Kutaisi- City of Georgia with all you need to know about it :)

Kutaisi is the beautiful capital of Georgia. It is an amazingly beautiful place to visit and explore. A huge number of voyagers come here every year to visit the beautiful city. Kutaisi is a historic place with many outstanding landmarks and places which you’d love to visit during your trip to Georgia.

Following is the travel guide for Kutaisi which will help you find best hotels and restaurants, transportation and other safety tips during your travel. This travel guide will help to make your trip memorable and you will not face any hurdle during the trip. The cradle of ancient civilization in Georgia perpetually served as a main cultural and academic center of the region. These days it’s the third largest town and one in all the foremost common traveler destinations in Georgia.

Climate and Geography

Kutaisi- climate

The climate in Kutaisi is hot and clement. Georgia could be an amazingly diverse and different nation despite its tiny size. The months June, July, August, and September have a pleasant climate with a decent average temperature. The best month is January. The summers are usually hot and comparatively dry whereas the winters are moist and funky.

Kutaisi is the world’s oldest interminable inhabited cities. It is nowadays being revitalized once years of post-Soviet degeneration. This city is extraordinarily mountainous in each the north and therefore the southern regions. There is the total population of 178,338  and it the largest place in Imereti. It lies on the Rioni watercourse wherever the latter radiates from the Caucasian foothills into a low-lying level.

Transportation in Kutaisi

Kutaisi- transportation

Kutaisi is a prelude to all types of local transportation wings. Sampling on most routes is smart. But a number of them are also nonfunctional. There are each marshrutka and additionally giant busses, there are departures all the time. Roads within the town are usually full and parking troublesome whereas within the rural area they will be rough and muddy, therefore, several places may be best explored on foot.

The yellow buses in Kutaisi are low-cost however you get what you get hold of. Fares are some $0.21 to ride. Be ready to sacrifice your comfort if you’re riding bus or trolley. To go to the monasteries within the mountains near booking a day-tour could also be a time-saving possibility. Georgian Bus contains a route to the field, however, charges additional, 20 lari, and isn’t nearly as nice as metro. There are different routes further.

Top Tourist Sites

Here we are going to mention some great sites to visit. There has been lots of work on restoring streets, buildings, parks, and monuments within the town, and it has become a lot of safer. There looks to be a trifle additional selection within the materials, facades, and styles of the buildings along Kutaisi’s streets.

Bagrati Cathedral

Kutaisi- bagrati cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi ranks among the most effective monuments of Georgian design. The cathedral was inbuilt the eleventh century throughout the reign of King Bagrat III, who unified Georgian regions into one kingdom. Whereas Tbilisi was occupied by Persians for around four hundred years, Kutaisi was the capital of Georgian kingdom. You will notice the Church in the high, rocky neighborhood of Rioni stream.

Botanical Garden

Kutaisi- botanical garden

Kutaisi botanical garden was established within the mid-19th century and contains concerning 700 plant species of trees and shrubs. The foremost interesting plant there’s an enormous oak-tree; its four hundred thousand years previous and has changed into a miniature chapel. The oak reaches a height of forty-five meters and is a pair of meters in diameter. The hollow that has been reworked into a chapel, seizes nearly the quarter of the complete tree, and 3 people might freely work within. To a surprise, the hollow didn’t build the oak dry out, but it continues to blossom.

Museum Of Georgian Sport

Museum of Georgian sport

The museum homes collections of medals, cups, prizes, pictures of Georgian Olympic, World and Europe champions. It’s a pleasant sports museum with lots of histories concerning state sports, very attention-grabbing for sports lovers. It’s a novel place in its own kind as there are only a few sports museums in the world. You’ll realize an excellent data and knowledge concerning the Georgian sportsmen. A must go place indeed.

Geguti Palace

Kutaisi- Geuti palace

Geguti is that the site in Kutaisi comprising of the well-ruined palace of the Georgian kings, one of all the few lay structures left in Georgia from medieval times. The castle prevails for 2000 square kilometers. The official entrance area to the palace is from the north. A stairway ran between two bellying walls into the central rounded hall. It’s well protected and established for touristy. You don’t need to buy tickets to enter there. The vestibule entering the hall led a bathhouse to the right and domestic quarters to the left.

Gelati Monastery

Kutaisi- Gelati monastery

The religious residence of Gelati may be a masterpiece of the Golden Age of medieval Georgia.  You cant neglect Gelati monastery unless it’s not very hot like 40c. On the far side being simply lovely, the cloister encompasses a long history, additionally having preluded as a cultural center and also a university. You must visit that place if you are visiting that town. You’ll be able to purchase and light a candle there.

Currency of Kutaisi

Kutaisi- currency You have to use RICO Credit workplace in Kutaisi itself, Chavchavadze 55, on the thanks to the landing field. The foremost common currency in Georgia is United States dollars, euros, and rubles. Currency exchange is out there at the airport yet as in any branch of native banks.

On the international currency market, Lari is mentioned as GEL. Specialistic banks and offices are there for currency exchange. Banks are sometimes open on weekdays. Looking at the currency and also the quantity, a non-cash currency exchange dealing is additionally attainable in different currencies, with the collaboration of the preliminary agreement with the Bank. According to the Georgian legislation, you should pay all merchandise and services in native currency (GEL).

Hotels and Restaurants in Kutaisi

Kutaisi- hotels

For your stay, Kutaisi offers a wide range of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy all the comfortable necessities. These hotels and restaurants vary from high-end to low-end. The hotels and restaurants are neither too expensive nor so cheap. You can also book a hostel dorm for the stay. Wine Bar is the most likable late night restaurant in Kutaisi. As nightlife is so vibrant and colorful so you will find many restaurants which remain open the whole night. Riverside restaurant in Kutaisi offers the best view of tasty food at a calm and beautiful place. Park Restaurant is a nice cuisine with great food and very nice staff. At Eto’s restaurant, you will get many choices of food along with Mexican food, Pizza, and other fast-food items. You can get cheap and tasty food on the footstalls in different streets.

Kutaisi is the most special and unique place in the world which attracts many visitors almost the whole time of the year. To spend your nights at a comfortable place Best Western Hotel and Resorts is the lovely place in the center of Kutaisi. You can enjoy the best scenes from the hotel’s balcony. Lux Palace hotel is another great choice for the stay where you can enjoy the best stay with and you will comfortable atmosphere, friendly and great services and best food options. The Edemi Hotel is an amazing hotel highly recommended by the visitors where you will get wide and airy rooms and nice Kutaisi food. On your trip, don’t forget to miss the food in Azerbaijan

Events and Festivals

Kutaisi- events

Georgians love to celebrate colorful events and festivals. Like all other parts of Georgia, many colorful events are celebrated in Kutaisi where locals and visitors have loads of fun and entertainment. In these events, guests are served with delicious foods, melodious music, and different wines. The locals are very welcoming they will love to invite you to their colorful events and will show their hospitality.

While planning your visit to Kutaisi you must have a look at the upcoming events in Kutaisi. You can enjoy at these festivals like locals and involve in the colors of such amusing event. You can enjoy different music festivals and sports festival during your stay in Kutaisi. Kutaisi events are all about the fun. You can click the most memorable pictures in such events and festivals for the best collection of memories.

Safety Tips

Kutaisi- safety tips

Kutaisi is a safe and secure place to visit but still, you need to be careful of the following dangers.

  • Do not leave your luggage unattended.
  • Be careful of your neighborhood.
  • Do not go too far places in late hours, if you need to go then you must have a companion with you.
  • Check weather conditions before visiting a place.
  • Follow the rules and customs of Georgia and try to learn some basic phrases for your convenience.
  • People of Kutaisi are very helping and cooperative, you can make several friends there if you want to.
  • Enjoy to your fullest and take lots of pictures.

This was all about Kutaisi. Now plan a trip and visit all the beautiful places there.

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