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A Complete Guide To Make Your Instagram Ads Successful

Instagram has never been more famous than it is now. It was already on the speedy track to success when it founded in 2010, and it seems to have strapped on a jetpack after Facebook’s purchased the site.

According to eMarketer, the number of companies moves toward Instagram for advertising has steadily increased year over year, and this number is likely to cross other social media platform’s like Twitter by 2017.


Source of the image: eMarketer

Instagram is becoming the top channels for advertisers, likely due to the fact that social media is far more useful for engaging audiences than other typical marketing channels online or print media.

Now we will look at how you can get something out of your Instagram ads campaigns:

Use Instagram’s new zoom feature

Instagram recently launched an update to the service that gives you the option to do a little close-up marketing with your Instagram ads campaign.

Instagram’s new zoom feature allows users to pinch the screen to zoom on both photos and videos. This new feature was added to Instagram because of the user’s request.

It did not take long for companies to start playing with the zoom feature, either. Some clever companies even tried out slow-motion effects, in addition to advertising through the use of storytelling on their, Instagram feeds.

Each new feature offers opportunities for brands to expand their creativity and find new ways to make their ads bright through the sea of uninspiring, overly sales ads pushed out by their competitor.

New Zoom Feature


The zoom feature can help you expand engagement on your Instagram ads, especially if you include a hidden gem that users can find in your photos.

Promote your best content

The typical approach brands take to generate new content for ads usually involves them carefully writing ad copy and creating calls-to-action that will have the great impact on their audience. If you want to have more impact with your ads, don’t follow this approach when you are advertising on Instagram.

You already have a wealth of material that you know your followers appreciate.

Look back through your organic posts to find the image’s that enlight the most engagement from your audience. Repurpose those posts as ads to get a huge lift in response from wider viewers.

That’s what Paper Boat Drinks did. Check out this original post on their Instagram:

Promote Best Content


After seeing fine engagement on the first post, the company decided to again use the photo and its caption to make an Instagram ad. At the end of a 6-week campaign, the post saw over 26000 likes, a stream of comments, and a perfect lift in their brand’s visibility.

Not every campaign you create is going to be a great success, given all the variables that go into making and encountering ads. However, you can improve the likelihood of success by creating with something you know your audience already know or likes.

Improve your targeting

The fact that Instagram draws on the extensive user information available within Facebook’s ad opportunity means you can really zero in on your audience within Instagram.

But you have to keep in mind that how to leverage different aspects of the platform to really make it work for you and your company. Aside from the standard targeting mechanisms, there are some other features that can help you narrow your focus.

Improve Targeting


Custom and Lookalike Audiences: The lookalike audience feature enables you to create a custom audience for your ad that replicates your existing fans. This can help you bring in new fans who have similar interests, demographics, behaviors, and working backgrounds to your current audience.

Re-marketing: Facebook has a pixel you can place on your site and track visitor behavior. While its primary purpose was to monitor and track conversions from social, it can also be used for ad targeting.

You can then make a custom Instagram ad audience consisting only of people who have visited your site. Other modifiers can be included as well, such as only targeting the people who visited your website and either took a specific action or filled their carts.

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Using the advanced targeting features you will get the ad in front of the most relevant audience segments, which should improve your click-through rates. When you specifically target audience who are likely to convert, and your click-through rates subsequently boost, you’ll bring down your CPR(cost per click) rate as well.

Spend some extra time experimenting with Instagram’s audience targeting features, as they can dramatically change your campaign’s performance.

Don’t make your ads look like ads

If you want to boost engagement and score more click-through with your Instagram ads, then don’t make your ads look like ads.

Your audience will more likely to give feedback to posts that look like natural content as opposed to blatant product advertisement. Incorporating real people into your images and videos is critical images that have faces get 38% more likes than other content.

Different Ads


Make sure your fans don’t feel like that you’re constantly trying to sell them something. While some fans won’t mind the marketing attempts, you should still aim to create the most organic experience possible. For this reason, make your ads carefully. When you’re getting ready to produce a new Instagram ad, start creating organic, high-value posts with the same look as your ad.

After your ad goes live, make a few familiar organic posts. Creating a theme for your offer will lead to a smoother transition that interweaves similar ads of both the paid and organic variety.

Use the call-to-action button

When you make an Instagram ad, you can add a call-to-action button near the image caption (bottom right of the image.) This call to action button is in the same spot for Facebook ads. The button will give you several choices in the messaging of your call to action.

If you find one that is relevant to your campaign, use it.

Clover, a famous dating app, launched an ad campaign on Instagram to promote their mobile application. The ad targeted 18-35-year-old singles, men/women. The goal of the campaign was to reach a wider audience and increase the number of mobile downloads of the app.

the clover app


Source: thecloverapp

Using Instagram’s ad platform, Clover made a series of ads featuring single men and women (see the above advice on using faces), along with the “Install Now” option on the ad.

By the end of the campaign, Clover saw a 30% rapid increase in new subscriptions and reduced their new user acquisition budget by 64%.

“Hands down, Instagram has been the most successful platform for acquiring high-quality app users,” said Kris Armstrong, Director of Marketing for Clover.

Promote with video

When most people talk about Instagram, especially those who do not use it often, they probably imagine an endless flow of static images. They forget that Instagram is also a great platform for promoting videos.

Videos instantly capture the mind of users because they stand out from the content around them. People love to watch videos, even if they are short. When Instagram launched videos, there were more than 5 million videos shared within the first 24 hours. If you put product videos in front of your customers, they are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase, especially if you add it with a call-to-action button.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with material for a video, turn to your audience. User-generated content is an effective tool for building trust with your community. Curate their videos or get video of your fans with your products on the place or at events. Share their love for your brand and promote those videos through advertising.

Promote Instagram Ads with Video


Tell a story/tale with image carousels

You are not restricted to a single image for your Instagram advertisements. The platform is based on a carousel, which means you can represent more images for your subscribers to browse.

If you’re trying to sell a product, weave a story into the content to make it more charming. Intrigue your audience with a storyboard of visible images that not only highlights the best parts of your company but also connects with your subscribers in a meaningful way. Don’t just upload product images use photos that represent the experience of your product and how it makes people feel.

With Instagram’s carousel feature, you can create a connection from peer to peer, crafting a story and subtly enhancing your sales pitch within the ad.


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