Europe Trip- Get to Know About the Things

Whenever I travel somewhere, my biggest wish is to save money. Travelling has a lot of expenses and I always wish to make a budget but failed most of the times and I am pretty sure that you guys have the same issue as well. For Europe trip, I found out many ways to save money for a luxurious trip. Also, there are many ways to travel cheap in Europe. Enjoy the economy trip.
Here are the few tips that you guys will surely like 😉

Don’t plan a Europe trip in summer

It is actually a peak season for the visitors. Every hotel is fully booked and every placed is highly rushed. You will find everything to be very expensive and will uncomfortable of course. Instead, plan your Europe trip in offseason. You will find 40% discounts on hotels and can even get a better deal. Miami is the beautiful place in Florida. Don’t miss the interesting things to do in Miami.

Use local transport or even walk

Europe Trip - local trip

Try to walk as much as you can it is, of course, a healthy and active and you can save a lot of money as well. Or try to use local transport or taxis. These are much economical and also you will enjoy it as I did:).

Do as the locals do

You can go to the pub and join local workers there for happy hours. You can watch TV there, socialize with other people and it is the best way to get to know about them. Secondly, keep your eyes open, there are a lot of open festivals there.

Try to catch them and attend that festival while having your Europe trip. It will provide you an insight into how people are living and leading their lives there. all these activities will make you enjoy without spending too much money.

Go slow and cheap

Try to go from trains or use bikes for traveling. it is fun traveling like this and of course, it is a cost-cutting way. If you need to travel from hungry to Poland then prefer to go via train.

Take the right train in Europe travel

europe travel

The best way to save time and money during your Euro trip is to travel through the perfect train. There are sleeper trains between different cities in Europe which are really comfortable and nice. There are also various discounts which they offer frequently.

Travel with your friend or partner

europe trip

Europe trip is not solo travel-friendly as it should be in 21 century. The room cost in hotels for a single room is quiet enough and the rooms are so basic whereas the room cost for double is almost same as the cost of single room and the rooms are also well. So I would recommend travel with your partner because it is more economical.

Fly with low-cost airlines

We should be thankful to the low-cost airlines traveling across Europe. These were actually inspired by east jet and Ryanair which is traveling across Europe at such low rates. Even their hidden charges like the charges of luggage checking etc are also very reasonable. If you are planning your Europe trip then go for advance booking for reasonable rates.

Solo travel across Europe in the budget

You should try Busabout. It is alternate of Interrail. As it offers hip on off bus pass which offers a lot of ease and flexibilities. It is also a good chance to get in touch with your solo traveling partners.

Prefer to ridesharing in Europe trip

There are several companies including BlaBlacar and which are offering you rent a car to travel across Europe. Many people are sharing the long distance rides on a monthly basis obviously for the sake of cost-cutting.

Don’t withdraw money in abroad from ATM

europe trip

You will get a very low exchange rate in Europe and also money will be deducted from your account on every withdraw.

Don’t buy travel currency at the airport

Don’t leave before buying travel currency because buying travel currency from the airport will piss you off. so I will recommend you not to buy travel currency from the airport.

Try a hostel if you are traveling with family

Apartments are the obviously good place to stay but if you are looking for something cheap, then try to stay at hostels. Family-friendly hostels are trending across Europe.
Rome in August
Rates for food and accommodation start getting cheaper in August. I would recommend your Euro trip in August for money saving

Rent an apartment

rent an appartment

I had my Europe trip for almost a month and I preferred to rent an apartment for me with my friends. It was really cheap and I never felt lonely. I would recommend HomeAway and House Trip. Live in an apartment, buy grocery from the market and cook food yourself. It is more economical. Europe Trip for couples can be in the budget if they rent an apartment for themselves.

Stay away from the city center

While you are on your Europe trip, you will get many reasonable and cheap hotels other than the major European cities. They offer luxurious rooms at a very low price. There are many small cities which are equally beautiful to the big cities. Don’t miss a chance to visit these often ignored cities in Europe.

Sleep cheap and spend your money on something really cool

Don’t spend your money on staying in expensive hotels and traveling in luxurious cars. It is just worthless. Try to stay in cheap hotels and spend your money on shopping and exploring new places.

Shop locally

europe trip

Buy your grocery from the farmer market when you are on the Europe trip. This is where you get the best deals. If you don’t know the shops then ask the receptionist or waiter of the hotel. They know the places where you can get cheap stuff and easy to bargain.

Menu Del Dia

menu del dia

In Spain, the cheap way to dine out is to order Menu Del Dia. It is the fixed price cheap food in which they offer the main course with dessert and coffee. Food is really tasty and nice.

Free Tapas in Spain

free tapas

This tradition is dying out in Spain. On searching hard you will find few bars that are serving Tapas. Tapas is a small dish serving free bear with it. It is the Europe tourist attraction. Best cities to enjoy Tapas are Lean, Salamanca, and Granada. You can get free Tapas in at least 10 cities of Spain. It is one of the best things to enjoy in Spain.

Drink coffee at a bar in Italy


Who doesn’t love coffee? If you are a real coffee lover and need a quick coffee in Italy, go to the bar and ask for the coffee. Stand there and drink the coffee because sitting down can increase the price. This is one of the best things to do on your Europe trip. Check the list of top international food and enjoy it while traveling.

Try a free walking tour


Well, I am not a fan of walking tours but there are travelers who love walking so I must say that try it on your own. I am not recommending it to you as I don’t prefer walking tours. Sandeman’s New Europe arranges the free walking tours of big European cities.

Cook By Yourselves

Holiday rentals have a big advantage that they have large kitchens where you can cook food yourself. Cooking can be great fun if you are traveling with family or friends. It will make your journey more interesting and decrease your cost as well. Europe trip for couples could be more fun if they cook themselves at these holiday rentals.

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