Google Announced KOTLIN as the New Official Language for Android


Kotlin – New Language For Android Development

google introducing kotlin at i/o 2017

Google announced KOTLIN as the new development language for Android at the annual Developers Conference Google I/O 2017. Google announced Kotlin declaring it the new best development language for Android. It is a programming language and it is close to Java as it runs on Java virtual machine but doesn’t 100% resembles Java. It is a statically typed language. Statically typed languages are to type checking at compile time in contrast to run time. The name was originated from a RUSSSIAN island Kotlin. In July 2011, Jet Brain introduces a new language and it remained under process for almost a year. He wanted the goal of this language to compile as quick as Java. Developers said that the structure of the language is of industrial strength object oriented language.Moreover, Kotlin resembles Apple’s swift.


Today according to the modern world, the most important application of the language is “Android Development”. When it was under process, the development got stuck on Java 6 then Kotlin introduces many new features in the project to handle. A research of Google said that now it has been adopted by many of the well-owned developers for their projects. This language is way ahead in Android development, it is ensuring the techniques of modern languages as well. A Kotlin application has the same speed as that of Java because of the fact that both languages have almost same bytecode structure, there are some companies that are 100% using this language application. For example Pinterest, Android, and square etc. Base camp’s Android app is also using this programming language code with 100% success.


Kotlin for android - syntax

In Kotlin, we handle numbers as we do it in Java but it’s not exactly same, still it has differences in its syntax. It is also important because it is making difference between nullable and nullable data types. Classes and methods are the number functions of the language. It is also assisting procedural language which has the basic concept of the function call. The variable and parameter lists of Kotlin have data types and they always come after variable name and according to syntax it also has a colon separator but colon separator is not a must, mostly new line is enough to declare compiler the end of the statement .Its entry point always starts with the function MAIN just like C and C++.

Google and Kotlin

Google stated that the language is a better programming language as compared to Java because of some limitations found in JAVA. According to the official website of Kotlin, it is at the backend of PREZI.In no time it will become the 3rd biggest language in Android applications after Java and C++.


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