Ranked in featured Snippet? Google Drops Your Weblistings

Ranked in featured Snippet? Google Drops Your Weblistings


Google to Remove Results from Google listings for folks appearing in Featured Snippets, On May 15th Jennifer Slegg from Google wrote that…. Google has dropped the second version of listing for the websites present in the featured snippets..

What does that mean?

This means that if you have got a featured snippet for a webpage on the top of google results, Google is not gonna show that again on that page even in the core 10 results the url ain’t gonna repeat like before you could see a domain in featured then again in the lower results on the same page.

Jennifer Wrote :

Google has officially dropped the regular organic result from a page that has already been shown as the featured snippet for the query. Now, the featured snippet is the only result for a page for the particular query”

It was just tested not implemented but Google may implement this down the line ???

Source : Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Roundtable

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