Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

Keyword Stuffing and Why We Need to Avoid it

Keyword Stuffing is actually “Blackhat” SEO. The strategy of target keyword which is directly included at different times on the page.

It was effective in the early days of SEO, for e-commerce businesses. Nowadays it is not an effective method for improving search ranking.

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Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

Ranking keywords

Keyword Stuffing Technique

  1. Block paragraphs: These text blocks usually not readable nor coherent and its working is nothing except to load, as many search terms on one page as possible hence, increase the number of page hits.
  2. Constantly repeating keywords: It is such type of technique in which keyword is repeating, constantly in an article. It’s Unnatural and nonuser-friendly experience.
  3. Hiding Keywords: We do this by font color of the text matching with the background design.

like keyword repetation

Dangers of Keyword Stuffing

Because of the Keyword Stuffing, we bumped down Google Searching Ranking.

It means potential customers are less likely to stumble on your business.

This is a big loss about 14 percent people use the internet to find a local business.

Finally, if you want to drive some relation with customer and internet users it will affect your chance.Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

Potential keyword strategies

There is a common myth that keyword length is the major originator of web pages Google Search Ranking. you can say there is a magic number what percentage of page’s total word count made of the keyword.

You have to sure that the keyword you’re using is useable. Attach relevant links, that term will serve the user or reader well and you can get more customers.

Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

This is a strategy that shouldn’t be used by modern business those are looking to improve their search ranking.


“Searching for another or utilized car? Our new or utilized car determination can’t be beaten with regards to finding the privilege of new or utilized car.

Interface with our new or utilized car masters today email at [email protected] in case you’re in the market for another or utilized car.”

Keyword Stuffing and it's Bad Impact on SEO

Avoid keyword repetation

The above case may appear to be somewhat over the beat or unexpected at first.

However, it highlights this method in an unmistakable and real way. Mainly once you begin envisioning entire pages loaded with such low regard content.

Altogether, the Google website admin review of this explicitly “dark hat” approach focuses to the associated as strategies that fall inside the extent of catchword mishandle.

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