How a Smartphone Can Contribute towards Weight Lose :)

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There would not be a single person on the planet earth who does not want to look beautiful, smart and attractive. The criterion of smartness and attractiveness at present is a slim and smart body. People find weight loss very difficult due to their fast and busy life. But do you know that a wonderful tool for weight loss is in the palm of your hand with which you have many interactions throughout the day? Guess what?? It’s your phone. The smart phone is not only involved in your daily social interactions and activities but also helps you in achieving your dream figure. It’s the time to make your phone a part of your weight loss plan. The article will focus on how we can Lose Weight using Phone.

Visiting Websites

The phone is the best tool that enables you to get connected to the internet. You can visit the sites that provide useful information about weight loss. Many websites help people find a proper diet plan that suits their physical condition and will enable them to reduce their weight.

Visit websites - Lose Weight using Phone

Many sites also offer users free access to nutritionists and doctors that can advise people and help them in setting a feasible weight loss plan.

Some sites also send weight loss tips and diet plan newsletters free to the users who subscribe them and lose Weight using Phone.

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Calorie trackers

The first and the most important step in losing weight is to eat fewer calories. Some cell phones like iPhone have calorie trackers which enable users to keep a track of the calories which they intake throughout the day. It helps users to keep a record of their calorie intake weekly and they can check whether they are following their diet plan properly or not.

Calories Tracker - Weight Loss Using Phone

Watch and download exercise videos

If you want to lose weight and do exercise without leaving the comfort of your home then it’s possible. Using your phone you can watch and download different videos which are available online that guide people about different exercises. By watching the video you can exercise at your home.

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There are many effective exercises that can be done at home and you do not need to get expensive membership of a gym. Many yoga and weight loss experts upload videos for the guidance of the people.

Weight loss aiding apps

There are many smartphone apps that provide users information about the nutritional value of the food they want to eat. In this way, users can make a healthier food choice that will eventually help them to reduce weight. Some apps provide nutritional information of foods and drinks of different brands. By using the camera of the phone you can click the picture of a barcode of the food package and the app will provide the calorie count of the food that you want to eat.

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Some other apps provide such food recipes which are healthy and help in weight loss. Calorie counting app can also be installed on the phone which helps to find out daily calorie intake like My Fitness Pal (iOS, Android). MI Coach app(iOS, Android) tells one about one’s pace and mileage while running or exercising.

Maintain personal diary about your weight loss plan

Cell phone remains with you throughout the day. A cell phone can also be used to maintain a record of your daily progress regarding your weight loss plan. You can keep notes of what you ate and how much exercise you did daily. Note down the steps you walked, the feelings while exercising or eating diet food.

Maintain Personal Dairy - Loss Weight using Phone

Keeping a record of all this would allow you to know how much success you have achieved in following your weight loss plan. Cell phones help people to keep the record of their diet and exercise. This is a better way as compared to traditionally written diaries.

Ringtones that motivate weight loss

The cell phone can be used for weight loss through its ring tone. You can select such Ringtones and other alerts that motivate you to lose your weight and become slim and smart. It happens that people feel frustrated and stressed when they are not able to exercise properly.

Ringtones - Loss Weight using Phone

They get upset on not avoiding having high-calorie food because they love such food. When their cell phone will ring with a rocking tune or they will receive other alerts, people will feel motivated and stimulated and will imagine themselves athletic. Eventually, they will stay on their track of losing weight. Such sounds will keep their spirits high. And it’s a technical way to Lose Weight using Phone.

Make a target picture wallpaper of the phone

People who want to lose weight can select a target picture of themselves and set this picture as wallpaper or home screen of their phone. They can select them any past picture in which they were slim and smart as the target picture. If one was not smart in the past then one can use the Photoshop to edit one’s picture and get the desired one. One will get the motivation to become like the target picture everytime he/she will see it. He/She will not get off the track.

Phone Wallpaper - Loss Weight using Phone

According to the psychological theories of cybernetics, our mind develops an image.It then unconsciously works to help one become like that image. Looking at the target picture will help our mind to develop our slim and smart image.

Lose Weight using Phone by Involving your friends

You can share your goals and targets regarding weight loss with your friends using Twitter and Facebook. Share with them your plans that you want to follow and keep them updated regarding your progress. The positive feedback and response from your friends will help you a lot and motivate you to achieve your goal.

Your smartphone has many features but did you know before reading this article that you can use it as a weight loss tool? The availability of various free apps provides a chance to the people to manage their weight. They can increase their awareness about weight loss. But to select an effective, authentic and reliable app is still a challenge.

Involve your Friends - Loss Weight using Phone

Thus, you can Lose Weight using Phone and it’s a wonderful way to losing and maintaining weight. They can help people in achieving their goal of getting slimmer and smarter. Thus, phone in the modern times is the best and latest weapon in the war against obesity.


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