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Burger King Free Whopper Survey is a Survey conducted by Burger King for its valued customers, If you are a loyal BK customer then take MYBKEXPERIENCE Survey at and win a free Whopper sandwich.

Founded in 1954, Burger King now is the second largest fast food hamburger chain with 11 million daily customers all around the world. Burger King restaurants are known for serving high- quality, great & affordable food. During your last visit to Burger King Restaurant, did you face any difficulty? How much are you satisfied with its cleanliness? How much are you satisfied with the food itself? Tell this to Burger King in their Burger King Survey at & get a chance to win a Free Whopper or a Chicken Sandwich.

About MyBkExperience Survey



  • One receipt for one household for 30 days
  • One survey per receipt
  • You can’t go back to the survey with the same receipt if there was a mistake during the Burger King survey.

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mybkexperience survey free whopper Survey Free Whopper – Requirements

  • A computer
  • A good internet connection
  • Burger King Receipt
  • Survey invitation on Burger King Receipt

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Enter the Burger King Survey at & get a Chance to Win a Free Whopper

Free Whooper Survey


How To Enter Burger King Survey: Step By Step Guide

burger king survey- step by step guide

  • Go to to start the Burger King Survey.
  • Enter the restaurant number printed on your receipt.
  • Enter the 20 digit survey invitation code printed on your Burger King receipt.
  • Next, answer the questions in the survey.
  • Complete the survey with honest thoughts.
  • At the end of the Burger King survey, you will get a coupon code.
  • Write the coupon code and take to Burger King with you on the next visit.


And Get Your Survey Free Whopper Whopper or Chicken Sandwich from Burger King

Contact Burger King

  • Call at 1-866-394-2493
  • Mail at: Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126


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  1. I stop at the BK on Los Osos Valley Road, usually very late or very early AM. I really enjoy being able to get a Whopper and fries at a time when little else is open. I always know what I’m getting/staff is always polite and helpful/ and I really like the way they treat the homeless. They treat them the same as any other customer. I was in that position awhile ago and just being treated the same as others really does make a difference- also always clean and welcoming. Thank You, Marion L. Warner

  2. Had lots of errands today so stopped and got a B.K. chicken sandwich with fries.
    So good, as always. Sandwich and fries were hot. ENJOYED.

    • Hey, Howard!

      Get a chance to win a free whopper follow the above guide and check out who you can get a free whopper by taking part in MyBKExperience Survey 🙂

  3. I went on your survey website to enter the information for a free whopper from your store on 49th & Dodge in Omaha,NE on 7/31/17 the same day I purchased some food & it wasn’t enough boxes for all the survey code numbers to go so it would give an error or sorry message when I called up to the restaurant your Manager said she didn’t know anything about it & hung up if this is the service you give you’ve just lost a good customer & I will tell everyone I know about it so either give me the proper instructions for a free whopper or I will tell everybody I know not to go there

  4. We ate at the BK in Orlando, Fl. located on 12491 Vineland RD. I noticed that a person came in from outdoors, phone in hand, did not wash her hands or put on gloves and immediately began preparing orders to be served. This is unacceptable. Hand washing should be the number 1 priority in any eating establishment. I hope this is not the case elsewhere. The servers that were already there had on gloves. Why would this person not comply with health standards. Just wanted you to perhaps remind all employees even if they are management, that the safety of the public is the main priority. Good hand washing cannot be stressed enough. Thank you.

  5. I tried to fill out a survey to get a free whoppe (the offer was on the back of my receipt)r; the stipulation was to do it within four hours of your purchase. I tried it less than two hours after I left the drive-thru, but the survey site said “sorry, but we’ve already collected our survey information:. WHAT?!

  6. I was very unhappy with the food. I didn’t like how they put a couple of fresh nuggets on top of the old ones. To try to make you think you’re getting fresh food!

  7. BK in Monee,IL sucks. My burger was sent back twice.. CHEESEburger ONLY pickles. First time no pickles…. sent time I received it had no cheese.. I like BK… but the one in Monee sucks

  8. I have gone to your store at 740 academy dr. Bessemer Al 35022 twice within a week. I was charged $.20 on a dollar when I asked for a receipt excuse was given that their machine was acting up at the window where I paid. I was told to get a receipt at the next window. This receipt had Expeditor Ticket written on it with no dollar amount to show the $.20 per dollar tax. Just want to know about the tax.

  9. The worse BK that I have ever experienced ! Restaurant was filthy, no air conditioning, soda fountain was a mess and worst of all was the food. MY GOD!
    LOCATION: BK #13330
    3495 Lawrence Ave East
    Toronto, Ontario
    Order #222

  10. Had a great experience at bk the manager mookie treated me very well bk needs more employees like her I went to the bk on Charleston an Las Vegas

  11. I went to BK on 10/13/17 @6:48:21 PM on Delaware in Kenmore. I have my receipt and put info in to receive a free Whopper. Says I have to wait 14 days . My receipt is marked the 23rd so I think I should be able to get the sandwich. Any reason my receipt can’t be used.? I tried again to go online for my code #., again no go., this was done on the 13th of Oct. Please let me know what to do since I did this within the 48 requested.

  12. Bought 2 for $5 Whoppers tonight and Mine was Missing the Hamburger. Yep.. NO MEAT!!! How does that even happen?!! So disappointed and So HUNGRY. I have to go to bed HUNGRY!!! ?

  13. I think that the kids that make the sandwiches should make them as if they were eating them. If i stop at burger king it is normally because its right by my home and im tired and hungry, i sit through drive through with no one but maybe 2 cars and i still have to wait at least ten minuts everytime. I went tonight and got home, opened my sandwich and mayo was all ove the place, way way to much, i was so irritated when i opened my sandwich to see how messy it wa, there was more mayo then there was chicken, matter of fact my chicken wasnt but half the size of my bun. So i took the sandwich back tryed to explain to the front cashier and she just looked at me with an attitude and acted like she was dum, so no not happy. Left sandwhich on counter and walked out.

  14. I know i already commented about my experience with burgerkings sloppy mayo and bread sandwhich, but i also wanted to say now im out of my chicken sandwich and the 7 dollars, not to mention the dr pepper was flat tasting. And rude service. My experience was at store 4944 mooresville nc.

  15. I ordered the original chicken sandwich at my local bk & the first thing I noticed was it looked to be over cooked, but it didn’t taste burnt. Then as I was eating it the salt got so bad that I had to throw it away. I was only able to eat less than half. You really need to change your recipe & ease up or the salt

  16. I think that the kids that make the sandwiches should make them as if they were eating them. If I stop at burger king it is normally because of its right to my home and I’m tired and hungry, I sit through the drive through with no one but maybe 2 cars and i still have to wait at least ten minutes everytime. I went tonight and got home, opened my sandwich and mayo was all ove the place, way-way too much, I was so irritated when i opened my sandwich to see how messy it wa, there was more mayo then there was chicken, matter of fact my chicken wasn’t but half the size of my bun. So I took the sandwich back tried to explain to the front cashier and she just looked at me with an attitude and acted like she was dum, so no not happy. Left sandwich on the counter and walked out.

  17. We were traveling and ate breakfast at BK. BTW the fully loaded croissant was really good. I looked forward to entering the bk experience for a free sandwich only to discover my receipt did not have a store number. This was the receipt that was attached to our order. It has the clerks name and order number, but no store number.

  18. Traveling, stopped in for burger. Headed out and opened burgers, burgers colder than the bun. Must have new way of preparing them ahead but not reheating . Something wrong somewhere. Fries were good and hot.

  19. My daughter and I went to the BK on 41st St., in Doral FL., and went thru the drive thru. We were in line more than 10 mins. We didn’t realize that the order was incorrect; it was too far to turn around. I called and explained that the order was incorrect and the employee that I spoke with was very kind and told me to come back in the next day and I wold be given the correct sandwich. I did return the next day. Went inside and was waiting to be called. No one else was standing there but me. There was a male cashier at a register who just stood there and didn’t even bother to say “next, or ask could he take my order. He blatantly ignored my presence and I didn’t bother by acknowledging him standing at the register acting as if he was cleaning his glasses. It’s considered rude; but his attitude had more to do with him being discriminating!!! Who wants to patron a restaurant where your order may be given to you incorrectly, then the employees are rude; and even “discriminatory gestures “ are practiced inside and overlooked. I did voice my displeasure and will not go to Burger King #18297. Doral, FL., again.

  20. It was a very pleasant experience that I had I went through the drive-thru no issues but one when I ordered the bacon King and drove from the drive thru and decided to eat in the parking lot my fries were hot my onion rings were hot but my hamburger was cold little disappointing but other than that it was a good experience from Corsicana Texas

  21. BK store 3949
    Order # 560
    Host: Jude
    Date: 2/18/18 4:21pm
    The employees are so rude where in fact they made a mistake. One of the employees even corrected my grammar stating should be with an “s”. How rude was that? This is the 5th time they gave us an incomplete order. There is always an order missing that we paid for. Bad customer experience. When I asked for a 1st name, they said that by law they are not to give out their name, not even their 1st name.


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