Email marketing - Best Practices to get the most out of Email Marketing


Email is a way of communicating i.e. exchanging messages through digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Besides simple communication, email has some great facilities because of which it has become the most valuable service that the internet provides.

email marketing

E-mail Marketing:

Marketing has been around for decades now and E-mail marketing is one of its major branches. Email marketing is an inexpensive yet valuable way to make more people aware of your brand. It allows them to access their past customers, introduce themselves to future ones and also provide people with great offers. Email marketing also helps to build a firm relationship with a customer. Writing effective content is only one side of the coin – there are certain Do’s and Don’ts when interacting with people via email. It’s important to make sure that you’re sending relevant emails to people and it’s a big NO NO to spamming. Keeping these things in mind can help you create effective email campaigns.

email marketing


Types of Email Marketing:

types of email marketing

  1. Sales generating emails:

As the name suggests, these kinds of emails are intentionally made just for increasing a company’s sales either by making non-existing members or users to paying customer or by making an existing user to make an additional purchase.

  1. Customer loyalty or brand emails:

These type of emails have nothing to do with the sales, these are jest meant to keep a customer. For example, receiving a Happy Birthday card with a nice greeting and some discount offer from a company on your birthday just because you have been their active customer or have done business with them. The purpose is to keep your product in the mind of your customers so that they may feel like there is a strong relationship building between them and your company. These emails may not have immediate results but surely the future will reward you.

  1. Customer Retention emails:

After gaining customers it’s time to keep them so that they keep purchasing your products or keep visiting your site. Retention emails just do that. These emails are used to keep your customers for a long period of time.

  1. Customer Win-Back emails:

These emails are meant to win back customers that were once your customers or users but abandoned your service, product or website due to some reason. These emails include information that can make your customer take your service once again. For example discount in a payment or bill so that customer will be happy and will want to come back.

Best Practices to get most out of Email Marketing:

Here are some of the best email practices or strategies that can boost up your business.

best practices of email marketing


  1. Create an absolute club:

Generating excitement for your product or service is a great way to gain more sales from your customers. Make your customers feel special so that they know there’s a special bond building up.

For example, when Apple launches a new product it sends emails to its subscribers that are subtle and exciting at the same time. It increases their sales way more than it would have been without emails.

Within 3 days of iPhone 6 launch, Apple made 10 million iPhone sales.

email marketing apple iphone


2. Show that you Care:

Show your customers that you care about them. Make them feel comfortable by having conversations and by giving them some special offer. For example, Squarespace gives its customers a special offer of an extended trial, which makes them want to upgrade to the product.

squarespace email marketing

3. Give Social Proof:

Use Social Proof to gain the trust of your customers. Social proofs can be of different types from a simple post to Rating & Reviews and beyond.

Here’s are examples of a social proof that can gain customers trust.

mail marketing review strategy


email marketing strategy

4. Tell users what to do next:

By telling your customers what to do next can also give you benefits of many kinds. Fr example, Dropbox tells their users to sign in or sign up to an email so that users can easily click on that button and go to their site rather than entering site link by themselves.

dropbox email marketing

5. Use Referral codes:

Using Referral codes in your emails is one way of converting your emails into a sales opportunity. According to ReferralCandy, 83% of the customers are willing to buy a product whereas, only 29% actually do make a purchase.But if you can motivate them it can give you a great benefit because 92% of the customers love codes over ads.

uber email marketing

6. Use Buttons:

The simplest email marketing advice is: Use buttons in your emails.

They can really boost up your sales because the willing user will be just a click away from your product. Campaign monitor got an increase of 28% on click-through by just using buttons in emails.

Vimeo has a great email structure with buttons.

vimeo email marketing

7. Tap into Social Trends and Current Events:

Time is free but it’s priceless, you can’t own it but can use it.

Tapping into current events and trends you can encourage your users to click on your offers. For example, Gazelle always uses the opportunity whenever an iPhone launches by sending emails to its customers about upgrading their current devices.

email marketing example

8. Use 1-2-3 Method:

1-2-3 method is simple and helps people who know what to write but don’t know how to write. This method involves writing 3 steps that you want your user to do next. The 3 points must be crystal clear avoiding any type of confusion on anxiety and should provide an obvious path.

123 email marketing method

9. Say Thanks:

If you’re grateful to your customers than it’s a great idea to tell them. Your email doesn’t have to be entirely a Thanks card, but just hearing a good thank you can make your customers like you even more and as a result, you get to keep more customers.

email marketing thanks


10. Use the Inverted Pyramid Method:

Highly focused emails don’t rely on design, images or content. They rely on timing, clarity, and tone. If you want to make your emails highly focuses you should follow inverted pyramid method to gain more attention.

email marketing inverted pyramid

Nike uses this practice and has a worldwide reputation.

nike email marketing example


If you want to read some more interesting practices, head over to this site.


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