It is located at Al FIHIDI port containing old maps, structures, architecture and much more about old Dubai. People who love history are always encouraged to visit this museum. Visiting Dubai museum makes you learn so much about the past and is one of the top things to do in Dubai. This museum is one of the best attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Museum

Sky Diving

While talking about the attractions in Dubai, how can we forget Skydiving? Skydiving is for bold and sports lovers. Dubai has everything to attract every taste of folk towards itself. It can be done in two ways either individually or with lots of people.You basically jump from the high sky and witness the beauty of nature. Even at the highest point, you will love Dubai’s view as much as you do from the ground. Skydiving above ‘’The Palm’’ is the most mesmerizing experience that’s going to make your trip hell of a fun. It is a thrill lover & is one of the best-recommended things to do in Dubai.

attractions in dubai

Scuba Diving

For those, who wish to see sea life underwater, scuba diving is a must. Scuba diving is done professionally as well as for fun. With the guidance of professional trainers and safe apparatuses, you can see underwater life so closely without any fear. Witnessing underwater creatures is the best attractions in Dubai to visit on a tour.

attractions in dubai

Dubai Corniches

(Abu Dhabi Cornish, Sharjah Cornish, Ajman Cornish, Fujairah Cornish)

Dubai attracts visitors to visit corniches. Almost every state has a Cornish. Corniches has beach sites, walking tracks and beautiful mosques and buildings to live.One must go to all cornices to see the thrilling Dubai.

attractions in dubai

Dubai Marina

Marina is a beautiful district in Dubai. In future, when it will be fully developed, it will accommodate many people in its towers and villas. Till date, the only first phase has been completed. Dubai Marina has many ships and whales and sharks because of its proximity to open sea. It is such a wonderful place that your visit to Dubai without visiting Marina is incomplete.

Dubai Marina

The Grand Mosque

The spiritual mosque of Muslims is just like a lighthouse, it has the tallest minaret in Dubai. The grand mosque accommodates 1200 worshippers’. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque. The Grand Mosque & the mosque in Abu Dhabi has a decent and delightful interior. One of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Grand Mosque Dubai

Dubai Beaches

Who doesn’t love a good view? When it comes to amazing sight Dubai beaches are always going to cross your mind. Dubai is the land of deserts and beaches both. Almost every state has a beachside which has resorts parks, hotels, and boating. Many people get the temptation to visit Dubai beaches. The beaches there are so relaxing and great which makes them ”A must” in the list of Attractions in Dubai.

Dubai beach

Dubai Miracle Garden

It is the flower garden located on Dubai Land. It has almost 45 million flowers and all flowers are designed in different styles and it has been awarded GARDEN TOURISM AWARD. The world’s largest natural garden is definitely worth seeing.

attractions in dubai

Dubai deserts

Huge sand dunes are a must to visit. Dubai is the land of both deserts and beaches. Desert Safari is the sandiest desert in Dubai. For those planning to go to Dubai must put visiting safari deserts on their bucket list. It has cultural shows and many other amazing activities which make it one of the definite things to do in Dubai.

deserts of Dubai

Baniyas Square

Transit station on the Green line of the metro station is another place in Dubai which one should visit. It has two tracks.The Baniyas Square is located below ground level.

attractions in dubai

Dubai hotels, resorts, and restaurants

Everyone knows Dubai has extremely well-known hotels, resorts, and restaurants. This is one of the main Attractions in Dubai that the tourists are attracted towards. Dubai has got everything covered that you need to have while staying there. Hotels are so luxurious that you may want to live there forever. Many hotels are on the beach side give you the most amazing view of nature. They serve all types of foods to the visitors.Obviously, without visiting them, your tour is incomplete and it’s a topmost thing to do in Dubai. Also check out our complete Dubai Travel Guide.

attractions in dubai

Dubai Cruise

The charming dinner of lights offer you a great variety of foods with fun and it amuses you with music lights and some other activities. So one must reserve a ticket for this amazing delightful fun. A must thing to do for completing your tour.

attractions in dubai

Jabal Jais (The highest peak in Dubai)

Jabal Jais is the highest peak of Dubai.It is located on the border of UAE and Oman. It is 1892 m high peak above sea level and with low temperatures.The road going towards Jabal Jais is in the Zic-Zac pattern.Many tourists consider their visit incomplete without a visit to Jabal Jais.

Emirates Tower

It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and it took 4 years to complete. The unique building has 54 floors and 17 elevators.It is office tower with lakes, gardens, and waterfalls. It is beautifully constructed and this 100th tallest building in Dubai is a miracle and should be visited.

attractions in dubai

Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding

The great center was founded in 1998 by Sheikh Maktoum. It promotes cultural understanding of Emirates. This is a nonprofit organization and it is working on the motto of ’OPEN DOORS, OPEN MINDS’.

Dubai Attractions

 Dubai has a lot more to be cherished while having a trip also you have a lot of things to do in Abu Dhabi. So enjoy your tour to Dubai and have fun.

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