Google tricks- Checkout These Coolest, Funny And Amazing Google Tricks

Nowadays, everyone prefers shortcuts. Even when they search any query on Google, they always look for Google flair to make their search quick. You know there are 2.3 million searches per second on Google which definitely shows the importance of Google in our daily life. What if you get some hidden Google tricks to make your search easier.

We can be even more productive with these searches. There are few hacks that are contributing to making this score even higher. Well, here in this article I will state some cool Google tricks that will definitely save your time and effort 😀
Let’s have a look at these hidden Google tricks 😉

Search by location

In the Google search bar, you can target the specific location to get the relevant results. This overrules the default Google behavior and searches the required results according to the IP address of your laptop or pc.
For example, by writing the best cafes in New York, you will get the list of best cafes in Newyork.

Make private searches

When you search something on Google, it sends cookies on your PC and even tracks your name and IP. It even creates history and whenever you search next time, it will generate options relevant to your search history. So, to avoid this you can make private searches that don’t save your history.
For example, Startpage is a private search engine where your searches will remain private.

Find specific files

google tricks- find  files

Google Tricks

When you need to finding specific PDFs, files, or presentations whose extensions are known to Google than you can search through filetype. It will let you find your desired files and presentations etc.

Use Google search bars

If you want to know the links to your website or want to know that where your backlinks after made than Link will help you with this. For this, you need to type Link: web page and it will show the list of URLs that have a link to a mentioned web page.

Google tricks to search offline pages

If you want to search a page that has specific keywords in its title than with title search operator you can get the results within the seconds. For example, if you search intitle: cyberbullying than you will get the all the desired results in just one shot. Like intitle, there are also other search engines like Inurl and allinural, intext, and all intitle. These Google tricks will make your search fast and better.

Use Google search bars for synonym

(-) a symbol in front of any word will show the synonyms of that word as well. You can say that this cool Google trick widens your search results.

Google trick to browse an offline website

Google keeps the cache of all the items searched on the website. Whenever a server is down, a cache is the search operator that browse the website even if it is down for a time being.

Know your IP address

If you don’t know your IP address then no need to worry. Simple type IP address in your Google search bar and you will get your IP address.

Search on the web by specific location, time, and country

At your search bar of Google, you may notice the underneath options like country, time and result. These options are for our ease. You can get the specific results as per your requirements. Search images by specific color, size, time copyright, and type.

Here is another cool Google trick for you guys. When you need to search image for SEO, you can search the image by type, color, and size as well. When you search for an image, you may see the options underneath. From there you can enter your demand and get the desired kind of images.

Convert numbers to words and get the results

If you got a big number and cannot convert it into then don’t worry. You can easily convert a number into English by our cool Google hack. Write a number for instance 13611651 = English and get your desired result.

Use the search operator to make powerful searches

google tricks- Use search operators

Google Tricks Using Operators

“or” when you use this term like for instance you write buy cheap Zara shoes or mango shoes than it means you need either cheap Zara shoes or mango shoes and Google will find the best of them.
“and” when you use this term like for instance you write buy cheap Zara and mango shoes than it means you want the result for both of them. Google will give you the results for both of the queries.

Set timer

You can set a time while reading a book or taking a nap or whatever you are doing. Just set a timer for your ease by writing timer in the search engine. You can now set the time for the alarm.

Use quotes in search for some specific phrase

Google search for specific keywords. Whenever you fig to something, write the word in the quote (‘’’). When you type the keyword with quote than Google exactly fetch the desired result. If you are busy and need to get the exact result than try this Google trick.

Use search trick to track your order

Now you do not need to go to the specific website to track your order. Just type USPS, UPS or FedEx in your search bar and get the tracking details.

Use Google search bar to get a result from a top level domain

These are the actual extensions that come with type domain name. For example result with .edu will fetch the results only from the edu domain.
(-) sign removes the all unwanted results from your search list.

Use Barrel roll

Do a barrel roll Google trick. Write barrel roll in the search bar and hold your desk for a while, it will give your screen a roll off.

Tilt your screen with skew

google tricks

Google Tricks- Askew

Type askew in your search bar and it will tilt your screen. It’s a tilt Google trick. Let’s give it try guys.

Google gravity

It is really a cool google trick. On google gravity, when you write something in search bat it shatters down into pieces.

Play Atari Breakout on Google images

Bored of work? Need a break? Type Atari break on Google search bar and play Atari on Google images.

Google underwater

Give a look at your screen in which Google search boxes will appear floating in the water. It’s a funny Google trick.

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