Google Translate: How They Translated 100 Languages in 10 Years

Time Flies! 10 years back, it was the first time when Google introduced Google Translate. Google has introduced this multilingual machine translate service. It is a very comprehensive machine as it translates text, images, videos, and sites. Initially, Google translates used to translate just three to four languages but yes now after ten years, it is able to translate more than 100 languages.

How Google translate 100 languages in 10 years

A need of such a translator was felt which help the user for the translation of different languages and then 10 years back Google translate was introduced by Google. When google translate was first launched, it supported just 3 to 4 languages. Now by the period of time, it supports more than 100 languages and serving over 200 million people daily. from 2016, google translate has also launched a new translation app which works on the mobile platforms and making the lives easy.


As the civilization developed, people started learning to communicate with each other. Many times people need to move from one place to another, every area has its own language. As the time passed and mode of communication developed, people move from one place to another for trade. It became a compulsion to learn new languages. There were many modes of translation from gestures to dictionary. Many changes were done as many advances took place. Now as this is the era of modern technology and internet has taken the high rank the newest technique is Google Translate.

It helped many people in the world. Many refugees took help of this technique when they move from one place of the world to another. A Recent example is about Syrian refugees took the help of Google Translate when the move to Canada. Here’s a video that is evidence of the benefits of this technique.

Languages Supported by Google Translate

Here are the languages supported by Google Translate.
BengaliFrenchIrishMalayScots GaelicTurkish
CorsicanHaitian CreoleKoreanNepalSlovenianYoruba

Google Translate Browser

Google translate is available on the browser that runs on the translation engine. In addition to the text, google translate also works on the pictures, sites, real-time videos etc. Google Chrome browser has given the extension to this machine, in addition to some other browsers. It is integrated to the Chrome by default, for automatic translation solutions.

Google Translate Mobile Apps

Google Translate app works on the iOS and Android platforms which support more than 90 languages. It also supports 37 languages via pictures, 32 via voice and 27 via real time videos. In August 2008, this app was released for iOS users. In January 2010, it was released for the android users.

google translate mobile app

Google translate mobile version

Conversation mode was supported when translation between Spanish and English was made in the start of 2011 and then 14 more languages were added in October 2011. Picture of the document can also be taken by the functionality of camera functionality. The application also gained the ability to translate the real-time text using the camera of the respective device.

Words Count of Translation in Google Translate

The figure for words translated daily through its platform is additionally interesting: nothing additional and zip but one hundred billion words. A not insignificant range of terms that additionally mirrored the trends events and vital events of the moment; why that song names, names like an avowed selfie.

The Mountain view additionally aims to enhance its service through the Community of Translate. For now, it says up to three.5 million folks have allotted quite ninety million contributions they allowed them to enhance and add new languages. Revisions, validations, and suggested translations are a number of the foremost vital contributions.


Some languages manufacture higher results than others. Google Translate performs well particularly once English is that the target language. A 2010 analysis indicated that French to English translation is comparatively correct. 2011 and 2012 analyses showed that Italian to English translation is comparatively correct additionally.

But, if the supplied text is shorter, rule-based machine translations typically perform better. This result is especially evident in Chinese to English translations. Whereas edits of translations could also be submitted, in Chinese specifically one isn’t able to edit sentences as an entire. Instead, one should edit generally capricious sets of characters, resulting in incorrect edits.

Texts written in the Greek, Devanagari, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts will be transliterated mechanically from phonetic equivalents written within the Latin alphabet. The browser version of Google Translate provides the scan phonetically choice for Japanese to English conversion. A similar choice isn’t accessible on the paid API version.


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