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Flores Island

Flores island Indonesia actually is named after “flowers” but there you will see no tulips no roses nothing. In fact, many people visit this island to sit next to Lombok for the underwater vista as it is said to be one of the best places for diving. There you can expect Pristine sand, crystal clear water, and a large number of underwater creatures. These underwater creatures are called Flore homes. It includes sharks rays and turtles.

Many visitors in Indonesia do not visit islands but if you have time then you should visit the Flores island. I am sure you wonโ€™t regret as I didnโ€™t. There are many diving opportunities there and you can also spend time there at multi-hued lakes and national park and it is also the home of a fierce dragon. On Flores island either you explore land or sea, you will definitely enjoy it ;).

Komodo Island

flores island- komodo island

It is home to the National park and the most famous spot on Flores Island. This park is known for its fierce creatures called Komodo dragons. These Komodo dragons are actually the large form of lizards that look like dragons.
When I took my tour to Komodo island I took a guide along with me. You need a guide with you because he will guide you the places there so you may not lose. Secondly, he will guide you to keep yourself distant from these Komodo dragons because there is a toxic saliva dripping from their jaws that can be harmful to you in case they bite.

Love the Lakes of Kelimutu

flores island- lakes of Kelimutu

This is actually a volcano and one of the star attraction here. The reason people come to Kelimutu is the three crater lakes that settle inside the mountains and each one sparkles with its own color. The colors of the lake are blue, red, and yellow. The difference in colors is due to the gas bubbles under the surface. Here visitors come and hike up to the lake and you can even camp here to see the lovely sunrise over the rim. Check out the bluest water in the world.

Try Trekking on Padar Island

flores island- trekking on Padar island

If you are in Flores Island then trip to Padar is a must for you as it is worth visiting a place. Padar island steals the limelight of Flores. There are three beautiful beaches on Padar island and they are pink, black, and white in color. From neighboring Labuan Bajo, you can easily get to Padar island and you can trek on the variety of trails.
You should plan to go in the morning and go trekking and make your way down to the beach for swimming. You will definitely enjoy it.

Marvel at the spider web field of Cancar

Spider web in flores island

Flores is famous for fields which are not actually the fields but the rice paddies. These fields in Flores island Indonesia are called spider web field or lingko as the rice paddies are arranged like a spider web. Each part of the web is assigned to the different family depending upon their status of wealth.
As these fields are out of the countryside, if you want to visit them then the best way is to rent a driver and go with him, who know this place very well.

Go to the water on Kanawa Island

flores island- kanawa island

It is located near the coast of Labuan Bajo. If you like diving then it is the underwater paradise.
There is a good chance that you will find here the sharks, turtles, and rays. You will also find colorful reefs as well.
This island is perfect for those who need a space for the crowd and need to spend some time in nature.

Dive in Komodo National Park

flores island- dive at komodo park

This park is so much known for the Komodo dragons that most people donโ€™t know that you can also visit here for diving and snorkeling.
This place is known for seasonal divers, not the beginners.

Take photographs at blue stone beach

flores island- blue stone beach

Penggajawa beach is also known as the blue stone beach. You may hear that this beach is also known as a green stone beach. This beach is not made of sand but it is made up of blue and green stones. It is strange but beautiful phenomena.
This is such a beautiful place that you can get peace of mind and enjoy the lovely scenery. Donโ€™t forget to take photos here. Although this is not the beach for sunbathing so if you want to chill on sand than you should go to some other beach.

Explore the Bidadari Island

flores island- bidadari island

This island makes the wonderful day trip to Flores. It is a small yet lovely Island, reef sitting near the shore makes the best diving and snorkeling point.
While swimming you will see hundreds of fish, sea snakes and octopus. If you want to spend a night, there are also good resorts on this Island.

Enjoy the Cacci dance

flores island- cacci dance

People are west of Flores are known as Manggarai people. They have wealth of traditions and celebration. It is something really exciting to see such an enrich traditional Island.
This traditional dance is accompanied by drum beating. You will see some violent attacks as well but donโ€™t worry, this is not a serious fight but the dance steps.
You can see this dance in their local village. Try to hire a local guide to best explore this place.

Go Trekking to Woe Rebo

flores island- treking to woe rebo

Flores point of interest is to go to this place is to visit the local village inhabited by Manggarai
Trekking stretch over 10 km and it will take you through the exciting jungle and crazy cliffs.

You will also see lovely waterfalls so you should stop there and enjoy the waterfall.
Once you get to the village, you will see how these local villagers live. You can enjoy there tasty food and music. You should spend a night there in their round huts in a traditional way.

Explore the hobbit cave

flores island- hobbit cave

This cave is also known as Ling Bua in Indonesia. It is almost half an hour away from Ruteng in Flores Island. Flores Island hobbit was found in 2003 and it is set in the large cave complex. It is known as hobbit cave because it contains small human skeletons which are said to be 18000 years old. There is a museum next to this cave which explains the history and archaeology of this cave.

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