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Movies are the stories based on moving images which one record for us to watch on television or cinemas. Movies are a rich source of entertainment. People generally love to go out to watch movies with their friends or family also the movies inspire us in so many ways. Many movies are on the list that gives us a moral lesson to never give up, to do more in life, and to go and carve your destiny. So in this hustle bustle and competitive era, we all need the inspiration to get and work for ourselves and fulfill the dreams. Here we are about to discuss the true story based movies which can be the real inspiration for the people.

Along with entertainment and inspiration movies also give us emotions, they make us laugh, and they make us cry and many times they make us cheer even in a very bad mood.

Top 10 inspirational movies

Here is a list of top ten true story based movies that will inspire you in so many ways and they will impact a long-lasting effect on the minds and hearts and you’ll never forget them because of the inspiration and motivation along with a moral lesson you get from them.


true story based movies- Rocky

The movie was released in 1976 and Director of the movie was John G. Avildsen. It was written by Sylvester Stallone.


The most hit film of 1976 is Rocky. A super hit American sports drama film was made just with a budget of $1 million. One of the true story based movies were made on the life of Rocky Balboa who was a small club fighter and with his hard work, fewer resources and difficulties he didn’t stop and chased his dream and finally got his entry in world heavyweight championship. Rocky said:

‘’ Life is not about how hard of a hit you can give, it’s about how many you can take and still keep moving forward”.


The story tells us the moral lesson that hard work and the constant struggle of day and night will reach you to your goals, no matter you are rich or poor. Rocky worked and faced so many hardships but didn’t stop and he reached to the world heavyweight championship. The movie earned $225 million and it broke many records of global box office. The movie was also rewarded with the OSCAR.


The movie is an inspiration of all the times that how hard work, struggles and facing difficulties will lead you to a hero. It’s not only about boxing, it’s a rich source of inspiration and motivation to reach our goals. Never think you are of no use, just focus on your aims and get inspiration from Rocky Balboa. The lesson about how he kept relationships and worked days and nights to achieve what he was supposed to achieve. Always remember your obstacles are your paths.

127 Hours

true story based movies- 127 hours

The movie was released in 2010 and was written produced and directed by Danny Boyle. It is one of the true story based movies and truly inspirational.


The film was made with the budget of $18 million and earned $60.7 million globally. Aron Ralston had to take the decision between amputation hands and death in 127 Hours. He was a mountain climber, he fell and got trapped when he was climbing a mountain. He called his companions for help but came to know that he is alone. So he escaped and started a new life with full of struggle and lessons.

“I’ve been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, every breath that I’ve taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the earth’s surface.”(127 Hours)


The film has a real moral based story. This film gives a motivational and inspiring lesson to its viewers. It gives us a moral lesson to be very grateful in life even for unwanted and for granted things in life. We should never take life and things foregranted and of no value, each single thing has its own significance. Sometimes for granted things play important role in our success. This is a true story based movie that will inspire you.


The movie inspires us in a very realistic and amazing way. The inspiration we get from it is that never demoralize the importance and value of little and small things. Because sometimes there’s a point in life when they can prove themselves valuable for us and they are the only source of success for us.

The movie had played a sensational role to develop and inspire the hearts and gave a long lasting lesson to keep moving on and never underestimate the power of common and little things.

The Pursuit of Happyness

true story based movies- The Pursuit of Happpyness

The movie was released in 2006 and was directed by Gabriele Muccino and was written by Steven Conrad and produced by Will Smith. This is a movie worth listed as true story based movies which inspires the people’s lives.


It is based on the life of Chris Gardner was an entrepreneur who was homeless for a year with a child but still, he didn’t give up and manages to struggle for his dreams. The film earned $307.1 million and was made with the budget of $55 million.


The movie tells us that how easy it is to dream and how difficult it is to achieve your dreams which need a lot of hard work, courage, and motivation. Always be willing to say yes to hardships that come in your way of achieving your dreams. The true story will give you a moral lesson not to lose hope and never leave the paths that lead you to your destination.


The movie has a wonderful story and it’ll make you pretty normal if you feel degraded or down in life. Never give up in life for reaching your dreams. If you feel uninspired, down and off in your struggle and dreams then the movie is a rich source for inspiring you to the peak and it’ll give u a new hope, enthusiasm, and motivation to lead your ways. The movie tells us that people with hope are the richest one in life.

It’s a Wonderful Life

true story based movies - Its a wonderful life

1946 was the year when this movie was released in the direction of Frank Capra and was written by Philip Van Doren Stern. One of the true story based movies and the inspirational movie was produced by Frank Capra.


The story is based on how a person lost hope and thought that he has been sent without a purpose. Then God sent an angel to this frustrated and tired businessman and showed him that how much his life worth and existence meant a lot for many people. 70 years old movie was made with $3.18 million and hit the amount of 33 lac dollars at the box office.


The heart touching movie has a moral lesson worth millions. It gives us a moral lesson that always remains positive in your life and goals. Always see the positive aspects of things, relations and people as it can play a vital role in the success and will be a great source for paving paths of your life. Bright life comes to those who believe the power of positivity. Be thankful and never leave the hands of positivity.


Though many years are gone still the movie is same inspiring and motivational and the message is still heartwarming. If you feel short of inspiration and feel pain in life than the movie will give you an uplifting lesson. This inspires you with a lesson to see your life in a brighter way and be optimistic and decide your life in positive aspects. Every person and every thought has an impact in life and it’ll make a huge difference in the success and outcomes. So it is one of the stories that will inspire you which makes us learn how to value relationships.

The Shawshank Redemption

true story based movies- The Shawshank Redemption

The movie was released in 1994 and it was directed by Frank Darabont and was produced by Niki Marvin. It is definitely the part of inspirational true story based movies


The sensational movie was made with $25 million and did a business of $58 million. It is a true story of Andy Dufresne, a bunker. He was innocent and lived in jail for 19 years but at the end of the day with hope and persistence, he escaped along with his mate.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”. (Shawshank Redemption).


This film gives us a moral lesson about hope, friendship, and perseverance. Hope is the best thing one can have in life. Hope keeps you alive and it’ll give you the courage to fight for your rights. A person with hopes never dies and always remember your partners who don’t leave you in bad times. This is a must to watch to build up your self-esteem and to make you hopeful.


The story is an inspiration for uninspired and hopeless people and it gives a moral lesson of binding, hope, faith, and courage. Always believe in yourself and never try to choose the wrong path for you. Always be persistent in your struggles and believe that hard work, hope, and your persistence will pay you back sooner or later. This is one of the true story based movie that will inspire you.

A Beautiful Mind

true story based movies- A beautiful mind

The film was released in 2001, directed by Ron Howard, the writer was Akiva Goldsman and was produced by Brian. A genuine piece of the films must be considered in the inspirational and true story based movies which have the ability to change others lives.


The actual film was on the life of John Nash, Nobel Laureate in Economics. The story was made with the real facts from the events in John Nash life. This man experienced every color of life but with hard work and struggles. He made important discovery and how he discovered himself and his abilities and showed them to the world. The film was made with a budget of $55 million and earned $313 million on box office.


It tells us how to deal with ups and downs of life. The amazing movie explores so many facades of human emotions like happiness, heartbreaks, and disappointment. It gives us the moral lesson that it’s important for success to discover you first. Be yourself and explore your successes in a positive manner.


The movie is truly an inspiration. You are getting a lot of inspiring things after watching a movie which will help you in setting your life on a positive track. Humans have various emotions and phases so always try to know who you are and then follow the right path. The movie is one of the true story based movies that inspires us. Be committed and motivated for success and get over your bad aspects soon. Remember that:

“Classes will dull your mind, destroy your potential for authentic creativity”.

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The Aviator

true story based movies- The Aviator

One of the true story based movies which can be an inspiration and a life-changing film for many people is The Aviator. It came in 2004 under the direction of Martin Scorsese, was written by John Logan and producer was Michael Mann.


The story is about the life of billionaire Hollywood director Howard Hughes. How success came in his way of a very young age. The thrilling aspects are taken from his hard life and also the movie revealed the hard-hitting facts of human minds and hearts. The film was made in the budget of $110 million and reached the amount of $213.7 million. A phrase from the fils says:

“Don’t tell me I can’t to do it, don’t tell me it can’t be done “. (The Aviator).


All the movies which are true and motivational will give you lessons for planning your life. These pictorial lessons are vast and valid ways to set the positive trends in life. Never compare your abilities, resources, and personality to others. The movie tells us to pave your oath within your own limits and resources. You can do much even with limited resources. Never get tired of life and keep moving forward to reach your goals. This is what you’ll learn for life after watching this highly motivational movie.


The movie is a legendary source of inspiration to the world. The movie has rich contents to make a degrade and demotivated person energetic and hopeful. Never consider your resources less for your success. It’s your hard work and aims that will lead to success don’t compare yourself with others. Always you’re your own ways to reach the destination and top to skies. Never get depressed and disappoint when it comes to reaching your goals. A true story based movie which will inspire you.

Living Proof

true story based movies- Living Proof

The release year of the movie is 2008, directed by Dan Ireland, writer and produced by Vivienne Radkoff. True story based movies have in gem included too which has a life-changing concept.


It’s the true tale of Dr. Dennis Slamon who tried to help the patients of breast cancer and made a drug Herceptin. His vast struggle of 8 years helped a lot of patients. He faces a lot of difficulties while doing this but if you are motivated and inspired towards your goal then there is no power that can undo your dreams. The end of all the hardships was a great success not only for himself but for thousands of others as well.


The movie has a moral lesson, how to devote your life to others too. Always be there for people who need you regardless of time and difficulties. How a doctor worked for patients for constant 8 years with a lot of struggle and at the end he was success full in achieving for humanity. It’s about to learn how to become a helping hand and how you can use your power to change the world. All his hard work and kindness.


Living proof is the example how to live for others. How to serve and dedicate your life for humanity. It’ll inspire you to love and live for others. This will give you peace and inner satisfaction. The true story will inspire you and will let you know that devotion and courage are the keys to success. Have faith and never stop your journey.

The Vow

true story based movies- The Vow

The true story based movies include The Vow and 2012 was the released year. Direction was from Michael Sucsy, story was written by Abby Kohn and was produced by Roger Birnbaum


The story is about romance and relationship. Paige and Leo got married but after a severe accident Paige went into a coma and was unable to realize her husband and she was confused in all her relationships but Leo didn’t leave her. He remained determined and hopeful for her recovery and he was determined to get her back with a quick recovery. All about romance, love, and hope. The movie was made with $30 million and earned $196.1 million.


The moral of the story is to never give up on anything either your relations or your work and be persistent and keep moving on. Always love people around you and they’ll love you too. Never try to get rid of things considering them extra and unimportant. Be protective in your relationships, never let them go and learn to take care of everything in your surroundings.


The movie has too much to inspire us. It’s about how to manage your relations and how to keep them happy. You’ll learn the reasons why relationships die and never give up on people around you. Take care of your love and loved ones. This will motivate you and indeed is one of the true story based movie that will inspire you. An amazing lifetime inspiration and lesson for its viewers.

Patch Adams

true story based movies- Patch Adams

The movie was released in 1998 and it was directed by Tom Shadyac and producer was Mike Farrell. This is one of the true story based movies and a great inspiration for the people.


The amazing movie earned $202.3 million and was made only with $90 million. Patch was mentally disabled and after getting the treatment he decided to become a doctor in life. He took the help of his rich friend and make ways to reach his goal. The story is based on dedication, support, and humbleness.


The movie gives us a supportive moral lesson to be kind and always keep your community and surroundings happy and cheerful. Sooner or later you’ll love the people and things around you and it will have a charming effect on you. Hard work is the key that will lead you to success so keep working hard and never lower lose the hopes on your dreams.


After watching the movie, you’ll feel a new inspiration and energy in your aims. The movie makes you feel so good and it’ll inspire you with so many lessons like try not to leave your happiness whatever the reason is. Always keep smiling and laughter will make you tension free, don’t hold the grudges for long and never leave your laughter. One of the true story based movies that will inspire you. Must watch and get inspiration for yourselves.

Hope the article inspires you to watch the movies and the movies inspire you to meet your dreams and goals in your life. Also, read this:

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