Checkout the Mouthwatering List of Tasty Food in Georgia.

Food in Georgia Food in Georgia

While traveling food is a very important part, so that’s why we write about it a lot. And sometimes my only reason to travel is food. A foodie can’t resist trying a variety of food as I am. For instance, there is a pomegranate named restaurant in San Diego which serves Georgian and Russian cuisine. I just loved the Georgian dishes I tried and it makes a desire for me to visit the country that makes such yummy dishes. Georgian cuisine is so different from any other cuisine I’ve ever tried. There are many unique and traditional Georgian dishes and you have to try all unique and yummy food in Georgia when you visit there.

Puri (Georgian Bread)


Food in Georgia starts with the bread which is an essential component of the food. Georgian bread is much special and worth trying. Georgian bread is baked in huge baking ovens named Tones. These baking ovens are made of clay and shaped like a clay pot from the top. Sides of the oven are heated by the burning fire inside the Tone. The dough is divided into sections and slapped inside the walls of tones for baking. Shotis puri is famous Georgian bread because of its pointy ends and oblong shape.

Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread)

food in georgia

Georgian food khachapuri, Georgian cheese pie, and cheese bread is another staple of diet food in Georgia. There is a variety this yummy treat, as they are region’s specification and I really wished to try them all but it was not possible for me to try them all still I tried as much as possible Georgian era food.
Imeruli khachapuri is also its type. It is circular in shape and contains a lot of cheese inside.
Megruli khachapuri is just like Imeruli khachapuri but has cheese and butter inside out.
Acharuli khachapuri is in a boat shape and filled with cheese, butter, and a raw egg. It is served hot and you whisk the cheese and egg with the fork.

I will introduce you guys Georgian khachapuri in spit, khachapuri Sshampurze, where the cheese and dough are wrapped around a skewer and it gets to cook on the barbecue.
Another type of Puri food in Georgia that I didn’t get a chance to try is Gurulikhachapurii. This cheese pie is famous in Guria region. It contains hard boiled eggs inside and it is famous for Christmas.

Nazuki (Georgian spice bread)

food in georgia

Nazuki is super tasty and special Georgian bread which is not available everywhere. It is a specification of town in Surami. As you enter Surami you will see many roadside bakeries there. Nazuki is a cinnamon, fragrant clove and raisin bread that is baked same like other bread stuffed food in Georgia. Each bakery has a stand that is displaying the bread. It is mostly hosted by a women keeper, waiting for the customer to stop. They present fresh baked Nazuki that is worth eating.

Sulguni (cheese)

food in georgia

Sulguni is a Georgian special cheese that is similar to mozzarella cheese in texture. It is salty and packed in pieces so you can easily unwrap them in chunks. This dish is served as an appetizer. It is also used as an ingredient in many tasty foods in Georgia.



Nadugi is an appetizer. It is a fresh cheese mixed with mint and wrapped in cone-shaped very thin layer of cheese. At first, I think it is creeping in cheese rather than with more cheese.


Checkout the Mouthwatering List of Tasty Food in Georgia.

Jonjoli is a traditional Georgian appetizer. It is pickled sprout. They are not appealing to look at but it is good in taste. It is more like salty olives in taste.

Kitris da Pomidvris Salata Nigvzit

(Tomato cucumber salad with walnuts)

Checkout the Mouthwatering List of Tasty Food in Georgia.

They are serving it as an appetizer. A standard salad in Georgia is made with cucumbers and tomatoes. It is similar to Greek salad without cheese. The taste of salad depends on the restaurant you are eating from. My favorite was a salad with walnut dressing. Oh, that is actually so yummy. Walnut dressing is so thick and creamy and of course tasty. Tomatoes are interesting in eating and think of playing with tomatoes in La Tomatina Festival.

Qatmis Salati (Georgian Chicken Salad)

Qatmis Salati

This salad is common in Georgian menu or Florida state recipe. It is a simple salad with chopped chicken, onion, mayonnaise and seasoning.

Salata Olivie (Russian potato salad)

food in georgia

Technically it does not belong to food in Georgia in fact, it Russian dish. As Russia and Georgia, both were the part of the soviet union, so their cuisines are also combined in a way. It is a potato salad with chunks of chicken in it and mayo dressing. They use special Florida state vegetables and it is famous for a new year.
Salata Olivie a popular appetizer among food in Georgia. Thin eggplant slices are cooked until it gets soft and brown then the walnut paste is applied to it and spices are spread over it. It is rolled and served.

Georgian Pkhali board (walnut Salad)

Georgian Pkhali board

It is a selection of different appetizers among food in Georgia. Pkhali is served as a sala and more like an appetizer, spinach Pkhali and beetroot Pkhali are more popular. It can be served with various sauces.

Tolma (stuffed wine leaves)


It is the dish that is made in many countries like Turkey, Armenia, and Greece. A mixture of rice and meat is wrapped in wine or cabbage leaves and topped with mayo garlic sauce.

Khinkali (soup dumplings)


Khinkali is a casual and cheap food in Georgia. It is similar to xiaolongbao but obviously, there are some differences. These are made by flour dumpling wrappers. Each dumpling is folded in suchba way that little flour is handled on top. Hold the dumpling by the handle but handles are not meant to be eaten. These dumplings are dosed with lots of black pepper which gives a wild yummy taste. If your dumpling gets cold while eating then you can ask your waiter to reheat them for you without any hesitation.

Chikhirtma (chicken soup)

food in georgia

It is a brothy chicken soup and it is so tasty that everyone loves it. Their secret ingredients are eggs, flour, and vinegar. It is bit thicker than the standard soup.

Fried potatoes with tkemali sauce

Fried potatoes

It is their common dish. They are serving with sizzling plum sauce.



It is their side dish called beans or Lobia. Onion and herbs are using in its making. Each recipe I tried was little different but so tasty. They serve it in their traditional clay jars.

Chashushushuli (veal stew)

food in georgia

This is one of my favorite food in Georgia. Traditionally Georgians are making it with lamb. we can also eat it with veal. This dish has a layer of flavors including white wine, sour plums, tarragon, and coriander.


food in georgia

It is a traditional Georgian soup. This soup is made with chicken or beef. It can be served with or without rice. I also tried its vegetarian version including zucchini, walnuts, and pomegranate.
Trout with pomegranate sauce. Food is love and everyone loves traveling too so try Best International Food on your trips.
Seafood is not very common food in Georgia. Their popular seafood dish is Trout with pomegranate sauce. Trout is fried whole and served crispy and juicy with this tasty sauce. This delicious food will definitely force you to plan some trip to Georgia and to pack the bags. Take care and enjoy yourselves while traveling.

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