Best Universities of Europe

Europe offers you the best universities for education and these universities give you better career opportunities. This is a fact that things we learn in university life embed in us till last. According to a research, 40% of the world’s best universities are located in Europe because of their teaching methods, researchers, and other criteria. Here we’ll discuss the best universities in Europe.

These universities offer you scholarships and some universities allow you to work for some specific hours along with the study. Scholarships always help needy and deserving people who wish to study in Europe but unable to afford the expensive tuition fee.

David Joseph said,
“Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.”

Best universities in Europe

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Best universities of Europe


Here comes the top-ranked and one of the best universities in Europe. The University of Oxford is one of the oldest institutions in the world which was established in early 1096. Almost 22,000 students from different parts of the world are making their future brighter here. There are 1800 professors to teach students. The university has different campuses and doesn’t have any main campus because the campuses are located throughout the city.

The university offers different disciplines like English Language and Literature, Geology, Modern Languages, Medicine, Psychology, Politics and International Study and more. There are many leaders who went to this university including Bill Clinton, William Gladstone, Benazir Bhutto, Elena Kalgan and recent is Theresa May. The university comprises 44 halls, museum, a huge park, over 100 libraries and playgrounds. The university has already given 120 gold medalists, 26 Nobel Prize winners and many notable people to the world.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

best universities in Europe
This is one of the old universities and it ranked on the 4th place in the world ranking. Almost 20,000 students from all around the world are studying here and almost 6500 professors are there to teach them different programs.There are different branches of universities throughout the city. There are almost 150 departments and it offers different programs which include Arts and Humanities, Technology and Social Sciences etc.

It provides scholarships to students as well. University also holds extracurricular activities which include concerts, sports, and different events.It has 114 libraries, 8 art and cultural museums and a green botanic garden. Cambridge University ensures to enhance your skills and personality and you get amazing future after studying from the university. 92 Nobel Prize Holders went to Cambridge and this wealthy university provides notable lawyers, political leaders, and sportsmen to the world.

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

best universities in Europe
This medical university is included in the list of best universities in Europe and is located in Sweden. It stands 28th in the world’s ranking and is a 5th best university in Europe. It is the only university which holds medical and academic research in Sweden. The motto of the university is “to improve human health”. The university was well established almost in 1810. There are almost 6000 students and 2000 Ph.D. and it has an academic staff of almost 5000 members. The main campus is located in Solana city.

The university is providing different programs which include Medicine Solana, Medical Epidemiology and Bio statistics, Dental Medicine, Environmental Medicine and more. This is 3rd oldest medical Institute in Sweden and the building is beautiful and huge. The university building includes hospital, library and a huge 1000 seated hall which arranges different events including Nobel Prize ceremony. Students from all over the world wish to get themselves educated from this university.

LMU (Ludwig-Maximilian University) Munich, Germany

best universities in Europe-LMU
The university ranks at 30th place in the world and comes in the list of 50 best universities in Europe. This public university was established in 1472. It is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university has a large student body which includes 50,000 students from 130 countries throughout the world with almost 6000 academic staff. The branches and research centers are present throughout the city.

The major departments include Physics, Medical, business, veterinary medicine and biological studies. The notable and prominent people include Sir Llama Muhammad Iqbal, Kurt Huber, Willis Graf and much more including almost 30 plus Nobel Prize holders. If moving to Europe for studies you better know the cheap ways to travel across Europe

KU Leuven (Katholieke University) Belgium

best universities in Europe- KU Leuven
This is one of the ancient and best universities in the Europe and the world as well. With a huge student body of almost 60,000 students which includes 5000 Ph.D. students from all over the world. The university was established in 1425. It has a staff of almost 12,000. The major departments and programs include social sciences, engineering, medicine, Theology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology and research and more. There are 12 campuses with 24 libraries with a vast collection of books. UZ Leuven is the teaching hospital attached to the university. Julian De Wilde, Leon Beaker, Mathias Codman and Noël Dervish are a few notable people of the university. The university is one of the best universities in Europe.

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

best universities in Europe- university of Manchester
The university ranks at 27th place globally and it is the 10th best university in Europe. It has almost 40,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 4000 academic staff. It is also the second largest university in the United Kingdom. There are many other buildings located on the campus which include Stephen Joseph Studio, Whitworth Art Gallery and more. It offers programs which includes Physics and Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Finances, and research etc.

The university occupies an area of 270 hectares and has 245 total buildings. The university has the U.K.’s third largest library. Its building is a decent piece of architecture and has World art gallery, Manchester museum and huge park which also host different events. It has produced 25 notable leaders and Nobel Prize winners. The university has skillful professors who enhance your skills and abilities and that’s a reason the university is one of the top universities in Europe.

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

best universities in Europe- University of Amsterdam
World’s best universities in Europe include the University of Amsterdam. The University ranks 58th in the world and 15th in Europe. The university was established in 1632. The number of students is almost 32000 from all over the world with an academic staff of almost 2500. It is the 3rd oldest university in Netherlands. The architecture is unique and represents Dutch renaissance. The building has a science park, academic medical center, Academic center of Dentistry and a beautiful art library.

The university offers different programs like humanities, social and behavioral sciences, Economics, Science, Law, Business, Language, Media and much more. All departments have their own library and university library has a collection of almost 4 million books.It also has 5 museums. The university added 6 people to the list of Nobel Prize winners. This public university is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Amsterdam Travel Guide will help you understanding this place.

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

best universities in Europe- University of Edinburgh
The University of Edinburgh has a vast experience in education. The sixth oldest public university was founded in 1582. Almost 37,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are studying in this university from all around the world. The university has a huge academic staff of almost 4500 professors who are always present to help students in their studies. The main programs offered are Science and Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary medicine and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The university also offers the scholarships for students and organizes extracurricular activities which include arts, media, cultural programs, music concerts etc. It has the largest university in Scotland with a vast collection of 2.5 million books. The notable people from the university are Alexandra Graham Bell, David Hume, James Dewar, sir. Walter Scott and Sir. Clerk Maxwell. The university ranks itself on number 27 in world’s ranking. It is famous for its research purposes and it has got 20 Nobel Prize winners.

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

best universities in Europe- Humboldt University
The university ranking is 57 in the world and it is one of the remarkable and best universities in Europe and all over the world. It is the 3rd best university in Germany. The public university has a motto “The entity of Sciences’. Almost 33,000 undergraduates and postgraduates are enhancing their skills in this university. It was established in 1811 and with the academic staff of 2500.

The university has world class reputation in the field of Arts and Humanities. The university has a contribution of adding 40 amazing names in the history of Nobel Prize Winners. The prominent names include Albert Einstein, Werner Forman, Wilhelm Grimm, and Sir. Kirchhoff and others. The university offers you Law, arts and humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, Business administration and more. The main campus is located in Berlin and the rest are present throughout the city.

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

best universities in Europe- Delft University of Technology
The university stands on 59th number in world’s ranking. The university is almost 175 years old. It is included in the best universities of Europe. This university has a student body of almost 22,000 students and it has 3400 academic staff. University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. courses to the local and international students.

The university building has a Mekel park, a massive library, cultural and sports center and a beautiful botanical garden. The university has courses and faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science and many other technology programs.

Hope this helped you for selecting the best university for you and make your future brighter.


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