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Express Sweepstakes is a hub for all the customer satisfaction surveys you can take part to win exciting prizes and cash rewards just by answering simple few questions.


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What Are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys or Guest Experience Surveys are designed by the company management in order to have detailed feedback of their Restaurant / Store or their products and services.

The point of view of the general public is important for any business. This helps the businesses to grow and improve their quality of product according to the requirements of their customers.

So they can further take actions to make stronger customer satisfaction and loyalty and expand the customer base.

The Feedback Surveys are a great source for the companies to highlight the major and minor operational areas that need improvements which otherwise never come up at front.

The best thing companies can do is to conduct a Customer satisfaction survey and offer a free reward for every person who takes a survey.

This is a great chance for you to get free meals and stuff from your favorite restaurants and stores.

The rewards are not just limited to small instant win prizes and discount coupons.

Some companies give the weekly or monthly lucky draw of a grand prize that might include a trip to your favorite destination or a cash reward that might actually change your life.

Here at Express Blogger, we aim to provide all the information which you need to know to win these rewards. We have compiled together a list of some of the best Giveaways surveys and instant win sweepstakes that you can enter every day.

Best Part about taking Daily Entry Surveys

Daily entry means you get to win daily rewards. The best part is that for most of the surveys, you don’t have to spend a single penny to participate.


So don’t waste time! Just fill out a simple Customer satisfaction questionnaire and get a chance to enter in the sweepstakes.

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Top Surveys to Take Part Now

Here is the List of the Best and the top Survey Sweepstakes that you can take part any time in 2019.

Survey SweepsSurvey Rewards
KrogerFeedback - Kroger Feedback SurveyWIN $5,000 Gift card, Kroger Digital Coupons, 50 Kroger Fuel Points
MyBKExperience - Burger King SurveyWIN Free Whooper and a Sandwich
Panda Express Surevy - Code
TalktoWendys - Wendys SurveyDiscount Coupon Code & Free Bogo Sandwich
KohlsListens - Kohls Survey10% Discount Card
MCDVoice - Mcdonads SurveyMcdonald coupon code to redeem a Macdonald meal
MyKFCExperience - KFC SurveyKFC Coupon for FREE Promotional meal
Tellthebell - Taco Bell Survey$500 Cash Prize and Sweeps
DQfanSurvey - Dairy Queen SurveyFree Dilly Bar
Walgreenslistens - Wallgreens Survey$3000 Cash Rewards & Sweepstakes
MyCFAVisit - Chick Fil A SurveyFree Chick Fil-A Chicken Sandwich
DGCustomerFirst - Dollar General Survey$1000 gift cards
CrackerBarrel-Survey Rocking Chair $100 Gift Card
Family Fare Survey $100 gift card
Feedback4OldNavy - Old Navy Feedback Survey 10% Discounted coupon

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

For a free discount Voucher or a meal at your favorite restaurant, these Customer satisfaction Survey questions are easy and hardly take 3 – 4 minutes to fill out.

Mostly the Customer feedback survey questionnaires are designed in a way that you can easily rate your experience from a scale of 1 – 10.

What Kind of Questions will be Asked

In general, these questions are related to guest experience at the restaurant or store.

Commonly you will be asked about:

  • Environment
  • Cleanliness
  • The accuracy of the Order
  • You overall satisfaction level
  • Employees behavior
  • Quality of the Product or Service
  • Catering
  • Delivery
  • Taste
  • Suggestions

Survey Questions

Customer satisfaction questionnaire will ensure to cover all bases and collect the data need for analyzing.

Different types of questions are asked in the customer satisfaction surveys such as:

  • Were you satisfied with your visit today?
  • Would you suggest us to a friend or family member?
  • Did our product/service satisfy your expectations?
  • Would you like to buy from us again?
  • How likely are you going to recommend us on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • How satisfied were you with your visit today on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Is it easy to find what you were looking for? Answers ranging from very difficult to very easy.
  • Which of our products/services have you purchased from us in the past?
  • Which of our products/services are you most interested in?
  • What can we do to improve better?
  • How likely would you tell our product/service to a friend, family member or colleague?
  • Do you have any recommendations on how we could improve our website/product/service/customer service?

Personal Information asked In these Surveys

After you complete the Customer feedback survey, You might be asked to enter some of your personal information like:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Contact Number
  • Email id
  • Address

Feel free to enter your personal information as these companies keep your information confidential.

This information is not used for any marketing purpose or sold to any third party. The information is only asked to keep the track how many entries are being done by an individual.

In other words, More entries you make, more chances you will get to win the Grand Prize!

Download the List of all the Free Entry Customer Surveys Now and start sweeping free stuff for your self and your friends.

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