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Google sends out minor updates almost every day. Fred, on the other hand, is affecting a number of larger websites. This algorithm is mostly affecting the black hat side of the industry. Google Fred update came out on 9th of March, 2017 and is hitting low value, ads heavy sites. Now, everyone is looking for the answer to ”Google Fred Recovery”.

The sites penalized, were the ones having tons of ads running as well as affiliate links, had low-quality content and were focusing on generating revenue rather than User. The results were a major drop of 50% to 90% of ranking of such sites. This update is drawing a reaction because it’s noticeably impacting sites that Google considers to be Low-quality. This seems to be an attempt to weed out black hats of SEO.

A lot of websites are suffering from this impact and are looking the answers to certain questions like Which websites Google Fred targeted? How to know if my website got hit by Google Fred? What strategy to use in order to avoid getting hit by Google Fred? How to recover from Google Fred after being penalized? Here’s all you need to know.

Which websites got hit by Google Fred Update?

google fred penalty recovery

Ads-heavy website

The sites that had a lot of ads running got hit by Google Fred. The sites had tons of ads and sponsored links, with poor quality content provided to the user. The ads clearly distracted the user and ignored the sole purpose of the website. Focusing on generating revenue rather than User experience led to penalization.

Thin or poor quality:

It’s no doubt that Google wants to makes the best for the user and when this condition gets violated, some action is taken for sure. Likewise, Google penalized the websites providing week, fake or poor quality content to the user.

Outdated content

Google seemed to take notice of the content which is not updated on a regular basis. The sites which do not update their content, whenever there’s a need to, got hit by Google.

Poor appearance

The websites which didn’t focus on user experience got penalized. Poor design of websites, little effort in logo designing or the name of the site, poor readability were among the appearance factor.

Lots of keyword based content

Websites focusing on volume rather than quality content are now penalized. Lots of keyword based content was found on these websites.

Low-Quality Backlinks

Sites that had a lot of fake or poor backlinks got influenced. For example, buying external links through a blog network can affect your site badly.

Tons of Pop-up Ads

The worst thing you can do to your site is loading it with tons if pop-up Ads. Nobody likes to lose a lot of ads before getting to the main point. Google Fred got notice of such sites and put a penalty on them.

How to know if Google Fred Update targeted your website?

signs that google fred hit your website


  • The unusual flow of traffic.
  • A drop of ranking.
  • Sudden appearing and disappearing of some pages.
  • A drop of ranking for your important keywords.

If some of these happened to you, then there’s a change that Google Fred got you!!

Step by Step Guide towards Recovery from Google Fred

google fred recovery infographic

Here’s the most important answer in the whole article. Recovering from Google Fred Update isn’t that complex or difficult. You just have to take certain measures in order to recover from Google Fred algorithm after being penalized. Here are some main factors that you can do to get your rankings back.

The best way to keep your Google rankings is to create great, compelling and high-quality content. Rather than focusing on revenue, you should put what people truly want to read.

Limit Ads

The first step you want to do is limiting the number of Ads displayed. Google checks a site, again and again, to see if changes are made. Limiting the number of ads will improve the user experience and as a result, Google will stop dropping your rankings.

User experience matters a lot for a website to grow and not get influenced by updates like Google Fred. It is a core factor to recover from Google Fred Update.

If you’re wondering that how should you limit ads if the shallow purpose of your website is the advertisement or something like that. Well, here’s the answer, Gary Illyes himself gave us an example in a Tweet, which clearly shows the significance of User experience.

gary's tweet focusing on user experience

As per Gary’s suggested, we took a look at ThePointsGuy website and actually found that even being an affiliate website, their focus is entirely on users. Even though they are earning from AdSense and some other sponsored links but aren’t producing low-quality content which is really smart and beneficial at the same time.

Here’s a picture of ThePointsGuy site with an Ads-heavy affiliate website:

comparison of Thepointsguy and EasyDiyandCrafts website

The picture was taken from this site.

Improve Content Quality

Next major role is played by the quality of the content you are providing. Make sure to remove bad posts and improve the ones that need to be improved. Keep your content up-to-date. Focus more on what user actually wants to read instead of volume generating keywords. The quality content will have a great impact on your journey of Recovering from Google Fred update.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is a key player, not just in the case of websites but also any products. We think, after Gary’s tweet there’s no doubt about the significance of how important the User Experience is. Everything from now on needs to be focused on what the user really wants. Make sure your website is User-Friendly and is offering good User Experience. Put the User on the top of your priority list and that’s going to take you to heights.

focus on user experience

The questions you’ll need to ask yourself are:

  • Is your website offering Quality content?
  • Is your website design appealing?
  • The layout, fonts, images, color schemes of your websites are user-friendly or not?
  • Is the user-facing difficulty due to pop-up ads?
  • Are the Ads distracting your user?
  • Can the user read your content easily?
  • Do your website have High-quality images?
  • Do you need to change the position of ads?
  • Does your website have a lot of Pop-up Ads?

Remove redundancy

Duplication is a big No No. If you want to recover your website. Don’t write about the same thing over and over again. If your website has duplicated content make sure to remove it. This is the worst thing you can do to your site after Google Fred Update. In a rush to get rankings, don’t ever make a mistake of duplicating your content.

Keep your Backlinks Natural and Remove the Bad Ones

Analyze your website thoroughly to check your Link Graph. Keep your backlinks graph seem natural. Remove the bad links or links from a week or bad sites. Remove those links and block sites from which you don’t want backlinks. Google takes notice of the backlinks that your site has and evaluates your site on that basis. If your site has bad or low-quality backlinks that it’s for sure that Google is going to get hands on you.

Keep away from Pop-up Ads

remove popup ads

The most horrible thing on a website is nothing else but the Pop-ups. It has the most frustrating impact on the user. Nobody wants to lose tons of Pop-up ads before achieving their goals. If you are offering Pop-ups on your website, trust me you can’t make it worse. Consider removing the Pop-ups because nothing has a much worse impression on the user than this. Get rid of those time-wasting, frustrating Pop-up Ads. That will make your website a lot better.

Say What You Really Mean to Say

Say you really mean to say. Don’t contradict between the title and description. Don’t try to use clickbait to get more traffic. That’ll increase your organic traffic for the time being but will leave a bad impression on the users for a long period of time.

Speeding Up your Website

Another important factor in getting your rankings back is to speed up your website. Improving the speed will improve the user experience and will contribute a good part in recovering from Google Fred Update.

speed is key

Important Information for Google Fred Recovery

Basically, do whatever you can to improve user Experience. Google gives importance to User experience and will stop dropping your rankings if you can manage to improve UX. After making these changes wait for 15-20 days in order to see the effects.

Google hasn’t confirmed if it’s running the Algorithm to check if the owner has made changes in the website. According to ExpressBlogger, the algorithm runs once or twice a month. Google ran the update again on April 17th, 2017. Google is checking the penalized sites, again and again, to check if they have made changes or not.

If you have made your changes and want to tell Google about those changes simply submit your URLs again to Google. You will notice that the drop of your rankings has stopped if you made the changes stated above.

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