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Cebu Philippines is one of the most populated cities in the country. According to the estimation, Cebu draws almost two million foreign travelers a year. Cebu has an awesome and endless array of pleasant things to do. There is something special that is waiting for you in Cebu, whether you are a food lover, history buff or a fitness junkie. Here are some awesome things to do in Cebu, check them out and try while having a trip to the Philippines.

Shopping Mall SM Cebu Philippines

Cebu Philippines- SM

If we talk about this mall, after, this is the second biggest shopping mall in the Philippines and comes after the mall of Asia in Manila. It is a great experience by itself. If you do not want shopping you can also eat in the food court there. You can get fresh Buko juice (coconut juice) in a bottle, cut fruits, and fresh bread. Food in Azerbaijan is very famous and people love its taste and you must try it!

Minglanilla public market

Cebu Philippines- Minglanilla public market

It is a traditional local market, few kilometers away from Cebu. Fish, fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and all goods are easily sold in this market. Its good thing is that it is much cheaper than department stores and shopping malls so that locals buy their food from this market.

Plaza Independencia

Cebu Philippines- plaza

It is a famous dating site usually, couples and lovers meet up there. One of the historic places in Cebu Philippines and it is also a famous dating site. This square was renamed a couple of times, from military plaza de arms to Plaza Mayor. During the Spanish region, it was named as Plaza Maria Cristina.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral 

Cebu Philippines- cebu metropolitan cathedral

Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Cebu Philippines, and also the most important one. It is used for the big weddings of politicians and businessmen and also of the rich and wealthy people live there. It is just a place of a rich people. The poor people go to the Santo Nino church.

Lapulapu Shrine

Cebu Philippines- lapu lapu shrine

Lapulapu killed Magellan During the battle between the Spaniards and Muslims so this place was named after him. It Reminds the battle in here. If you are a guitar lover there are plenty of guitar shops next to the shrine where you easily get a guitar as people of Cebu Philippines are famous guitar makers.

IT Park

Cebu Philippines- it park

It is a place having a lot of call centers and restaurants like Mexican restaurant Moon Café, Casa Verde or Cafe East-West. The park is famous for mango crepe. Go to La Marea and must ask for “Brownie a La Mode” only if you are an ice-cream lover. I bet you will love it.

Kawasan Waterfalls

kawasan wterfalls

It is the famous waterfall for and friend’s outings in Cebu Philippines. The best part of this waterfall is that Kawasan falls have three different waterfalls.

One is where people stay, swim and eat. If you want to go further you can simply walk a bit to the second level of waterfalls where you will find fewer restaurants and tourists as compared to the first level. The third level is where the water comes and distributes the first and second level.

Temple of Leah

temple of leah

It is still under construction still draws dozens of visitors every day and also a wonderous and an amazing temple of Leah. It is such a wonderful Temple to visit in Cebu Philippines.

Run with the best runners

Cebu Philippines

Noe here is something for running and fitness persons like me. Every week it hosts at least one running event that oftentimes includes Kenyans and some of the elite runners in the country, this is the good thing about Cebu Philippines. If you want to get more information about the city’s upcoming running events, you must visit Cebu Fun Run.

Celestial Garden

Cebu Philippines

The Celestial Garden is a big 12-acre memorial park and it is one of the famous places. It is also called as Go Shepherd and it is known for its lush rolling hills, peaceful scenery, and wondrous white statues. People come here and relax their minds. This is such a beautiful and calm place to visit.

Crown Regency

Cebu Philippines- crown regency

Now, this is something for those who are looking for an extra dose of adventure within the city. Simply go to the Crown Regency Hotel, and try their spine-tingling activities like the Vertical Climb, Urban Zipline, and Coaster.



It is one of the most romantic spots in Cebu. It is definitely an awesome park that has lived up to its name and billing. On a good, clear and fine day, Tops will give you breathtaking panoramas of Cebu, the sea, and its adjacent islands.

Wander around Carbon market

Cebu PhilippinesCarbon Market which is the place where you easily buy fresh vegetables and fruits as well as cheap clothes, handicrafts, shoes, toys and more. Here, you will get good deals on products and items which will definitely be useful for you.  You must check out the Singapore travel guide and visit Singapore so you can praise its beautiful places.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Cebu Philippines

The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is a beautiful and educational museum. It displays a fantastic collection of paintings and exhibits. It serves breeding ground for psychedelic butterflies. Sanctuary is also a good place for a visit in Cebu Philippines.


Cebu Philippines- Hammock

You can easily find several hammocks on the beaches of Cebu Philippines. Just make sure they do not belong to any resort because if it does not belong to any resort you will not get interrupted while relaxing.

Cebu Philippines is really a splendid city and there are many things to do in Cebu. It is a great tourist destination and to be honest, the suggestions which I shared on this list are just the tip of the iceberg. Instead of all these things, there are hundreds of amazing and exciting things that you can do in the “Queen City of the South” and its nearby areas. I could list a hundred of them, but unfortunately, I don’t have much time to do that. 


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