destinations for the first time travelers

If you are planning to travel to some regions of the world, let’s have a glance at the some of the stunning places. Breathtaking views make these cities more attractive and offer a vast range of attractive places to its guests. It is super difficult to decide where to go first to the following destinations. So, enjoy 12 destinations for the first time travelers.

Paris, France

destinations for the first time travelers- Paris

Paris is a place which every traveler dies to see. It is one of the best destinations for the first time travelers. If you are traveling for the first time to an international destination, then Paris is the best choice. Millions of visitors come to Paris for spending the most memorable time of their lives. You will experience the quality holiday, as there are numerous places to visit.

Paris has many sites to visit, museums, buildings, and art galleries. Latin Quarter is a place which is recommended to be explored on foot. Above of all, the top sights of Paris are not too expensive. You can visit many sites even if you are on a budget. Never miss Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Tuileries Garden, Montmartre and Les Invalides during your stay in Paris.

Dublin, Ireland

destinations for the first time travelers- Dublin

Dublin is filled with a lot of exciting sites to visit. The south area of Dublin has major sites and landmarks so you should stay in a hotel located on the south site here to save your time. Temple Bar, Hugh Lane Gallery, Ha’Penny Bridge and Guinness Storehouse are must go places of Dublin. Plan your visit during the summer season.

The transportation system in Dublin is quite entertaining and cheap as there are no subway services here. Either you have to take a cab or explore the city on Aircoach, which is a recommended mean by many visitors. Guided tours are a great way to explore Dublin if you are a first-time visitor. You can explore all amazing sights of Dublin during your stay, as it a small city with wonderful places.

Madrid, Spain

destinations for the first time travelers- Madrid

Madrid keeps centuries of culture behind it and it offers lots of cultural activities that build it a tremendously well-liked destination for anybody looking for a while away in an exceedingly fascinating and completely different European capital. Spanish food isn’t simply good, it is the best in the world, and you may realize wonderful restaurants with most delicious Spanish food.

Solo female traveling is also an amazing adventure which every girl and women should try/

In Madrid, you will find the best transportation system which would be comfortable and cheap. The best time to visit in May and June. If you stay for weeks, even it won’t be sufficient to visit all the beautiful sights and buildings of Madrid. Madrid is one of the best destinations for the first time travelers.

Scotland, United Kingdom

destinations for the first time travelers- Scotland

Scotland is the land of mountains and hills and considered as one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Locals of Scotland are very friendly and welcoming. You won’t face any hurdle to reach your desired destination in Scotland while you visit there. To get around in Scotland you will easily get cabs, buses, and trains on reasonable fares.

Preferred time to go to Scotland in June and July when days are of longer duration. You will find splendid scenic views of the mountains and hills. There are many castles, museums, parks and other activities to do like climbing, hiking and walking which you’d love to do during your first-time visit.

Ecuador, South America

destinations for the first time travelers- Eduador

Located on South America’s west coast, Ecuador is considered as the most biodiverse country in the world. Ecuador has the huge variety of different species of birds and wildlife. This country has everything which a traveler desires for and above of all traveling in Ecuador is so easy and comfy.

The magnificent landscapes of Ecuador offer you to enjoy various activities like hiking, horse-riding, climbing and much more. The entire country is filled with appealing sights and fresh seafood. The climate remains wetter and drier so the recommended time to visit is from July to November when there are fewer chances of rains. There are many destinations for the first time travelers in South America but the best destinations for the first time travelers in Ecuador.

Key West, Florida

destinations for the first time travelers- Key-west

Key West is understood for warm beaches and freaky locals. It is one amongst the most distinctive places in the United States notable for its live-and-let-live perspective. Looking the sunset at Mallory square would be the foremost outstanding sight of your entire visit.

You can visit a bunch of historic attractions by using convenient public transportation. Key West travel season is winter and spring when the weather is dry and calm. Key West’s dining is exclusive and casual and you may get delicious seafood. Some areas of Key West are ideal to be explored on foot.

Sydney, Australia

destinations for the first time travelers- Sydney

Sydney welcomes millions of visitors every year who want to visit here again and again. Due to its brilliant sights and mesmerizing views, it always remains on the top of every traveler’s bucket list. If you are planning to visit a destination other than your native country, then Sydney is a smart choice.

You will find amazing beaches with plenty of activities to do at Sydney’s BridgeClimb Express. Locals of Sydney often visit Harbour Bridge as well as the visitors. You will find everything in Sydney which you would imagine for a dream vacation. The most accurate time to visit is September to November when the climate is at its best.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

destinations for the first time travelers- Dubai

Dubai may be a place like nowhere else on the globe. Being the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is a must see and ideal attraction in Dubai. For any voyager, there’s way more to Dubai than designer boutiques and five-star hotels. Looking up at the Burj Khalifa is awesome and therefore the views looking down are even additional unbelievable. Get the best hiking boots for a hiking trip.

There is a traveler tax of 20 AED paid per person each night you reside the hotel. The weather will get very hot and wet throughout the summer months so the best time to go to Dubai in October to April. Traffic is way lighter on the weekends and weekend days are Friday and Saturday. Dubai contains an inexpensive and simple to use metro system. In United Arab Emirate the best destinations for the first time travelers to Dubai.

Costa Rica, Central America

destinations for the first time travelers- Costa rica

If you are water lover or you want to go to the calmest and soothing place filled with natural beauty, then Costa Rica is the great option. The entire country includes environmental attractions, breathtaking volcanic views, and stunning valleys. You do not need to buy water bottles as you will get clean tap water throughout the area. Moving around is a bit hard roads are inaccessible during rains and there are more chances of flood.

The government of Costa Rica is quite concerned for its tourists and always tries to provide maximum facilities to the visitors. Beware of the wildlife when you move around. To get rid of any hurdles check weather conditions before you plan to move around the country. Costa Rica being most visited travel destination offers the best time to go from December to February with fewer rains.

Montreal, Canada

destinations for the first time travelers- Montreal

Montreal is an island town that favors vogue and magnificence over order or even prosperity, a town wherever history and present indulge on one another daily. It is wealthy in history, offers superb looking, nice food at each corner and a few of the most effective museums in Canada. Summers in the city are humid sunny and infrequently wet and are thinking about the best time to visit.

Parking is pricey and not continually simple to search out thus try and move around using public transport. Vieux-Montréal and the Vieux-Port, Mount Royal, Place Des Arts, The Vibrant plateau and Mile end neighborhoods, St. Joseph’s speech and Notre-Dame Basilica are places that should never be missed during your first-time visit. In Canada, it is the best destinations for the first time travelers.

Mexico, North America

destinations for the first time travelers- Mexico City

Mexico is one of the top tourist attractions, for first-time visitors Mexico is a good choice recommended by most famous voyagers. It has many historical sites, museums, seaside activities and amazing nightlife. Mexican food is so appealing even if you buy from a food stall.

 During your visit be alert to the street crimes, snatching, and robbery. The ideal time to plan your first trip to Mexico in November. Teotihuacan, Tula, and Guadalajara are the worth-visiting areas of Mexico. If you want to go shopping, then you will find amazing markets in Oaxaca. The local transport system is cheap and reasonable fares attract the tourists but streets of Mexico needs to be explored on foot.

Bangkok, Thailand

destinations for the first time travelers- Bangkok

Bangkok attains other names as the city of angels and Venice of the East. You’ll be able to treat yourself while not overspending at boutiques and markets. The city may be a spellbinding mix of past and recent. This beautiful place welcomes countless guests each year. You can use public transportation to avoid wasting cash. Must visit the Grand Palace of Bangkok and Wat Po during your first time trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok may be a large and trendy town buzzing with nightlife and fervor. Another superb place of the town includes Bangkok Sky Restaurant with high-priced however you may relish the breath-taking view of the town. December is the best time to explore the city. There are many destinations for the first time travelers but Bangkok is the most favorite place.

Hope the article would be a great help for the first time travelers who are unable to decide the places for their first visit.


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