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Are you a content writer? Here is something important for you in order to make your work extraordinary. With time, rules change & so the metrics of Content Writing. A few years ago, there was a different metric of good content w.r.t to search engine optimization (SEO). But for 2017, things changed, so here’s the best checklist & guide for you to get the best results.

Content Writing

Content writing is a form of online writing which is closely linked to web marketing campaigns. Writers work according to the brief provided by a client. This brief will define their task and any SEO related requirements, such as keyword density, meta description etc. This means creating the writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.

points about checklist

Now follow me I’ll tell you to step by step about Best Practices of Content Writing:

Software Tools You Must use

  1. Use Keyword Planner:

    If you are using Keyword planner then it’s good. But if you are ignoring this I’ll recommend you to use Long tail pro which is paid tool. If you want to use free tool so you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. By using this you can get the idea about your audience interest before writing the content.

  2. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator:

    Portent’s Content Idea Generator is the best tool to make your heading attractive. After using the keyword planner. Put your selected keyword into Portent’s Content Idea generator’s website and make the impressive heading of your content.

    Content writer Portent

  3. Analyze your Selected Heading

    For this purpose, use Buzzsumo Website by which you can see trending or most Shared Keywords related to your phrase.

    Content Writing Buzzsumo

  4. Use Best Wordprocessor

    Choose best word processor which helps you to correct your drafted text. It will help to use the best synonyms and Impressive words. I will recommend you to use distraction-free word processors. And Use those which have the following features:

    1. Spelling Check
    2. Gammer Check
    3. Find and Replace
    4. Clipboard panel
    5. Translate
    6. Smart Search
    7. Citations, etc

    Best Word processors:

    1. Microsoft Word
    2. Google Docs
    3. Libre office
    4. Focus Writer
    5. Spell Checker etc.
  5. Use Grammar Checker

    if you have the grip on your writing language then you can skip this, but if you don’t have. I will recommend you to use Grammarly. It is best grammar checker tool I ever used. It will save your time and make your document perfect.

    Content Writing Grammerly

  6. Use Text Audit Tools

    Hemingway is the best tool to measure your written content, it suggests you use crisp words, replace this word or verb. Make your content readable. Shorten your Sentences. Use active or passive vise etc.

    Content Writing hemingway editor

  7. Check Plagiarism Software

    If you are writing yourself then you can skip this step. But if you are copying few data from the internet then use Plagiarism checker software. I recommend using CopyScape or Use SmallSEOTools. By using this software you can check the percentage of copied content in your Article.

    Content writing Smallseotools

Let’s talk about Checklist & Guide for 2017 w.r.t SEO and Readability

As we know all content writers write their articles by putting search engine rules before.

content writing info

Checklist for SEO

First and the important thing is your article should be on the internet. Don’t write about well know things. And don’t write about rarely searched.
I will put google search engine before myself while discussing search engine optimization checklist. Google Fred Update penalizes the website by dropping its ranking if the Website is not providing the best content, So the quality of content matters.SEO content writing

  1. Choose Good Keyword

    Choose Keyword using the software’s discussed above such as Moz, Long Tail Pro or google keyword research Etc.

  2. Make outlines of the Content

    Prioritize your content according to importance. Make clear headings and describe min 2 lines about every heading.

  3. Use H1 Heading Once

    Always use H1 heading size in the whole article it tells about the importance and the core content of the article. And Use H2 heading multiple times.

  4. Use Secondary Keyword

    After Selecting your Keyword, select and use synonyms or related keyword. It will help you to rank your website quickly. Secondary keyword makes your website more accessible from search results.

  5. Page title Length

    Page title length matters, Character length should be within 60-65. Write your title using High-Frequency words and title should be free of stopping keywords.

  6. Use keyword in the title

    Make sure you are using the keyword in the title. It will help search engine BOT to detect what is you are talking about?

  7. Article Length

    The minimum article length should be 500 words. Less than 500 will decrease your traffic and search engine will ignore your content or give lower rank in search results.

  8. Keyword Repetition

    It’s very important, Don’t use keyword stuffing technique it’s 2017!!!. Repeat your keyword maximum 7 times in the article and 2 times in the heading of the article.

    Read More about Keyword Stuffing

  9. Use Meta Description

    Always write meta description about your article, this meta description is used by Search Engine. And Help to generate more traffic. Meta Description length should be minimum 160 Characteristics.

  10. Avoid External Links

    Best content writing practices include use 4-5 Links in Your article don’t use more than theses it will dilute your article. And the search engine will not give importance to your content.

  11. Use Keyword in the URL of Your Article

    After writing the article make small and simple URL of your web page which includes your keyword. It’s the best technique to boost your audience.

  12. Use Keyword in the alt tag of images

    First thing is always to use alt text in your images, second, if you will use the keyword in alt text it will take the audience from google images too.


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