Latest Google Update: Fred March'2017

Google Fred Update

What Is the Google Update: Fred?

Google update Fred is an update of Google’s ranking algorithm. It penalizes the website by dropping its ranking, to what it’s should be, without the unrelated links (spam links) of its URL. It corrects the rating of content driven websites. Who have too many ads running and provides a hindrance to the user to view content.

Google update fed 2017

Source “Search Engine Land”

Basically, it’s said that contain URLs that generate much money by ads and not focused on solving user problems are in danger. The bottom line is the content you provide should have good quality.

What has been observed

A quick analysis of 1000’s of Page trackers was run. These page trackers are used for tracking Google rankings and also include a wide variety of domains, keywords, and types of websites from very small to very big, from corporate websites to personal blogs.

By looking at the rankings, it is confirmed that extreme fluctuations are seen. Some pages that were in the top 10 positions are dropping down even out of top 100. And other pages’ rankings have gone up, with them out of the way.

Google Fred Update hitting the sites

Hitting the Websites


Have you been Penalized?

Has Google Update Fred raised your ranking or dropped them?

Fred SEO ranking

Fred raising or dropping your website?

A drop of ranking would be an initial indicator that your site has been impacted by Fred update. So when Google makes an update it is the first sign of change and movement.
Checking your organic traffic in Google Analytics is also important, especially from Google as a source. If your organic traffic has increased or decreased drastically since 8 March 2017, then your ranking has been affected by Fred. Without ranking, you don’t receive clicks, impressions, or visits to your site. Due to this, your organic traffic would start decreasing.

Google’s says

Google has not admitted to any significant update of the algorithm. Google is saying what it typically says: John Mueller and Gary Illyes say that “Google makes updates all the time”.

Why call it Fred

The name Fred got kind of stuck in the industry. It was done so because Google’s Gary Illyes joked that all updates be named “Fred.”

Google Update Fred

Get more details on Fred Update by watching this video.

10 ways you can improve your low-value affiliate website

The following are 10 ways to improve your website:

  • Attractive Design of Website

Design your website like they are visually appealing for users, not search engine robots. A lot of low values, ad-heavy websites are very heavy text. Often difficult to navigate and follow the typical blog style theme.

  •  Ad Ratio

Check your ad ratio to ensure it’s not over the top with Google removing the limit on Ad 2016 ratio. This blurred the line for webmasters that makes difficulty in understanding what the best ratio may be. It is difficult to answer this question but we’d recommended that you ask certain questions of your site. like ‘ Is it possible to see more than 1 ad when viewing the site/ contents?’

  • Remove Tag Pages

Remove tag pages if you’re running your site like a blog. Webmasters tend to forget about tag pages and when they do they still tend to get indexed in Google and offer little to no value at all.

  • Specific Content

Write specific content designed to solve a particular user search query.

  • No Redundant Data

Don’t write similar and similar contents over and over. Those sites which have heavy content have a tendency to publish content around the same or similar subjects. Now technically although the content may pass Copyscape, there is a theory that Google devalues some of other pages and focus on the best surrounding keyword/phrase or search query that it thinks.

  • Focus On Users

Focus on users rather than keywords. Poor article sites will create content based on keyword and have no real value which is rank for a particular keyword.

  • Genuine Agenda

Have a genuine agenda. Don’t simply write about products and links to them with affiliate links. Also, put real agenda for your website. Review similar products, give tips to users on buying, compare prices, give step by step guide, help the buyer to make a decision or solve a problem.

  • Include Videos

Include other forms of content such as videos. With the popularity of video content rising, websites today can attract a user by producing videos and then having those videos put into the text to provide uniqueness to search engine robots.

  • Non-Profit Content

Create ‘non-profit’ content. Make sure your affiliate website is not only money pages but provide quality content. Create content and page that are helpful for your industry. This could be in form of an informative guide. These will provide an advantage as content assets and may lure more users, their links or get shared, henceforth increasing the authority and traffic of your whole website.

This ‘non-profit’ content will also aid the commercial and ad balance of your site – search engines evaluating that not all of your content has a money/commercial agenda.

  • Social Following

Create a social following. Any ‘real’ website or business will naturally want a following on social groups, i.e: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Try building a social following and charm real people and get likes by sharing quality content. You could also start a newsletter that your followers subscribe to.

If you maintain all the above characteristics then Google Update Fred will not lower your rank in any way.

I hope this article was helpful for you in understanding Latest Google Update Fred 2017.

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