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We work very hard in real life to raise our statuses, make people our friends and find boosters to increase our self-esteem. The emergence of social networking sites has made this possible just on simple clicks in the blink of an eye. Today Facebook is the most popular social network all around the world. More than half of the world’s Internet users (55 percent) were engaged with Facebook in October 2011. It seems like even the grandma of a person would have a Facebook account. The gigantic network of Facebook works seamlessly and swiftly. In this article, you will know How Facebook works seamlessly and swiftly.

Facebook is a web-based, worldwide platform which provides its users with a chance to share their feelings, thoughts, opinions, photos, videos, and other activities online.  It allows the users to get connected to the people with shared interests across geographical, political and economic borders.  Facebook was founded by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris R. Hughes, Andrew McCollum and Eduardo P. Saverin on February 4, 2004. The headquarters of Facebook are in Menlo Park, CA.

No doubt Facebook users are in billions and their number is still increasing. But there would be very few of them who want to know How Facebook works. This article is a treat for those who are interested in knowing about How Facebook works.

Core Infrastructure of Facebook

Facebook works by using a variety of different services, tools, and programming languages. All of these make up its core infrastructure.  The servers of Facebook run a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack with Memcache.

  • Linux is a computer operating system. It is open source, customizable and has good security. Facebook works by running Linux operating system on Apache HTTP Servers.  Apache is the most popular open source web server.
  • MySQL is the most popular open source database. Due to its performance and reliability facebook utilizes it. MySQL is mainly used as a key-value store. Data is distributed randomly among a large set of logical instances.
  • Facebook has developed a custom partitioning scheme. A global ID is assigned to all data.  There is a custom archiving scheme that is based on the frequent and recent use of data of each user. Most data is distributed randomly.
  • PHP is a good web programming language. It has active developer community. Facebook uses PHP. It is a dynamically typed/interpreted scripting language.
  • Memcache is a memory caching system. It is used to speed up dynamic database-driven websites. It caches data and objects in RAM to reduce reading time. Facebook’s primary form of caching is Memcache. It helps in reducing the database load. By having a caching system Facebook is very fast at recalling your data.

Core infrastructure - How Facebook Works

Due to immense growth Facebook faces issues regarding database queries, caching, and storage of data. It has a huge and complex database. To handle this Facebook has started a lot of open source projects and back end services. Facebook’s back end services are written in a variety of different programming languages. They include  C++, Java, Python, and Erlang. Thrift was created in order to manage complexity.

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Facebook Profiles

The Facebook profile of a person is the web page other members will see if they search that person. A person’s Facebook profile provides an idea about his/her interests.  It also shows other related information. The Web servers of the Facebook network create the Web pages that users see.  These web pages are made mostly with eight cores running 64-bit Linux and Apache. Facebook designed profiles using dynamic hypertext markup language (DHTML). Therefore, people can change the layout of their profile.

Facebook Profile - How Facebook Works

Facebook Emoji

An emoji is a visual representation of a feeling, object or symbol. People can easily express themselves to their friends and family by the use of emojis on Facebook. They can express when they are happy, sad, in love, cranky, or experience any other feeling by adorning their Facebook status and comments with emojis.

 Over the years it has become easier to use Facebook smileys and emojis, as the social network has added more menus which have clickable icons. Through these icons, people can easily insert emojis and other little images without knowing their special codes. In the earlier days emojis were mostly used in chat but now their use has expanded to status updates and comments.

Emoji - How Facebook Works

July 17th is celebrated as World Emoji Day. Facebook celebrated the day in its unique way and decided to find out the emojis which are mostly used worldwide. After all, 60 million emojis are used on Facebook daily. In addition to this five billion are used every day on Messenger. Emojis seem to best convey laughing around the world. The most widely used emoji in the world is the LOL emoji with tears of laughter. It’s followed by the love, heart-eyed and the kissing emoji.

Emoji usage on Facebook varies widely depending on the region. The world’s most popular LOL is used in the UK while the users in U.S. and Indonesia, mostly use the “rolling on the floor version” or that slightly tilted laughing emoji. France favors a wink. Germany and Thailand fancy the ancestor of all emojis: a smiley face. Spain and Italy prefer kissing emoji. On the other hand, Mexico and Brazil use the heart eyes.

Facebook Emoji - Facebook Works

The emoji usage data is quite different on Messenger. Users in the UK, Canada, and Thailand prefer the heart for private and group messages. Users in the U.K., Canada, and Thailand prefer the heart. Users in both the U.S. and India prefer sending kissing face emojis. Indonesia fancies the full-toothed grin, Australia a blushing smile while France a heart that’s been shot by Cupid.

 Facebook works with its armada of servers and storage seamlessly so as to deliver each page of Facebook. It acknowledges the power of social networking. The flotilla of Facebook is constantly striving to keep its service up to the mark and the best in the business.

How Facebook Works with the efforts of these Teams

Advertising Technology

They offer solutions to hard advertising challenges and are partners with publishers, mobile app developers, and broadcasters. They all are investing in their infrastructure and technology to provide valuable services to their partners and build some exciting products. Their mission is to globalize.

Communications and public policy

They are so impassioned about all stuff related to Facebook and it’s their responsibility to wider its door for the world and help people to get a better understanding of their technologies and products. They share their Facebook stories with journalists, policy makers and other valuable partners across the globe. Every story sparks a light on the products and services that they build.

Enterprise Engineering

They are a stimulating force behind Facebook’s  Move Fast culture. They go through technology with a creative perspective and build enterprise engineering solutions that deliver a smooth experience for the persons who are using their products. They allow their employs to focus on creating the biggest impact and keep them secure.

Legal, Finance, Facilities and Admin           

 Every day new things are built on Facebook and they make sure that those who built them should have everything they need. They prefer to reflect their culture, manage schedules and handle all the fine prints. They keep the network of Facebook running smoothly to achieve their mission of globalization.

People and recruiting

The people are all together as family members. They hire the perfect person for the job and help them find the platform where they can make the fast impact.They develop world class benefits and innovative learning programs that enrich employs living.

Sales and Marketing

They are connecting people on social media in a more meaning full way. Their team work in an efficient way and build world class market for their partners and clients. They are passionate about their clients and they provide their clients with biggest marketing platform which gives them authenticity.

Technical program management

They work with technical execution and business strategies. Being a technical program manager means to deliver good results across the globe. They are on their mission to achieve the goal of globalization.

Building 8

On Facebook, the goal of building 8 is to create and ship first category defining consumers hardware products. They create innovations on virtual reality, connectivity, artificial intelligence

Data and Analytics

They grip data for good on Facebook. This valuable data helps them perceive and understand Facebook’s growth, products, execute ideas and identify opportunities at a global level. They are able to develop better products and more accurate decisions that can increase the mash to bring the world together and help it globalize.


Facebook works on a truly pioneering scale. It requires such an unconventional thoughts to manage this heavy amount of traffic and data. They built essential things to connect billions of people around the world.


Facebook has an oculus team that builds the VR hardware and let you experience anywhere, anything with anyone. Facebook team has been working on building social experiences on virtual reality that makes it easy for you to spend more time with your Facebook friends. Oculus is working on computer vision, eye tracking, mixed reality and many new ways to survey human body.

Product Management

They are visionaries and guiding new ideas of a product, from scratch to full ready launch. They are also working on maximizing product’s impact on the world by collaborating with best engineers and designers.


Nowadays WhatsApp is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to talk with anyone anywhere. Research shows that more than 1 billion people are using WhatsApp across the globe. It is available in low connectivity area and works on many devices. It is simplest and secure way to stay in touch with your friends and can share stuff like photos videos, documents etc.

Business development and partnership

Facebook is now dominating the charge into next nourishing phase. They create partnerships and work with interesting companies to connect people with their favorite most brand.

Design and user experiences

They appreciate good designs and expedite it across the things they make on Facebook. They design their all products human centered & research on each design and make sure that their launch will attract the audience.


It is inspiring creativity and helps you share you your beautiful photos and videos. They Manage Instagram App for Different Mobile OS and The Web.

Online operations

They make sure that their advertisers should have the best experience on facebook for their sales and marketing. They increase their efficiency and deliver a top quality experience to everyone.

Software engineering

While you are reading How Facebook Works it will be incomplete without reading about software engineers. They build the groundbreaking solutions that shape the way of world’s connectivity. Their work impacts millions of people every day.

If you want to read You can read more about teams by visiting Facebook Teams Website.

Managing User Reports

Facebook has a proper feedback system as it has an enormous user base. This feedback system allows Facebook to know about anything which goes wrong on its network. You must have been using the option “report/mark as spam” for long . Have you ever thought how Facebook handles this one click?

Facebook Reporting - How Facebook Works

Facebook has employed a huge staff which handles the reports from the users. The staff is distributed along Facebook offices worldwide. It responds in 24 languages which indicate the diversity of Facebook user base. ‘User Operations’  is divided into four different teams. They review the certain type of reports. These teams include the Safety team, the Hate and Harassment team, the Access team, and the Abusive Content team.

When an individual reports any content on Facebook,  the complaint goes to one of these teams depending upon its nature.  For example, if you report a content that includes hate speech than the Hate and Harassment team will review your report.  Consequently, the necessary action is taken.

Facebook has launched recently Support Dashboard.  It allows you to track your reports. In addition to its staff, Facebook works with a number of other organizations. They help Facebook with user reports.

Facebook Servers

“When Facebook first began with a small group of people using it and no photos or videos to display, the entire service could run on a single server,”

said Jonathan Heiliger,  Facebook’s former vice president of technical operations.

 Facebook doesn’t state how many web servers it uses to power its infrastructure. Facebook Technical staff presented that as of June 2010 the company was running approximately 60,000 servers in its data centers. The number of servers today would definitely be in the hundreds of thousands. Facebook reported in its most recent annual SEC filing that it owned about $3.63 billion in “network equipment” as of the end of 2015 — the figure increased from $3.02 billion as of in 2014.

Facebook Servers - How Facebook Works

Facebook Data Centres

The busiest site on the internet is Facebook. It has 1.13 billion active users daily (September 2016 data). Facebook Works by Combining its huge Data centers. In order to serve and manage this ever increasing user base, Facebook has built an extensive infrastructure. When Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004. Facebook used a single server. Zuckerberg operated it from his dorm room at Harvard University.  At present, the company’s servers are located in gigantic data centers all around the world. Since 2011, Facebook has been building more data centers around the world: in North Carolina, Iowa, and Sweden, with new data centers coming soon to Texas, New Mexico, and Ireland.  Facebook keeps on working to improve its data center designs.

Facebook Data Centers - How Facebook Works

 Each data center accommodates tens of thousands of computer servers. Fiber optic cables are used to link these servers with the outside world. And make their network. Facebook handles billions of “Likes” and photos and trillions of messages with the help of these data centers.  When anyone shares information on Facebook the servers in data centers operate. They receive information and then distribute it to the friends of the person who shared the information.

Facebook Applications

The applications of Facebook make a difference and distinguish it from other social networking sites. Its first-party applications include photos, videos, groups, events, marketplace, posted items, notes, and gifts. Facebook developed these applications. And they are available to all users.

Facebook Apps - How Facebook Works

  • You can upload as many images as you want by using the photos application.  If you have a picture of your friend who is a Facebook member,  you can tag the photo with his name.
  • The video application of Facebook is similar in many ways to YouTube. Facebook users can upload videos in almost every format. But according to the directions of Facebook, all files should remain below 100 megabytes. Also, the videos should be shorter than two minutes. Facebook converts videos into the flash (.flv) format.
  • Facebook allows a user to join interest groups of other members with the help of group application.  So you can also create a group of your own.

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