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If we talk about Churches in Georgia, at first for me, I had low expectations of Georgia, mostly because I knew nothing about it. They are only the tip of a friendly country that I will be writing more about in the future. Churches are more important because if we visit a Church on regular basis it helps us in building relationships with people without any need.

It is a place where memories are made and genuine conversations of faith happen. Church membership statistics are going to raise every day. Let me share you some of my experience with churches in Georgia.

The number of Churches in Georgia are hard to count because the number of Churches by a state is hard to count but the list of churches in Georgia that will definitely attract you are as follows.

Gergeti Holy Trinity Church

Churches in Georgia

Gergeti Church

The Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia is a popular name for Holy Trinity Church. It is near the village of Gergeti located on the right bank of the Chkheri river, the left tributary of the river Terek. It is at an elevation of 2400 meters, under Mt. Kazbegi. This church was built in the 14th century and is one of the best Churches in Georgia. If you love the historical places then you must not miss this list of the best historical places. You must plan to go at any one of this list. 

It is peaceful and not very crowdy. It is very easy and cheap to go although a travel agency in Tbilisi was preventing us to go in winter and saying it is too dangerous! I visited this area in winter. The road was a bit difficult. Mountains were covered by snow and not many people around the church.

Kashveti Church

churches in georgia


The Kashveti Church of St. George is Georgian Orthodox church beliefs. It is one of the central Churches in Tbilisi. This Church is located across from the Parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue. It is one of the mega Churches in Georgia. 

It was constructed between 1904 and 1910 by the architect L. Bilfeldt. According to Georgia country religion percentage and U.S. religious census, 83.4% of Georgian population identified themselves as Eastern Orthodox Christian. When I was there and I’ve intended to visit the Church someone told me to visit the church on Sunday at 08:30 or Saturday at 16:30 to get them to feel the Orthodox spirit and listen to soul touching chants.

I Visited the Church on Sunday and I must say I definitely felt my soul 😚. If you will visit this Church you will come to know how beautiful and memorable this Church is.

The Mamadaviti Domed Church

churches in georgia

Mamadaviti Domed

It is located in the south west of Tbilisi on Mtatsminda. The name Mtatsminda derived from Atoni St. the mountain in the 10th century. It is also called St. Davit Garejeli. Mamadaviti church was constructed in 1859-1871 and was domed in 1879.

The decoration of this Church was Un-explanable, I mean I was just mesmerized by all the work the interior and all the beauty of the Church. This was one of my best experience to visit the Churches in Georgia. If you are in Georgia and you have to move to Kutaisi as your next destination, here is all, you need to know about the city of Kutaisi. Enjoy travelling!

The Court Church Sachino

churches in georgia

Court Church

The palace of the Queen Darejan, constructed in 1784 still stands in Isani, this palace is known as ‘Sachino’. The court church is disposed of in the palace. The queen lived in that palace till 1803. The church was last restored in 1990, and in 2001 the altar was repainted.

As of all the Churches in Georgia, this Church is one of the amazing Church. The stone and brick church belongs to the hall type churches and is roofed with lancet arch. The Church was last repainted in 2001 but sill if you visit this Church one time, you will definitely want to visit it again. 


Churches in Georgia

Churches In Georgia- Sioni

Sioni church was attacked and restored several times. Every time it destroys it came back from ashes like it never gave up. It is located on the street having the same name, in one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi, in upper Kala. According to the legend, the first church in the very place was constructed by the King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century.

Today Sioni is the residence of catholicos, the patriarch of  Georgian Christian Church. No doubt, this Church has a high status but instead of the high status of the temple, its look is also very modest and amazing. You will feel very peaceful if you visit this Church because when I visited this church I felt so peaceful. I can easily say, it was one of the best Churches in Georgia.

Blue Monastery

Cathedrals in Georgia

The Blue Monastery

Blue Monastery Church in Georgia is located in Verisubani. It is known as the first church in Verisubani. It’s name derived from the blue decoration of the roof church. It was established in the very place in the 7th century.

This church was destroyed by the Persians in the 16th century and was restored a century later. Some building has some history that someone destroyed it then it came back with a high eye 😋. I mean things never give up like this church, this church has been altered many times but still has kept its previous face.

I spend almost 2 days there and it was one of the best experience of my life.

Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral

Cathedrals in Georgia- Tbilisi

Tbilisi Holy Trinity

Georgia has been experienced a lot of periods of political expansion in the middle ages, during which the church developed remarkably rich traditions of art, architecture, and literature.  During the Russian Revolution of 1917, the church reestablished. In 1920 it seems to have enjoyed favorable treatment. It is the Georgian Orthodox church.

When I visited this Church, I was not surprised by the beauty of this Church because I got used to it. There are a lot of unique and beautiful Churches in Georgia.

Buckhead Church

Famous Churches in Georgia

Buckhead Church

The Buckhead Church in Georgia is welcoming, encouraging and everything you would want in a religious organization. They really work to make sure that you do not feel alone in any walk of life or if you have any problem you can easily discuss it with the Father.

They offer biblical studies as well as long-term singles, just married, married with kids, and married without kids groups. Different people have a different point of views about this Church like it is just a place of meeting, it is not like Church, it is an entertainment venue, they just motivate you to like for an hour and after that everything will be gone.

But honestly speaking I was quite impressed by this Church. There were comfortable seats and the Church was itself very big and clean.

The Passion City Church

famous cathedrals in georgia

Passion city church

Passion City Church was Awesome and incredible. This is a large church in California. My worship experience was just splendid over there. I have only been in Atlanta for about a month, but when I came here and visit the church, it was just like home.

There was music which was modern and peaceful. I saw everyone was worshipping some were younger than me, some were older than me and some people were of my age. The message that they give was so meaningful. I really enjoyed the whole service and worship. It is one of the famous Churches in Georgia.

Crossroads Church

Crossroads church in georgia


When I visit this non-denominational church, it was such a great experience. Their members were friendly and will make sure you feel welcomed. They would like to invite you to join them for a Sunday morning service or Wednesday night Bible study. Dinner is also available there at 6pm and Bible Study at 7pm.

The best part is that adults have 2 classes to choose from. They care about relationships, they help to develop a genuine relationship between you and God.


It was such a great visit for me, although I had a language issue because Georgia’s main language was not known to me but I had a wonderful time. There were no restrictions, you can wear casuals. Their words went right through my heart and I must say such a splendid visit it was.

The South and her churches go together like shrimp and grits, who share the old traditions of worships. Churches in Georgia has more than 2,000 average attendees. How many Churches in Atlanta? List of Churches in Atlanta Georgia has more than a half dozen with over 5,000 average congregants which are a great number of people.

It includes nondenominational churches in Atlanta Ga, African Churches in Atlanta and Baptist Churches in Georgia. Most of the people have orthodox religion in Georgia state. By the way, if you guys are in Georgia and you have not tried the special Food in Georgia, that you must not delay it anymore.

In the current time, best churches in Atlanta, are in limelight and powerful are a collection of massive organizations with significant influence. Most of the people go to Churches in the Atlanta area because the number of Churches in Atlanta is bigger.

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