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Blogs on Java- List Of Some Famous Blogs On Java Language

Blogs on java will give you a clear concept of Java language. Many people are using technology nowadays in their daily life and all applications and developments need programming languages to run and work. Java programming language was released in 1995 and the developers were Sun Microsystems.

To understand and learn about Java there are some important blogs on Java which share good knowledge about Java. Java is a fast and safe language and it’s important to read and know about java blog framework because in laptops, games and computers and cell phones we are using Java everywhere and still developers are struggling for more advanced applications so we can say “All around, Java is present”. One should read the blogs with high quality, creativity, information and regular updates.

Blogs On Java 

Here are some best java blogs to follow. Read and get the quality information from these blogs.

The Java Source

the java source

You will get all the updates and information from people and staff who are working with Java. It is one of the wonderful blogs on Java. It always keeps you updated about the new features and all the new apps and technologies related to this programming language. The blog posts about all the inside news of Java happenings and Oracle team of Java. It focuses mainly on the truly inspiring and motivational stories and the exploits and all new happenings of this language. The blog is related to all information of it and the Java houses and it is also a great resource for Java professionals.

Java Specialists Newsletter

core java blogs

It’s been 16 years Java Specialists Newsletter are providing reliable and useful knowledge to the beginners and professionals of Java all around the globe. It is a java blog for beginners and provides the best blogs on java is in more than 140 countries with its almost 70 thousand top Java programmers and specialists with around 250 articles on Java. It also provides java blog tutorials to the beginners on every new issue with its well-known professionals.

This is a filthy forum and a rich source for deep analysis and to develop useful codes. Dr. Heinz from South Africa is working more on the importance of core platform and parts of Java language, codes, and programming which normally people take for granted. Paying proper attention to every lecture and skill can make you a good developer. The blog holds all major courses of this language and it also shares with listeners the insights about this programming language. You’ll be able to learn all professional tricks all stuff that mostly you don’t get in other newsletters. Subscribing this will provide you the best and remarkable articles.

The Java Programmer

blogs on java- the java programmer

The blog included itself in the list of best blogs on Java language and programming with numerous ideas and concepts encompassing all the content nicely. It’ll tell you about built-in courses and different techniques and methods. Content is readable and unique. It is a software development blog along with Java and providing free tutorials, programming skills, different projects and often asked questions related to technology and Java happenings all around.

Along with experts, it is also helping the beginners with its easy and basic articles. This all information and skills are available in a blog so the purpose of enhancing your skills, knowledge about Java. It’ll develop your step by step interest and knowledge and the posts are updated on weekly basis and it is almost one post in a week. Java Linked List Class, Spring Architecture, Spring Modules, Insertion Sort in Java, 10 Reasons and Why Java is Secure Language are few recently uploaded articles.

Let’s talk about Java

best java blogs- lets talk about java

This blog will provide you all the mandatory knowledge about the programming code and quality and define various ways and techniques to improve and make it better. It’s by Sebastian Malacca who is a great motivational speaker, developer and also a blogger of Java. Pair Programming to the rescue once again, For the sake of laziness, Happy New Year 2017 and the missing link between Functional Programming and Data Science are few highly appreciated articles. You can also get free java blog tutorials for beginners and java blogs for the experienced programmers.

This will make you understand the simple and complex components and structures of Java language. Easy examples are available in articles to make you understand codes and developments. The articles try to cover all the aspects and concepts on Java Collections, JDBC operations, OOP concepts and J2EE to advanced concepts in Java and much more. The way of delivering is smart, fast and better in the articles and it also provides the learners new techniques, tools, applications, coding practices and best designs and projects. All you need is practice, learning, and collaboration and hard work to go ahead in Java and software development.

Java, SQL, and JOOQ

create a blog in java

This is a great blog with a lot of articles on advance and basic Java. Many professionals share their knowledge with people around the world. Authors of the blogs are generous and they want people to get knowledge about all aspects of Java. It is making efforts to highlight the use of Java as the database mapping tool. The articles cover SQL, JOOQ, and JAVA. It makes you refine all Java codes, queries on the database and hence improve your performance and some articles are about building your knowledge about intensive projects of Java and SQL codes. All the knowledge about happenings behind the development of JOOQ. It has the wide and extensive range of resources related to Java either on web or internet.

The authors are trying to be among the best blog sites for Java managers, architects, and developers. You can get white papers, advice about your career along with columns and blogs from best experts of Java. They post almost one article a week and an Essential Optimizer Feature for Advanced SQL Usage, JOOQ 3.10 Supports JPA Attribute Converter and JOOQ Tuesdays Oliver Gierke Talks about Spring Data are few recent articles.

Java Code Geeks

a java geek

For building up your confidence level in Java you need the best teachers and best content from the web. Java is not a simple language and to be awesome and perfect in Java is an infinite loop. Even for a simple task and code related to Java you need to have enough knowledge and skills. Blogs and articles play important role in building up skills. Java Code Geeks is one of the best blogs on java. In this, you will be getting frequently published, healthy and rich content in articles for step by step guideline code snippet and reviews from the well-known specialists.

Get knowledge about developments and advancement of software, OOP, Android, skills to get software designs and best code designs. Professional Java gurus are having hands-on articles. It is an online center or community which is focusing to develop Java to Java Resource Center. It is dealing with help of senior and famous professionals and in it. The main target is to focus on technical architects, junior and senior developers, and managers. The blogs written by domain experts are serving SOA, SCALA, AGILE and different communities of a domain of Telecom. They are publishing 18 posts in a week. Java Command-Line Interfaces, Introduction to Errai Framework and Software Solutions Foundations of Agile Development are efficient and reliable articles.

There are thousands of blogs which you can get by browsing your internet. The above-mentioned blogs are few best blogs on java. To develop your skills in programming and coding you must have hands on to all of them.

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