Top beaches in Belize for a rocking trip on vacations

Beaches in Belize

Are you sick of traveling to same places? Don’t want to revisit Caribbean and Mexico? Want to try some new place? Then Beaches Belize is a perfect place to visit :D.
Belize is a beautiful tropical paradise that is situated in Yucatan Peninsula, just south of Mexico.
It is just a flight away from America and when you will reach there, your mind will be blown away. You can take your flight from the USA to Belize in morning and you will reach there before even lunch time. It has more than 240 islands which they call Cayes and they have a coastline of 240 miles.
My first visit to Belize was in 2012 when I got bored of my daily routine and needed a lively vacation. I searched about beaches in Belize and boarded a flight to Belize. I’ve spent more than a month in Belize. Even on my last trip I accidentally killed a chicken by my car and that created an awful situation for me. We often don’t take it seriously to take care of our food while we are traveling but there is some Food to Avoid, while you are traveling. Ok, so now, I will guide you to some best beaches in Belize.


Beaches in Belize- Placencia

Placencia Peninsula is just 3 hours away from Belize city. It is actually 3 hours drive and if you prefer to go by air then it is just 30 min flight from Belize to Placencia. It has 16 miles of beautiful white sand beaches. Topmost Beaches of Batangas are also worth visiting so you must visit them once. I just loved everything about Placencia. There are several guesthouse and resorts available there to stay. It is the best town for tourists. There is a pedestrian way to walk on that runs along the beaches for several miles. This boardwalk for pedestrians is said to be world’s narrowest main street. It starts from one end of the village and ends at the other end.

Insight of Placencia

On the road side of this boardwalk, there are several shops restaurants and cafes for the pedestrians. There are many things to do in Placencia that revolves around the ocean. Go to the Splash dive center if you really love snorkeling or diving. We even booked our personal cruise and ride on it throughout the day until we found the perfect place to stay there. There are various accommodations for the tourists in Placencia Peninsula. There you can find a luxury resort and even a budgeting rest house as well. If you want a unique and budgeting to stay there, then you can rent a house on Airbnb. It will be cheaper than a restaurant.

I spent my luxury nights in single bedroom view villa at Chabil Mar. if you are traveling with your husband or children then it is the best option to stay at this rental house.
I also spent one night at Lydia’s guesthouse. It is a local guesthouse, just a few steps away from the ocean. They charge 20$ per night. What else you need when you get such a cheap accommodation.

Placencia has a wide range of restaurants but doesn’t forget to try the local Garifuna street food. It’s a must place after the broadway walk. My best daily specials and happy hours were when I walked bare feet at the beach. Best street food in Placencia is Carmen and Maria’s tasty food where two persons can eat just in 5$.

Caye Caulker

Beaches in Belize- Caye caulker

Caye Caulker is an island of Belize. I went to the company ocean fairy Belize. They have several departures per day and this fairy costs 12$. They will also take you to Ambergris Caye which is only 30 min away. You can also take flight from Belize City to Caye Caulker. It will charge you around 75$ and flight duration is less than 15 minutes.
You will find no rush at Caye Caulker because everything there is within walking distance. I saw people walking there or riding the bicycle. It is a perfect place to feel the taste of an island. I loved the nap in a hammock under a palm tree. There are trips to cave tubing and Belize ruins in Belize if you get restless.There is not much action taking place at Caye Caulker so most of the people spent around 2 to 3 nights there but I easily spent a whole week at Caye Caulker, one of the beautiful beaches in Belize.


There is not much action taking place at Caye Caulker so most of the people spent around 2 to 3 nights there but I easily spent a whole week at Caye Caulker, one of the beautiful beaches in Belize.
Caye Caulker is a small and beautiful island with many backpacker guesthouses than luxury hotels. I stayed at Caye Caulker plaza for 75$. But my friends stayed at De Real Macaw for only 50$ per night. The luxury and cheapest condos are located at Airbnb.You should travel to Caye Caulker in a lobster season that is June to February then you can taste the grilled Caribbean lobsters.

The Lazy Lizard is one of the best beach bars there. They serve yummy food and drinks. Fan’s Grill is the best restaurant at Caye Caulker. They serve the tastiest lobsters with unlimited garlic bread, rum, and chocolates. Syd’s is the best and cheapest restaurant of Caye Caulker. It is famous for their fry chicken. I got fried chicken for 4$ and it was so tasty.

Silk Caye

Beaches in Belize- silk caye

My one day favorite trip to Belize bought me to Silk Cayes. There is no place to accommodate there yet it is one of the fantastic beaches in Belize. As there is accommodation issue so you cannot spend a night there still it is a lovely place to spend an afternoon or evening there. I spent a day at Silk Cayes. I wish some other fellows had barbecue party at the beach. Nature is full of attractive places and there are some Underrated Beaches which must be explored to realize that they are originally the best beaches here in the world.
The snorkeling at Silk Cayes is wonderful. From the beach, you will be able to see a number of sharks running by. There are many companies which offer the trip to Silk Cayes from snorkeling trip, diving trips, and private boat trips.


Beaches in Belize- hopkins

Hopkins is one hour away from Placencia and two hours away from Belize. You can easily travel to Hopkins via cars or busses. If you need to travel via plane then you can easily access them
Hopkins is actually a small village with one of the best beaches in Belize. Hopkins is known as the friendly village in Belize Hopkins is surrounded by mountains which are best for hiking.i rented the car in Hopkins and explored the whole beach myself.
I spent a whole week in Hopkins and split my time at the High-end resort and beachfront cabin in the town. I loved my apartment at Coconut Row. It is located in where you will find everything at the walking distance. Driftwood beach bar and pizza shack is the best beach bar in Hopkins. They are serving the best pizza. Innis restaurant is the best restaurant in the Hopkins. Hudut and Darasa are their famous dishes. I totally loved these dishes there.

Ambergris Caye

Beaches in Belize- ambergris caye

Ambergris Caye is the largest island. You can access it by water taxi or by air. There are 11 flights daily to Ambergris Caye and it cost almost 86$. I went to Ferry ocean company Belize. You can also take the ferry to Caye Caulker and it will charge you around 12$. This island is 1 mile wide and 25 miles long. It can be explored by golf cart and bicycles. The main town San Pedro has tons of shops, hotels, and restaurants. The best thing to do there is snorkeling and diving.

When I visited there, I stayed at a hotel which was far away from San Pedro. Well, I won’t recommend this hotel because of its location. Palapa bar and grill is the best beach bar in Ambergris Caye. They serve the best seafood. I ordered the kingfish and it was too tasty. Waruguma is the best restaurant there. It is famous for the lobsters and burritos.

Hope you loved the journey to the beaches to Belize and are making up your mind to pack the bag for the next vacations to the same place.

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