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  • 15 most powerful women of 2017

    15 Most Powerful Women Of 2017

    Women are flourishing in every field of life including technology, energy, defense and consumer goods. Women are becoming the most powerful creature on the planet. This list of 15 most powerful women of 2017 shows that women are upgrading their levels day by day. Here are some of them and some of their experiences and […] More

  • Top 20 Technology Articles of 2017

    A Collection of 20 Best Technology Articles of 2017

    At this age of modern technology where new gadgets and applications are developed day by day, technology blogs come handy. Many of the new technologies have been discovered in 2017 and they will affect the economy of the state and will also improve the medicines. These technological wonders continue to get better with every passing […] More

  • top careers in 2020- featured image

    Top careers in 2020- The Future Careers You Must Opt

    Many of us would love to have definitive answers for their specific questions which are running through there minds. What are the best careers for the future? Is it possible to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow or today? How we make ourselves best for our future? But, no one can say for sure or […] More

  • myonemoney

    MyOneMoney- A financial aid to Students

    MyOneMoney Myonemoney is an integrated financial aid disbursement for universities that want to save money and provide financial solutions to the whole society. The One card and One account system of myonemoney help many universities worldwide to reduce their administrative budgets. This has helped many universities of the whole nation and particularly helpful for the […] More

  • Bitcoin Mining- featured

    A complete guide about the Bitcoin mining

    Bitcoin Mining is a process by which transactions are first verified and then added to the public ledger, also known as blockchain. Anyone who has proper access to the internet and a suitable and powerful hardware can participate in bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is specially designed to be resource-intensive and the number of blocks that […] More

  • Microblading- featured

    Microblading-An over whelming trend for women these days

    Microblading is actually an art of making hair strokes to create an illusion of natural eyebrows. This technique is used by people who have lost their eyebrow or have very less hair in their eyebrows. It is also known as micro stroking, feather touch or embroidery. It is actually an art of hair strokes to […] More

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