Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware

Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware

This year on Google I/O 2017, a lot of big announcements were made by the Company. Among them, there was an interesting announcement regarding Virtual & Augmented Reality. Google shared some progress about how the Virtual & Augmented reality are allowing us to experience computing just as we experience the real world.

Google then announced that the company is going to release stand-alone virtual reality headsets. And by Stand-alone, it means the upcoming headsets will no longer need a Mobile, USB or PC. The idea is that there will be everything you need to experience VR built right into one headset, no need to worry about any other device getting in the way of You & VR.

The Company also announced that much LG’s new Phone & Samsung’s S8 & S8+ will be Daydream ready later this year.

Google didn’t share much about its next Stand-alone headsets but did mention that the company is working with QUALCOMM for the ‘’Reference Design’’. The company has also partnered up with companies like HTC & LENOVO to make the first Stand-alone Virtual reality headsets.

Google mentioned, that the Stand-alone Virtual reality headsets won’t need any other device & the VR experience will be much better. Now, this is a kind of good news for the game lovers out there who are really obsessed with VR but don’t want a lot of devices to experience the Virtual Reality. The headsets will be rolling out later this year & Visit if you want to find the newest slots games before the release.

World Sense

Google also mentioned that the next Stand-alone Virtual Reality headsets will also track our movement, with a technology called ‘World sense’’, which has dramatically improved the tracking. World sense enables what’s known as ‘’Positional Tracking’’. With it, your view in the virtual world matches exactly to your view in the real world by using a handful of sensors on the device.

Google Announces Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Hardware - world sense

Google didn’t share many details on how these sensors are going to work, but the upcoming headsets are going to be fully optimized just for VR. Everything is going to be better, the display, Sensors, & Feel, making the overall VR Experience much more realistic.

Google didn’t mention anything specifically about the specifications of the Stand-alone Virtual reality headsets till now. It will be interesting to see how Google manages to give the world another mind blowing product this time.

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