Huawei mate 10 pro with all the features, specifications & reviews.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei mate 10 pro is an exciting phone that has been announced to launch in November 2017. It arrived alongside with Huawei mate 10 but Huawei mate 10 pro is coming up with new exciting features that you guys will surely like.

Huawei Mate 10 pro price and release date

We don’t have many details related to Huawei mate 10 pro but we have the price details for Australia and Europe. According to the Chinese firm, Huawei Mate 10 pro will launch this November. It will cost €799 that is AUS1099 around 940$. However, launching date of Huawei mate 10 pro in Australia is 4 December so it means there is still some time left for the phone to hit the stores.

Well, we will not see any price drop on Black Friday so if you want a phone at slightly less price then try Huawei mate 10. No handset of Huawei mate 10 pro for the UK is confirmed yet. Well, you will only get pricy Huawei Mate 10 pro in the UK.

Huawei mate 10 pro design and display

huawei mate 10 pro- design

Mate 10 pro comes with glass back with curved edges, so that it will set well in your hands. Huawei mate 10 pro comes up with 6 inches screen which is obviously large. It means the screen has a ratio of 18:9 and the screen boost OLD technology. The phone is no bigger then Mate 9.

Mate 10 pro has full HD resolution at 2160 x 1080. It may sound disappointing but Huawei used OLED tech for the very first time. Now you can enjoy the better contrast and intense colors in the videos you watch because the screen tech allowed for HDR 10 content. There are a fingerprint sensor and dual camera sensor on the rear of the phone. There is also a contrast stripe on the back of the phone which definitely catch the attention.

Well, the most exciting part of this phone is that it is waterproof. Yes, mate 10 pro is waterproof and dust resistant phone that uses the technology like Sony Experia XZ1 series had. Colors available for Mate 10 pro are Titanium Grey, Mocha Brown, Midnight Blue and Pink Gold. We will add more details on color scheme soon as it is still doubtful that which color will be available in each market.

Huawei mate 10 pro camera and battery

huawei mate 10 pro- battery and camera

Huawei mate 10 pro has the same camera like we have seen on other Huawei phones. It has 12 MP color sensor and 20 MP black and white option. Photos are taken using the wide aperture that is f/1.6 which means it can perform well even in low lights. There is an 8MP selfie shooter on the front.

Mate 10 pro has 4’000 MAH battery which is same as the battery since mate 9. We can expert from mate 10 pro to perform well during charging department because it has a better-optimized processor running everything so good behind the scenes. It also has Huawei super charge feature which means you can charge it from 0 to 60% in just 30 min. There is no wireless charger with mate 10 pro which is a bad feature for those who want to get rid of cables.

Huawei mate 10 pro specs and OS

huawei mate 10 pro- specifications

Mate 10 and mate 10 pro has Kirin 970 chipset running inside them. It has the top featured specifications although we didn’t have the chance to try it out. It seems to work well on a new phone.

Huawei is putting the focus on its Neutral Processing Unit that sits individually on CPU and GPU. This features a new feature that monitors how you will use your phone. It will better optimize the feature how you use your phone. For instance, it will try to keep the settings low as it learns that you use more battery towards the end of the day. It conserves energy before you use your phone so later it offers full energy.

Other specifications include 128GB internal memory and 6GB RAM. It doesn’t have the SD card chip that’s why it offers built in space. This phone is running the latest Android Oreo software. It also includes some extra features that you may like. It includes the way to enter split screen mode.


huawei mate 10 pro- reviews

Ok, I will be really honest. At first glance, this phone disappointed me. There are two design elements that I really loved about last year phone. These elements include quad HD OLED display, dual curved style and mate metal back in hand that looks so awesome. But mate 10 pro offered glass back that every phone in 2017 already have it.

Well mate 10 pro has a beautiful design. It has lovely slim bezeled and there is no difference between metal side casing and glass back plate. Pro doesn’t look less than note 8, LG V30 and even it doesn’t look inferior to I phone X. This smartphone really looks slim and sexy.

I started using 10 pro as my daily deriver and the little things bring up back my love for mate 9 pro. I really adore Huawei camera. Although it has over complicated layout I still love its photography tricks that no other phone offers. I love the setting page on EMUI, black notification pin shade, Huawei android skin and the fingerprint sensor. And then, of course, the kirin 970 chipset by Huawei. Last, it is the most powerful chipset on android phone. Huawei has widened the gap because 970 is the world’s first chipset that has an NPU.

So mate 10 pro doesn’t give me initial Woah feeling but when I started using it I felt it be much better than any other phone. It is such a refined and polished device. If we talk about the software then Huawei mate 10 pro is the first device that came up with Android 8.0 oreo. It has all Google’s  new features readily available.

It is a big plus point that Huawei mate 10 pro is the first phone that doesn’t break my push notifications. That remaining sentence about this phone is simply operating might be the subject of this evaluation, because the Mate 10 seasoned’s NPU with onboard A.I. suggests quite a few ability to help you get matters carried out without making modifications. As I noted in the fingers-on, the Mate 10 cameras know precisely what it is searching for, and it’ll display off by way of displaying an icon in actual time to indicate the scene. Even after commencing the digital camera app a few hundreds of times now all through my testing period, I’m nevertheless surprised that the cellphone’s digicam knows when I am pointing it at a canine, a cat, a plate of meals, an avenue signal, or whether the scene is a sunset or mid-afternoon.

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