List Of Best Food in Azerbaijan

What do you know about the Azerbaijan food? Well, I didn’t know about this stuff until I haven’t tried them. As I have a keen interest in traveling so it makes me crazy when I came to know about a new stuff. According to my point of view, food tells a lot about a culture so on my travels I always make sure to try as many dishes as possible.

The  Azerbaijan food tells us the agricultural past of the country and to the fertile climatic zones outside of Baku which allows the country to grow a different variety of grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and to raise a different number of animals. It is also some of the best I have tasted so I made the most of every meal and ate at all the best restaurants in Baku and the rest of the country. Baku restaurant menu was just perfect. I visited Azerbaijan and a number of things I have been learned about its culture and history, but after reading this article you will definitely think twice for such a trip to Azerbaijan and want to try some of its foodstuffs.

Food Of Azerbaijan

These are some dishes which you can’t miss when you visit Azerbaijan.

Plov or Pilaf

food in Azerbaijan

It is a classic dish of rice and meat, and sometimes it flavors with herbs and condiments. Many countries are serving this dish like Europe, Asia, and even Africa. But Azerbaijani pilaf is different. The pilaf is riсe covered with saffron, cinnamon and aromatic herb, fried mutton, chicken, lamb or beef and a mixture of vegetables, greens and sometimes even dried fruits and chestnuts. It resembles Indian Biryani.  When it is ready to eat the cake is cut into four pieces so the rice inside is revealed to the guests in what is quite a spectacle. 

Kebab and Shashlik

Azerbaijan food- kabab

Azerbaijan has many types of kebab and shashlik. It is one of the most typical Azeri dishes. Azerbaijan Kebab and shashlik resemble Indian Biryani or Moroccan spiced rice which often comes with dried fruits and nuts. It is made from different kinds of chopped meat, chicken or fish, and vegetables, such as bell pepper, onion, mushroom, and tomato. Its taste seems very different. When it is prepared, Azerbaijan kebab recipe is often served with lavas, union, and greens. Rice is usually be served with meat, most commonly mutton or lamb which are the favorite combinations. You can also get chicken with it. This recipe was invented by a famous chef Azeri.

Qutab Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan food

Qutab is just like a pancake with different stuffing. Different kinds of cheese, pumpkin, meat, spinach are among the most popular staffing. It is wrapped in a thin layer of dough made of flour, water, eggs, and salt, into a form of patties, and then the patties are fried on both sides. It is usually served with herbed yogurt, greens, and sumac. They are very common in Baku’s restaurants. The dough of this simple pancake is made in a similar way to the Indian Prata by combining several layers of cooked dough. They are truly very delicious but also gets richer as they tend to be cooked with lots of butter. Italian Dessert is also famous and people love to eat it.



Dolma restaurant Baku is basically an Azerbaijan food with stuffed vegetables. You can find some similar dishes in many other countries but Azerbaijani recipe has its own peculiarities. Different common vegetables are used to fill dolma include tomato, pepper, and aubergine. In order to stuff Azerbaijanis use a mixture of minced meat, rice, flavored with mint, fennel, and other local herbs. Dolmas as basically “stuffed vegetables”. Sometimes dolma is cooked in different ways like earthenware, which gives an additional scent to the dish.


Azerbaijan food- Pakhlava

Pakhlava is another popular dessert of Azerbaijan. It is served as small triangular pieces decorated with a nut in the center. It is made of pastry layered with eight to ten levels of ground hazelnuts or walnuts mixed with honey or sugar and spices like cardamom or clove. Both desserts are especially eaten at the Novruz spring holiday in March. Traditionally Pakhlava is cooked for Novruz, the Zoroastrian festival celebrated in Azerbaijan when spring arrives, but today it is available everywhere and eaten at all times. It is some of the sweetest pastries you will ever find.


Azerbaijan food- saj

This is a dish contains meat and vegetable usually served in the copper or cast-iron dish which comes to the table over a coal brazier or flame. Although it is usually made of lamb, you can find different variations made of sturgeon, veal or chicken. The traditional cooking method and is still used today for serving the saj in some restaurants.

Typical Azeri breakfast

Azerbaijan food- typical Azeri breakfast

During my stay in Azerbaijan, I had decided to book the Fairmont Baku Flame Towers without breakfast because I wanted to ditch the international buffet option in favor of the local foods. But it turned out to be quite hard for me to find places that were open on weekend mornings.But after some struggle, I did find some and finally, I managed to enjoy the traditional Azeri breakfast. As I am a bread lover, the Azerbaijani breakfast spread was a lovely start to the day. Locals eat tandoor-baked bread with honey, butter, cream and fresh cheese. Everything is was so dippy by fair amounts of tea with jam. Food lovers can get to know how to Travel like a Foodie?

Tea with jam

Azerbaijan food

The culture of tea is everywhere in the world. There are many tea houses across the country, they are called chaykhana. Tea is usually served continuously at the tea house and people play backgammon or smoke shisha.

Besides all the dishes I have tried in Azerbaijan the most uniquely Azeri dish was the tea with jam. Fruits are baked in sugar to make jam but have been left with pieces intact. This was actually one of the best ways to drink tea. The jam completely masked it.

Lavash Turshu

Azerbaijan food- lavash turshu

Lavash Turshu is to be the weirdest item I have ever eaten. It is difficult to explain a taste of a sweet, salty and sour pickled fruit pancake. It is sold roadside of Baku in everywhere and also at market stalls and their colorful appearance is hard to miss. Turshu refers to vegetable pickles that are very common in the Caucasus region. The lavash is the pickle-flavor type of pancake that can be made with fruits or vegetables. I enjoyed the fruity lavash a lot but the vegetable ones were not so pleasant. They are not for everyone, but you should definitively try.


Azerbaijan food- shekerbura

Shekerbura is the most popular Azerbaijan’s desserts. It is a sweet and small patty, filled with dry fruits like almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts mixed with sugar or honey. Sometimes, Shekerbura is prepared with various national ornaments put on it. 

Azerbaijan Food And Drink Summarization

Food plays an important role in the culture and history of any region, and Azerbaijan is no exception! With a blend of Middle Eastern and Eastern European flavors, Azerbaijan food is unbelievably delicious. If you are traveling around a year and love food, you should know about the Best International food. The splendidness of Azerbaijan foods can be credited to the country’s versatile climate and its location along the Caspian Sea. It is very hard to find original Azerbaijani food somewhere in Europe or North America. But, if you are in Azerbaijan, don’t miss a chance to taste the most delicious national dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

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