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Free Things To do in London

London is full of attractions, amazing sights to visit and great things for free. As London is the ideal destination spot for tourists from all parts of the world so it offers a lot of things to do for free or even if you are on a budget. Following are the best places to visit and free things to do in London during your stay in London.

Free Art Galleries and Exhibitions

free things to do in London- Art Galleries


When we are talking about free things to do in London you can get amused by visiting some best art exhibitions and beautiful galleries for free. You can explore art at the subsequent places:

  • Royal Institution of nice Great Britain is a company that is dedicated to or scientific education and researchers.
  • It has a working laboratory where the Royal Institution’s scientists can be seen researching their projects. You can visit this for free and observe program of talks and demonstrations.
  • National Gallery is famous for its art by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Gainsborough, Turner and Van Gogh
  • Explore modern art at Chelsea’s palatial Saatchi Gallery.
  • Other worth-visiting galleries and exhibitions of London include The Curve at Barbican Centre, Respected and Protected for rights of children, Tate Modern, Wallace Collection, Open for Discovery, White Cube Gallery, Falling Shawls and Black Sound.

Greenwich Park

free things to do in London- Greenwich Park

This park is one of eight royal parks with an amazing mix of gardens, green space, and historical features. Head to the top of the hill in the center of Greenwich Park and enjoy the panoramic views across the river Thames and central London. There are three cafes along with beautiful gardens. It is a perfect picnic-place in the capital on a summer’s day and it is one of the free things to do in London.

Natural History Museum

free things to do in London- Natural history museum

Natural history museum depicts hundreds of fascinating specimens from several segments of natural history. It has a lot of the history and is also some of the free things to do in London. Entrance to the museum is free but there is a charge for some temporary exhibitions. Having many restaurants, cafes, galleries, museum shops and facilities you can have a quality time at this place. With all the uniqueness, the top-seeing sights which travelers talk about most are the blue whale, t-rex and dinosaur section which show the biodiversity of wildlife.

It opens daily from 10.00 to 17.50 and remains closed from 24-26 December. The best thing about the place is that it provides you the opportunities to join experts in the Darwin center’s high-tech studio in topical discussions to get enough information of natural history and science. Here are some tips to travel Greece.

Angel Comedy Club

free things to do in London- Angel comedy club

You can enjoy a giggle at Angel’s Comedy Club which is always free and always funny. This club hosts free comedy, running seven nights a week above the Camden Head in Angel. Angel Comedy Club supports new talent and big-name acts. Angel Comedy Club has a super helpful staff, relaxed atmosphere but mostly quite crowded. Never miss this place which is included in the list of free things to do in London and enjoy an entertaining evening with some unique acts.

British Library

free things to do in London- British Library

British library remains open for all visitors. It is the second largest library in the world by a number of items cataloged. For research, inspiration, and knowledge this is a must go place. The most significant world treasures can be seen for free at a calm place. You can feast your eyes on literary treasures which include Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s First Folio, Leonardo’s da Vinci’s notebook, Beatles lyrics handwritten by John Lennon Lewis Carroll’s manuscripts of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground as well as several Qur’an’s and Asian items.
The Philatelic Exhibition, Center for Conservation and Entrance hall gallery are also free. The British Library makes a number of images of items available online and it is one of the beneficial as well as free things to do in London.

The Forge

free things to do in London- The Forge

The Forge is an award-winning music and arts venue full of diverse music, in Camden. To enjoy a night out you can get there in free before 8pm every Friday night. Enjoy vibrant music, salsa dancing and Cuban music from city’s best Cuban musicians for free. You can also make new friends if you want to as The Forge offers salsa classes weekly.

Abbey Road

free things to do in London- Abbey Road

Abbey Road is popular worldwide as the spot captured on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. In the list of free things to do in London, this road should never be missed. All the tourists who visit London take photos while crossing this historic Abbey Road. The historic background which makes it famous is ”The Beatles’ group” which came to Abbey Road recording studio for their final album. That’s why this road has a vital importance and the studio and zebra crossing are renowned as British music Industry icons.
There are at least eleven other Abbey Roads in London. The Beatles’ Abbey Road is in the NW8 postcode area. All the Beatles’ fans have emotional attachments with this place.

Richmond Park

free things to do in London- Richmond Park

Richmond Park was created by Charles I in the 17th century as a deer park. It is the largest park in the London covering 1000 hectares of land and is home to 650 deer. It is also a top UK site for ancient trees i.e. oaks and has a great historic and wildlife significance. From the highest point of the park, one can unobstructed views of St Paul’s Cathedral can be observed, over 12 miles in the distance.
The park remains open for everyone and includes a golf course and other facilities for sport and recreational activities. The park has many memorials which include Isabella Plantation, King Henry’s Mound, Thames Valley and Ian Dury Bench.

Houses of Parliament

free things to do in London- Houses of parliament

The Houses of Parliament is the meeting place of the house of commons and house of lords. It is home to the world’s most popular clock, Big Ben. Visitors are welcome to take a tour or attend debates watch committees or hearings at the Houses of Parliament. During your visit, you can also use the 360-degree virtual tour to explore some of the most famous rooms and explore more about the building’s history.
Houses of Parliament is the most iconic building in the world. House of Commons is also available for locals to arrange events with a range of historical and culturally significant venues for hire. So this is the best option to discover the historic building, attend debates and visit here and all for free.

Sky Garden

free things to do in London- Sky Garden

This building is known as walkie-talkie due to its unique shape. This sky-scraper features a top-floor restaurant. It is open daily and you need to book your visit in advance. Sky Garden also houses restaurants Darwin Brasserie, Fenchurch Seafood Bar and Grill and Sky Pod Bar. The indoor viewing decks and restaurants occupying the top three floors of 20 Fenchurch street are a great place to visit for free. So avail these free things to do in London on your visit this time.

East London Street Art

free things to do in London- East London Street Art

London has one of the greatest and best collections of un-commissioned street art in the world. One of the free things to do in London is to visit East London Street Art. You can wander this one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of the town. Discover the innovative art, history and outrageous stories at this most famous street art in London. Flores Island has a lot of amazing things to do and sites to visit and you must visit them.
Spend a few hours on this street and explore huge and long pieces of artwork, Ben Eine’s work and Shepard Fairey’s piece of work that graces this wall. The area of East London Shoreditch is famous for having particularly impressive graffiti.

Horniman Museum

free things to do in London- Hormiman Museum

The Horniman Museum is located in Forest Hill, London. It keeps a wide collection of anthropology, natural history, and musical instruments. There’s also an aquarium, a permanent gallery dedicated to Africans, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian art. This museum has been open since Victorian times. You can see various collections and even pick-up, try-on and play with the objects, there are no restrictions. The museum also hosts concerts, festivals, workshops, and exhibitions. The beautiful gardens, aquariums, and cafes make it a must go place. The museum is open daily and the entrance is totally free. A charge is made for some major temporary exhibitions and the aquarium.

Columbia Road Flower Market

free things to do in London- Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road is lined with 60 independent shops, including small art galleries, clothes store, gardens and antique shops. This market remains open every Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm. Many coffee shops, pubs, and parks are also there to have some fun nearby. It is a great place to visit even if you don’t need to buy anything. You will be dazzled by the beautiful collection of flowers and you can soak up the floral colors and aromas.

To avail the opportunity of these free things in London and have fun with the mates.


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