Belgium Travel Tips & Guide

Belgium is located in Western Europe. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated European countries and consists of three federal regions, Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. It is well known for Renaissance architecture, medieval towns. Belgium shares borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The official languages spoken in Belgium are Dutch, French, and German. While traveling in Belgium you will see museums, lovely canals, tasty beer, and even more indulgent chocolates. Here are some Belgium travel tips and guide to make your trip easy and enjoyable.

Geography and Climate

Belgium travel tips- climate

Belgium travel tips include the weather details so you can plan the trip according to the suitable weather for you. Like most of the northwest Europe Belgium has a temperate maritime climate. The summers are comfortably warm and winters are moderate. It often has breezy conditions, mostly in winter than summer. The best time to visit Belgium is during spring and summer. Due to its mostly temperate climate, Belgium can be visited any time of year.

Belgium has three main geographical regions: the central plateau, the coastal plain in the north-west, and the Ardennes uplands in the south-east. Most area of Belgium is drained into the North Sea, except the municipality of Momignies. Belgium holds a very vital importance in Europe and the rest of the world as its capital, Brussels has the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The coastal area of Belgium is a series of sandy beaches which is protected from the sea by concrete dikes.

Visa and Ticket

Belgium travel tips- visa & ticket

People from different parts of world travel to Belgium for exploring destinations and beautiful sights. The visa and ticket requirements vary depending on your purpose, duration, and area of the country you are going to stay in. To get visa and ticket from your country you should contact your local embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date information. It is mostly recommended to keep your passport or ID-card to prove your identity when required.

Belgium travel tips & guide helps you out with the visa and ticket details so short-stay or Schengen are valid up to for three months. For staying longer than three months in Belgium, you must obtain a residence permit. Certain long-stay visas require additional payment, and in the last, you should be prepared for your Belgian visa interview.

Top-rated Attractions

Belgium travel tips- attractions

Belgium may be a small country but it has most beautiful medieval buildings with advanced architectural landmarks. Belgium travel tips guide you the places to visit in Belgium. The places which are highly recommended are Antwerp’s Grote Markt which is one of the city’s main attractions. Ypres is also the main site which has the superfine shops and cafes selling Belgian chocolates and beer. Ypres is best approached on foot London is an awesome place to visit and has a lot of things to do there for free.

The Battlefields of Flanders depicts the history of several battles fought in Flanders, during the First World War. The Grand Place which is the central iconic square of Brussels, considered as the most beautiful square of Europe amazes everyone. In August, this square is filled with a ginormous flower carpet. Other places of Belgium are Leuven, Tournai, Brussels Royal Palace, Dinant, Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp Central.

Hotels and Restaurants

Belgium travel tips- hotels

Belgium offers a wide range of hotels and restaurants to its visitors which are easily accessible and reasonable. Belgium travel tips will guide you the best and cheap hotels to stay. 

The luxurious hotels of Belgium include:

Warwick Brussels – Grand Place 

The hotel offers comfy rooms with a flat-screen TV, free internet with American buffet breakfast every morning. 

Eurostars Montgomery 

It provides many services including climate control in the room, friendly staff and quiet location which is close to public transport.

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo 

This is a 5-star Hotel which serves Italian dishes and Mediterranean cuisine and is highly recommended by visitors.

Other easily affordable but comfortable hotels for stay in Belgium are NH Brugge, Adornes, Pantone Hotel, Novotel Brussels Centre, Ibis Brugge Centrum. Some other include Hotel Navarra Brugge, Hotel Metropole, and Hotel Patritius. You will find a wide range of restaurants with very fine and cheap dining during your stays like MESSIEURS, La Frite, and Le Theme. Here you can get delicious food in an amazing atmosphere and Terra Terrace, a newly opened restaurant having dedicated chefs.


Belgium travel tips- Transportation

Belgium offers a public network which is quite extensive, fast and easily accessible. It has a wide network of train, tram, metro, bus, and waterbus. Taxis are primarily run by private companies with some standard rules. Private cab application, such as Uber, has also appeared recently across Belgium. There are direct trains between Brussels and Luxembourg running every hour. City metro tickets are roughly 2-3 EURO per ride. Belgium travel tips are here to guide you about the transport to be used while traveling.

Transport companies provide a full range of online and mobile services for phones and smartphones. You can travel using ferry but it is not cheap. Belgium also offers a wide network of modern toll-free motorways, you can also book a private car for family tours and roaming around in the various places. You can drive through any place seeing amazing sites of Belgium. Some places of Belgium are recommended to be explored on foot.

Safety Tips

Belgium travel tips- safety tips

Belgium has a plenty of attractive places to attract the visitors and tourists from all parts of the world. Belgium is a safe place to stay but following precautions must be kept in mind.

  • Take precautionary measures, such as keep copies of your passport, tickets and driver’s license.
  • If you are visiting alone, inform your family about your stay and whenever you go outside.
  • Keep an eye on your neighborhood; you should be aware of their activities.
  • To save money, eat sandwiches, kebabs, and fries which cost between 5-7 EUR.
  • Do not visit historic places and forest areas in the late hours.
  • Keep all necessary details about places you are visiting and check the weather forecast, enjoy and take lots of pictures during your tour.

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