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Scientist researched on Eye diseases and Brain disorders, they came to know that exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. The Light is made up of electromagnetic particles that travel in Waves. These waves emit energy and range in length and strength. The shorter the wavelength; the higher the energy. Visible light is that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is seen as colors: blue, green, yellow, violet, indigo, orange, and red. Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy.

Effect of Blue Light - Eye Protection Apps

Blue light can help elevate your mood and boost awareness, but chronic exposure to blue light at night can lower the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep and disrupts your circadian rhythm. So it’s recommended to use Blue light Filters and Apps to save your Eyes from Harmful effects of Blue.

Windows, as well as Android both Operating systems, have introduced various eye protection apps. Studies have shown that the visible short-wavelength blue light can cause serious damage to the eyes. Staring at the screen for a long period of time will lead to eye strain, and to some extent, retina damage. Night Mode softens the glare and reduces eye strain, thus protecting your eyes. Select the desired level of protection in eye Protection Apps to adjust the strength of the blue light filter. The screen display will be adjusted accordingly.

Note: This function is only supplementary to good eye health habits.

Let’s start with Android eye protection apps.

Top 5 Android Eye Protection Apps

Android users started demanding Night Shift feature as Google Android does not have it as a built-in function. Many third parties helped to keep screen warmer at night. Then Android itself designed some eye protection apps. Nowadays Android phones have a lot of built-in features, but if your phone doesn’t have eye protection feature, you can try these apps.


This one of the eye protection apps gives all the ads free function of night filter. We can control the black, blue, yellow and red light with a round slider interface. With play button, you can preview changes after you have adjusted the color.

We can also schedule the start and stop timing of the filter just like other filtering applications. Other apps have a function that filter automatically changes with sunrise and sunset location but this application doesn’t have this feature.

MidNight - Eye Protection Apps


This app for eye protection has a unique feature that it can detect the ambient light which dims the screen in dark environment. The application uses the notification center to manually dim the screen. From there we can also keep the custom filters and change the brightness.

Night Screen

Night screen app for eye protection is not as efficient as midnight. This application is easy to use. Its blue light filter is built in this application. With just one tap we can increase or decrease the brightness and blue light. The working of this app is Best as reported by its users.

Night Screen - Eye Protection Apps


In this eye protection app, there is an issue that by accidentally touching screen become too dark and it can be recovered only by restarting the device. This application has a lifesaver function that is shaken to restore function if you accidentally set the screen wrong, you just need to shake your phone to undo.

Dimly - Eye Protection Apps

When you tap the app, dimly shows the slider just like night screen. You can even turn blue light off if you need full dimming. By paying extra 1.99$ dimly removes the ads and let us schedule the activation.


You can say that Twilight is one of the must-have eye protection apps for android users. It is really close to flux without even forcing you to root the device you can control color level’ intensity and temperature. Particularly it doesn’t have a blue light filter. It has adequate control level for most users. You can activate the screen dimming from notification center like most of the applications.

Twilight - Eye Protection Apps

Twilight adds the extra controls. From settings, you can exclude the apps from dimming. By paying 2.99$ you get the pro version and it lets you set different profiles. By this pro version, you can control the dimming after sunset.

My EyeCare

It is one of the easiest eye protection apps. You got a simple slider for filtering blue light. You just need to command from notification center whenever you want filtering. This app has no customized color levels.

My EyeCare - Eye Protection Apps

If you are read a lot, they have eye strain function to remind you to take the breath. So this application is perfect for night reading.

Top 5 Windows Eye Protection Apps

Here are few worthy applications for eye protection


It is a free app for eye protection for windows user. It reminds you to take a break without getting annoyed. As well as It helps you to become aware of the time you spent on your laptop by playing a soft Tibetan musical sound.

Awareness - Eye Protection Apps

It also displays for how long you have used your computer on display bar. This app for eye protection does not force you to stop using your laptop or computer but remind you that you should give rest to your eyes.


This eye protection app adjusts the brightness on your screen according to the brightness level in the room or surrounding and tints as well. It adapts the temperature of the room at daytime and dims at night so that it makes you feel sleepy earlier.

F.Lux - Eye Protection Apps

If you are using your laptop or PC for late at night you should use f.lux it let you sleep better and comfortable. It is an easy install app for windows and runs on many operating systems.

Eye pro

It is a windows app that reduces the eye strain. It also keeps your eyes moisturized. This app for eye protection let you blink more while using computing to keep the moisture balanced in your eyes. It insists you rest your eyes and keep moisturized.

Eye Pro- Eye Protection Apps

It includes several features including for how long you need to take break after how much time. This app for eye protection also notifies you before taking a break. It shows tips for eye protection and notifies you with a sound.

Protect your vision

It is one of the most popular apps for eye protection. You can set the broken plan by the customized settings. 20-20-20 is commonly used plan by many beeps when it’s time for your eyes to take rest after constantly using your laptop or PC and it temporary black out your screen for few minutes.

Protect Your Vision - Eye Protection Apps

Sometimes it is disturbing when you are doing some important work but you can stop the screen from blackout from the settings. You can even override the blackout time. This application also suggests you eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy, fresh and active.

Pango Bright

Pango bright is one of the simple eye protection apps that adjusts the brightness of your screen. We switch on our laptop in many different environments like the room, office, club, theaters etc and in that case, sometimes screen brightness seems disturbing so in that cases, Pango bright adjusts the brightness level according to the lighting in your environment.

PangoBright - Eye Protection Apps

It requires no installation and appears as an icon on your device. When you click on the icon it reveals the brightness options ranging from 20 to 100. Pango bright is a very lightweight application that you will not even know about it until you use this application. It is no doubt the clever app for windows laptops or PC.

Nearly 70% of adults who report regular usage of media devices experienced some symptoms of digital eye strain, but many did nothing to lessen their discomfort mainly due to lack of knowledge. Try these apps to save your Precious Eyes.

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