Dubai Travel Guide: Visa Requirements, Tickets, Hotels, Attractions and More

Dubai travel guide


 Dubai is the city of United Arab Emirates and is located on the Persian Gulf Coast.

Dubai travel guide

Why visit Dubai?

dubai travel guide

Dubai travel guide will list some reasons to visit Dubai like shopping, modern architecture, warm weather, artificial islands, and luxuries. Dubai is one of the safest cities in UAE. It is the land of both deserts and beaches and city of ambitions. From hotels to malls and malls to parks and much more, you see a quick life is the specialty of this city. Dubai has the most amazing skylines in the world. The modern art, multi-cultural people live in Dubai. The city knows how to celebrate New year with fireworks, so these are some of the reasons one should visit Dubai. Don’t miss to visit Abu Dhabi too.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai- Burj Al Arab

Visa for Dubai


Dubai is a must to go especially if you are fond of traveling and Dubai travel guide will tell how to get the visa. According to the city’s law,  before visiting UAE you have to apply for a visa. For some countries, you get an advance visa and some get a visa on arrival. GCC citizens do not require a visa and almost there are 33 other countries which do not require a visa and they get visa 30 days visa on their arrival in Dubai which is free of cost. Visas depend on the duration of your stay. Normally 14 days, a month and 3 months visas are valid.

Dubai travel guide- visa

These are so requirements for applying for the visa. First of all its important that what is the nationality and the main purpose for traveling to Dubai. Some countries including Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Hungary and some others don’t need advance visa requirements and they can just obtain the visa on arrival of 90 days. Some key points to get the visa for Dubai is:

  • You have to fill the visa application form. Fill it online or have a print of it.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • Submit the form to the local consulate.
  • The documents are then checked and the visa is handed over to you in some time.

Ticket and price

Dubai travel guide- ticket

The ticket price depends on the airline and from which country you are traveling. Dubai travel guide is also covering the tickets information for you. Emirates is one of the world’s best airline in Dubai which give a lot of facilities to its passengers. Prices of an economy and business class vary. Normally Emirates return ticket from Dubai cost $400-500. Sometimes the fares vary a bit.


Dubai travel guide- Weather

Weather is normally warm and moderate and it can be a great break for European people who mostly live in cold places throughout the year. People enjoy beach sides and Cornishes in weather. Once in a blue moon, you can also enjoy rain in Dubai if you are lucky enough. Summers are extremely hot, windy and humid. The average temperature is 41 degrees Celsius. January is the coolest month and August is the hottest. Highest recorded temperature is 52 degrees Celsius.

Hotels and Restaurants

Dubai travel guide- restuarants

Accommodation is no problem in the city because it has the many restaurants and hotels for the tourists. The residence is a bit expensive in UAE for most of the people. Dubai has the world’s finest hotels, resorts, and restaurants. You can live in villas and hotels as per your budget and mode. Dubai has underwater hotels as well. Online bookings are also available to avoid any unpleasant situation. Sheraton, Grosvenor and Hilton etc. are good places to live.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

The hotel is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road is a luxurious hotel with the spacious rooms. It has the free parking, non-smoking rooms, pools room service and the wi-fi is also available. Airport transportation is also available with this hotel. Online bookings are also available for this hotel and most people have reviews good about this hotel so you can have your stay here. The contact number is 00 1 844-631-0595. You can also visit their website for the prices and other details.

Citymax Al Barsha

The hotel is located in Al Barsha Business District, behind Mall of Emirates. The hotel has the reasonable prices and offers the deals too. It has wide accommodation, wi-fi, none smoking rooms, free parking, Breakfast buffet and much more.

Nassima Royal Hotel

It is another luxurious in Dubai located at Trade Center District Sheikh Zayed Road. Some deals are available on the online booking for some websites like It includes many comforts like wi-fi availability, free parking, breakfast buffet and some others. Here is the number of the hotel to contact them 00 971 4 308 0000.

Attractions of Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important cities of GCC and it is famous because of its beautiful sites. Dubai travel guide includes some mighty buildings which are worth to visit. The city has an amazing architecture which can be seen in buildings, malls, parks and many other places and a lot of attractions. It also has lively nightlife scene, Islands, palms, water parks and animal parks. There are some major attractions of Dubai like the skyscraper ‘BURJ KHALIFA’ which is 830 meters tall tower is located and costs 150 billion US dollars. Burj al Arab is the most luxury hotel in the world which is considered as the world’s only 7-star hotel.

Dubai Travel Guide- attractions

The Ultra architecture is the unique and amazing interior of this modern hotel is simply marvelous. Palm Jumeirah, Grand mosque, Safari Deserts, beaches, Dubai Marina, skydiving, sea visits, Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek golf, helicopters and balloon tours, Cultural theme tours and theme parks, the miracle garden, Dubai Mall, Fountain dance, dolphin shows, Global village, Atlantis, Cruises, underwater zoo and top of Burj Khalifa are some major attractions of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai- palm jumeirah

This is the artificial archipelago in Dubai. It is located in the Jumeirah coastal area. This was designed by Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects. Palm Jumeirah is the must-see place if you are in Dubai for a visit.

Burj Khalifa 

Dubai- Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the sky scrapper of Dubai due to its height. It has 163 floors with the height of 828 meters. It is lighted with different colors on different events and festivals and it looks beautiful.


Dubai travel Guide- festivals

Dubai travel guide includes the list of important festivals as well. Shopping festivals, Business Expos, Food festivals, Entertainment festivals, Media and Sports festivals are important festivals and Dubai deals and generate revenue. Women usually wear hijab and men prefer Qandoras. Health care and education festivals are also notable things in Dubai. Another very famous festival is Tommorowland in Dubai.


Dubai travel guide includes the most favorite thing of people that are shopping. If shopping is the only purpose then you shouldn’t visit Dubai for this sole purpose but if you are already in Dubai then you shouldn’t miss it out. The stores are same like everywhere, brands are almost same but the experience is always incredible.

Dynamic Atmosphere of Dubai

Dubai is now considered as a hub and meeting place for the businessmen and travelers. More than 150 nationalities are living in Dubai and if you visit Dubai you ‘ll see people from all walks of life and every corner of the world here because of this diversity Dubai has now dynamic atmosphere. Dubai hosts many major Golf tournaments as well. Dubai is also going to hold World Expo 2020.

People of Dubai

People of Dubai love hospitality and they love to welcome every new person in their country.The sweets are present for people entering in Dubai as a gesture of love and hospitality. They are always crazy to welcome basically the native people and religion of most of the natives is Islam.

Dubai travel guide- people

Hope this Dubai travel guide was helpful for you to know about the things which should be listed for the Dubai trip.

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