Best Hiking Boots- Get The Best Shoes For Your Hiking Trip

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Best Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are key for your performance on the trail. Hiking boots should be a comfortable and easy go. Your selection of the best hiking boots effects your performance. Nowadays lightweight hiking boots are in trend. Here we have a list of world’s best hiking boots that you will definitely like it.

Lowa Renegada

best hiking boots- Lowa Renegada

Lowa Renegada looks like traditional hiking boots and they are lightweight as well. It makes you feel more planted and sturdy, unlike the nimble and modern Quest. These hiker boots for men have the more underfoot protection that will keep your feet safe from rocky trails. Do you want to know the tips to travel Greece?
Lowa keep the weight down and Renegada performs like backpacking boot and it weighs less than 2.5 pounds. These shoes are made of thin leather which effects its long durability. Some long mileage hikers claim that they need to buy these pair of shoes once after a year. It is easy to find these pair of shoes in a good fit. These are available in wide, narrow, and long fit according to the size of your feet. It costs 230$.

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

best hiking boots- Salomon x ultra mid 2 gtx

These hiker boots for men are actually made for trail running but with the extra ankle support and protection of these shoes made it my favorite. These are world’s best hiking boots for the thru-hikers and fast-packers. These are feathery boots with very low weight. It has stable chassis, grippy lugs, and nice toe protection. If your important considerations are to move fast and less weight then I will recommend these pair of boots for sure.
There are few compromises that you have to make with these boots and on top is the less underfoot protection. Yet it beats other ultralight options like Adidas and Altra. It only weights 2lb and it is waterproof for sure. It is less stable then quest 4D.

Salomon Quest 4D ii GTX

best hiking boots- Salomon quest 4d 2 gtx

Salomon Quest 4D is the perfect hiking boots in terms of all rounding and hiking. It is neither too heavy nor too light and yes it is well built and perfectly built. It is, of course, a nice pair of hiking boots with very fewer weaknesses.
These shoes are tough, supportive of the great lacing system. It may create a foot fatigue for you if you are carrying heavy backpacks. This pair of shoe weights 2lb and 13oz. It has thin foot protection that may create footsore. This shoe pair is not a good option for people with wide feet. It costs 230$.

Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP

best hiking boots- Merrell Moab 2 mid wp

This pair of hiking boots is perfect for maintained trails but not as good for rough trails. It’s less weight makes it so popular. It costs 130$ But you can get waterproof Merrell Moab in 150$ with its upgraded version and foot cushioning. Few changes were made in Merrell Moab 2 like improved cushioning and high arch, more durable and waterproof, that increased the urgency of this pair of shoes. This pair of hiking boots is not durable for heavy load and rocky trails. But with its flaws, its price is also less and flaws are not too serious so you can pick it and have a lovely weekend on the trails. Its price is 150$.

Scarpa R Evolution GTX

best hiking boots- Scarpa r revolution gtx

Italian company Scapra makes gear for the alpines but we were really shocked that how good they made “Scarpa R Evolution” with such comfort and nice trail performance.
This one of the best hiking boots offers glove-like fit with super support and stability. It replaced traditional tongue with foam and fabric and it is stitched on upper side of the boot. When you tie the lace it makes you feel very comfortable. It makes you even tighten your laces without feeling uncomfortable and stretched.
Overall we can say that the making of this shoes is very tough and durable with an extreme level of comfortability. It is midweight leather boots that are highly recommended for hiking.

Arc’teryx Bora2 Mid GTX

best hiking boots- Arc'teryx bora2 mid gtx

It is considered as one of the best wear on the market. It is our favorite for hiking. On our 2 days of a hiking trip, we were surprised that our feet were so good and these shoes were so durable and comfortable. It is perfect for any type of hiking trails. It offers extreme protection and grip. Historical places are also great to be seen.
Its downside is its price. It costs 330$ which is relatively expensive than other hiking boots. But with the high price, it’s good points are also at a peak. I can surely say that buying the Bora 2 Mid GTX is totally worth it.

Vasque St. Elias GTX

best hiking boots- Vasque st. elias gtx

This pair of boots looks like a leather clunker, but it is a modern boot that people love. It has mix comfort and support. The TPU tank and EVA midsole offer enough support and stability. It is reasonable nimble and flexible.
Well, it has some quality issues like the laces and eyelids have less tendency. You can solve this issue by taking care of these hiking boots. Secondly, it has the fit issues for those who have the wide feet and it is made of thin feet. While keeping these issues aside, these are my favorite pair of the shoes.

Keen Targhee2 Mid

best hiking boots- Keen targhee2 mid

It is best hiking boots for day hiking with light boots. T’s construction is really good with amazing toe cap and leather upper. These boots sit high on the ankle to provide good protection. It is relatively cheaper and also with full protection and much grip.
It gets an edge in weight and little more durable. These are actually the budget-oriented shoes. It is not very secure on rough trails. It costs 135$.

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

best hiking boots- Salewa mountain trainer mid gtx

It is a mix of alpine boots and approach shoes. It is designed for rough trails and harsh environmental conditions. This boot has a protective rand that wraps the lower section of boots for the isolation form snow, rain, and extreme heat. It has good lacing system and easy fit for every foot.
On a straight path, this boot feels heavy and over stiff. It is for all season usability. It costs 239$.

La sportive Nucleo High GTX

best hiking boots- LA Sportive

It is modern boot with the features of light weight and nimble with enough support for backpacking trips and day hiking. This has the traditional waterproof design. These hiker boots for men are awesome and it has nano call technology that gives this boot a distinctive look and modest impact of breathability.
You can get moderate flexibility with its mid-height design. It has slightly narrow fit. It costs 199$. Sometimes traveling alone is a great adventure and a girls day out so you must know the Solo Female Traveling.

This is all about the best hiking boots of all the time. Get them to make your hiking trip best ever 🙂

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