google assistant for ios

Google Assistant For IOS

Board of Siri? Well, Google has got some great news for you. Google announced on annual Developers Conference I/O 2017 that it will be launching Google Assistant for IOS devices. The company has espoused Apple Siri with its own voice assistant. Google Assistant will be mounted as an isolated iOS app from Google search to uniquely spot all your tasks bounded to your personal partiality.

google assistant for ios

Google first revealed assistant last year at Google I/O, launched it on Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones, brought it to Google home, and then Android were 2.0. This year we got the good news that Google is launching assistant on IOS.

Google assistant will keep you aware of your preferences. It will work the same on IOS as Android but as an isolated app. You can find quick answers, hunt your interests and get feeds of your desired updates. Now it is accessible on 100 million devices out there.


google assistant for ios - type or talk

You can ask anything you want using this app. Google Assistant is a potent voice assistant when you link it with the ongoing version of Siri app. You can also ask your questions by typing if you are not in the mood of talking but also in hurry of getting your answers. Google assistant permits you to ask difficult queries. It will let you control your connected equipment as it is in association with third-party companies. So, Talk or Type & control your connected devices using Google assistant.


google assistant for ios- supported languages

Currently, Google assistant is only working in the English language which is not fascinating for foreign users but the good thing is that it is going to brace German, Portuguese, French, Brazilian, and Japanese before long. Korean and Spanish should arise later.

Siri is better in this regard i.e. it is currently supporting multiple languages.


To check if your cell has Google Assistant installed or not simply say “OK GOOGLE”,”HEY-GOOGLE” or press-and-hold the home button. The usage of Google Assistant is as easy as pie. The users should keep the following thing in mind.

google assistant for ios - install and use

You’ll need a phone with:

  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • Google app 6.13 or higher
  • Google play services
  • 5GB of memory and 720p screen resolution
  • Phone’s language set to English. On pixel phones you can also use German language or English, it’s up to you.

To install Google assistant on your iPhone, follow the given steps

  • Download & Open this app
  • Now login with your primary Google account.
  • Next, a message will be generated asking for your permission to get approach to certain data about your iPhone and your web and app activity.
  • If you agree, type “YES, I’M IN” button on the bottom right
  • If you deny, tap “NO THANKS” on the bottom left
  • Next, you’ll be provided the opportunity to opt in or opt out of getting emails from Google Assistant
  • Choose your option of in or out and then tap “NEXT” at the bottom
  • You are all set to use Google Assistant.



In the battle of smartphones voice assistants, Google assistant is on the top of the list, this is why:

It will provide you instant solutions to your queries from the web, undoubtedly Siri also provides answers but Assistant seems to be ahead in this regard.

Assistant remembers what you’ve said before.

Google assistant can speak in foreign languages if you ask the assistant to say “WHO ARE YOU” in the Spanish language, and you get the answers in required language and accent.

Assistant not only provides answers but it is going beyond being an assistant, it can read rhymes for you.

Google Assistant is currently more useful if you are finding places nearby, It provides you the information in a very useful way.


google assistant for ios - features

Google Assistant is planned to be chatty, using Assistant you are able to ask several follow-up questions. It will regulate the context and give audible replies with the accurate and required information. You have to add an assistant widget for using Google assistant on iOS, it is available on the Apple app store, Download it, open on the iOS device and press mic icon or start typing whatever is convenient for you. Some more features of the assistant

  • Make hasty phone calls
  • Send emails or text messages anywhere
  • Set alarms or calendar events
  • Listen to music
  • Operate and find nearby places
  • Get your answers in foreign languages
  • Ask anything, you’ll get the required information.


Start using the Google Assistant on IOS and get the answers to your queries in an epic way.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article

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