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What is Chromecast

Chrome is a freeware web browser which is now providing its users great apps, games, and extensions. Chromecast is one of those amazing devices which are provided by chrome for the convenience of its users. Chromecast acts as a transmitter between the antenna or cable box of your streaming video provider and your TV. It gives you a better way to get your desired videos, games and music to your TV without any ambiguities. Here’s everything you need to know for Chromecast setup.

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Chromecast is a media streaming accessory which you have to plug into the HDMI of your TV port to use it. It is the most reasonable and smooth way to stream your wanted content right to your TV easily.

When it was launched?

The first Chromecast was launched by Google in 2013, it is economical HDMI dongle which lets you ‘CAST’ your desired content wirelessly on TV. Later on, in 2015, Google launched the Chromecast2 which is quick, more receptive and affordable.

In 2016, Google popularized Chromecast Ultra, which works likewise its ancestors but it offers to cast 4k streams. Google also offers Chromecast audio which lets you cast audio to your speakers. Many more updates are expected in the near future.


Following are the requirements for the Chromecast setup

  • A Chromecast Device.
  • An updated version of Google home app.
  • Strong internet connection.
  • A high definition Digital LCD/LED TV.
  • A consistent smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Chromecast setup – Install on PC

  • Download Chrome Browser

chromecast setup - download chrome

chromecast setup - visit chromecast

  • Click on Setup in PC (Blue Colored text)

chromecast setup - setup in pc

  • Select Your TV Device from the list

chromecast setup - searching cast device

After downloading, follow the mentioned steps. For your convenience, pin the cast button on your toolbar.

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Chromecast setup – Install in Mobile

  • In Android Phone, open Google Play Store

chromecast setup - open play store in android

  • Search Google Home

chromecast setup - search google home

  • Download Google Home

chromecast setup - download google home

  • Select Your TV Device from the list

Chromecast Setup

After installation, the usage of this device is very simple only you have to:

  • Plug it into HDMI port of your TV, connected by a USB cable to your Chromecast.
  • Plug the other end of your USB power cable into an open USB port on your TV or into the added power adapter after that plug it into a power outlet. Keep in mind that you use the given AC adapter.
  • After adjusting all the USB ports and adapter connect your Chromecast device which can be the smartphone, laptop or tablet you are using to build up Chromecast. Make sure both are connected to the same wi-fi network

chromecast setup - connect devices

  • On your connected device, if it’s Phone Open the Google home app, If it’s PC Open Chromecast Application.
  • Set up Chromecast and watch the desired content.


chromecast setup - infographic

How does it work?

Chromecast serves as a transmit between your TV and streaming video provider, use your smartphone, tablet or laptop which you have connected to a remote control and on the other side use Chromecast as a connection to get your required videos from YouTube, Netflix or any other source you want to.


Chromecast is the Google’s first invasion into the world of streaming accessories so, it is provided with many perks to make it more tempting for all the users. It has the ability to turn any dumb TV smart due to the extraordinary features added in it. Here are few of its gains:

  • It’s the latest streaming device and it’s cheap and so smooth to use as compared to other devices.
  • Most notably it allows your smartphone to be your remote, which is the most cherished article of this app.
  • Apple TV users are handed over the opportunity of downloading a remote app for their iPhone.
  • Contrary to other such devices, Chromecast adopts nearly no area, it is so small in size and so easily portable.
  • It’s so smooth and effortless to evaluate, you can turn any TV into a smart TV and play any videos from your smartphone to your TV
  • You don’t need to send videos from your cell phone to Chromecast, you just need to aware Chromecast what desired content you want to play through your cell and then Chromecast itself fetch that content and plays it in the best quality.
  • Using Chromecast you can watch your required videos, photos, games, TV shows in cheap price and best video quality.
  • Above of all, there is no need of any user interface or remote, your smartphone or device acts as a remote control for using this incredible app.
  • The cast facilitating apps are in a wide number such as Netflix, Spotify, HBO now, BBC, player, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu, watch ESPN and a lot of more.
  • Whenever you want to share an outstanding website, you don’t need to huddle everyone around your laptop, just cast the website to your TV.


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