Google Tricks : Coolest Google Pranks You need to know

Cool Google Tricks

Cool Google Tricks 😀

Today i will show you some really awesome and cool google tricks you must know and see, as Google not only dedicates its resources to provide free services of high quality and usefulness, but you have time to give a touch of humor to the searches in any of its products.

In Google love to hide secrets in their products and services, either in the search engine with Do a barrel roll and Google Gravity in the image search engine with Atari Breakout, on Youtube with Do Harlem Shake and more. They call them Easter eggs (hidden, entertaining things developers build into a website or program) and encourage us to find them. I’m sure they will go out many more secrets to light, but for now here I leave a few I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

So let’s focus on all its cool quirks.

18 Epic Cool Google Tricks You Must See

  1. Google Pacman Doodle

Play Google Pacman Here

google pacman trick
Google celebrated the birthday of Pac-Man changing the logo of the homepage search for a version of Pac-Man in which you could really play. By clicking “Insert Coin” twice, Ms. Pac-Man, which allows two players to play simultaneously displayed? While the game has been removed from the page, you can still be accessed through Google Doodles, showing the above logos.

  1. Do a barrel roll google tricks

do a barrel roll google tricks
Do a Barrel Roll translates as “turns around “, which refers to one in which the plane rotates 360 ° about its axis aerobatic maneuver. Even if you have never seen this trick is easy to imagine what happens when one looks, in English, “Do a Barrel Roll”.

Click do a barrel roll to see the fun 🙂

  1. Google Gravity

google gravity trick

One of the most famous tricks of Google is its decomposition. Yes, you read well, disabling instant search, typing Google Gravity and clicking on the first link it all falls down, like you’re in an earthquake.

Click to See Google Gravity Effect here 🙂

  1. Google Tilt Trick

google tilt trick

Tilt or “askew” is Google gravity is a trick which will tilt your search results and Google homepage slightly.

  1. Zerg Rush do a barrel roll

If you’ve ever played the game of Blizzard, Star craft, you might know the Zerg, a voracious insect that attack in swarms. One of the main strategies is the Zerg Rush, which prioritizes the release of a large number of cheap units (privates) to overwhelm the enemy. Typing “Zerg Rush”into Google search this tactic is recreated.

zerg rush do a barrel roll

zerg rush do a barrel roll

Amounts of letters “O” descend upon the results of the search and destroy all links. Each O can be destroyed by clicking on it three times, but the amount of Os that appear on the screen makes it very difficult.

When you finish destroying all links, or form a “GG,” a term known gamer which means “good game”.

  1. Atari Breakout

Google Atari BreakoutDo a search for images of “Atari Breakout ” converts the search results into a grid similar to the game Breakout colors. You can control a racket with the mouse to bounce a ball and destroy the images. When a level is completed, begin a new search for random pictures and images found for that level will be used.

  1. Find Chuck Norris I’m Feeling Lucky

google find chuck norris

For some time, Chuck Norris is synonymous with internet jokes, referring to a strong, hard, invincible, as in his films; so Google could not stay out of those jokes and when you wrote “find Chuck Norris” and the button “I’m Feeling Lucky” appeared a caption that read: “Google cannot search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” 😀

  1. Beatbox

google beat box

The translator of Google is a tool for understanding other languages, but what about the universal language of music? Well, beat boxing may not be the typical musical instrument, but it is a fun way to convert your voice into a percussion instrument. Typing certain phrases in the dialog Google Translator, normal icon “listen” will become the “Beatbox” mode. You have to include multiple lines to enable this feature, although it is difficult to find the real minimum Try your own combinations of letters!

  1. Do the Harlem Shake

youtube Do the Harlem Shake

The phenomenon of Harlem Shake luckily was forgotten, but when it was at its peak, you could search for”Do the Harlem Shake”on YouTube and be surprised with the results.

  1. The game Dinosaur (Google) :

google The game Dinosaur

The frustration of the message “This page is not available” on Google Chrome has a solution in itself. The little dinosaur that warns of the network outage, pressing the spacebar on the keyboard, key becomes a platform game.

  1. ‘Conway’s game of life’

John Conway was a British mathematician who created the theory of combinatorial games with the famous game of life, and many others defy programming.

Google Tricks : Coolest Google Pranks You need to know

So write “Conway’s game of life” in Google allow you to continue browsing, but the way this father of computing.

  1. The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster

Tinker with Google Maps and get closer to its Street View is one of the favorite pastimes of those who spend too many idle hours at the computer. Google knows this, and so has introduced small details to make the most entertaining experience.

Just enter “Loch Ness” in the search box of Google Maps, which introduces the doll street view will become a small Nessy.

  1. Com/Sky

Google sky

This little trick shows a map of the universe in which you can zoom in and zoom out, and to travel, see the constellations and planets. Very big!!


This game is really cool Google. It sounds like Lego? Are those endless constructions small pieces? Well this is the same. You have a box full of Lego and you can build on the board what you turnip leaves, until you get bored!!

  1. Google “once in a blue moon” in search.

Google “once in a blue moon” in search

How often does the world experience a blue moon? Search for “once in a blue moon” and the calculator will tell you.

  1. Google Mirror.

Google Mirror

This one will make everything appear backwards. Search for Google Mirror in the Google search box and click on “I am feeling lucky”. Do not press enter key or search button. The numerous ads take away from the experience, though.

  1. Type <blink> in the search box.

Type <blink>, exactly like that, and guess what happens. Yes, there will be blinking involved.

  1. Google Guitar

Google Guitar

This is yet another best Google gravity trick to wonder your friends. With this trick, you will be able to play guitar on the Google page. The guitar resembles many features of the real guitar and will help you to play various tunes with it. You can also record the play with the record button embedded on the virtual guitar. You can also listen to the guitar notes while you are typing something on the search box with your keyboard.

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  1. Hey Sheikh, very interesting post. I really liked the way you wrote. I tried everything written in the post and I am really amazed at the outputs. I didn't know before that Google is so much fun. I'll share your post with my friends and I am sure they will also like it.

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