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Malibu is a city located in the west of Los Angeles, California. It is famous for its beautiful beaches filled with crystal clear water and luxurious residence of many celebrities. If you ever plan to visit California, you should never forget Malibu. Due to the beautiful location and perfect American culture, it has been featured on many TV shows several times. Visitors from all part of the world consider it the best holiday destination as it serves stunning ocean views, delicious food and beautiful sunset time. Know all the details you need to know about our Malibu Travel Guide.

Malibu Travel Guide

Top sights & Attractions in Malibu

Malibu travel guide - top sights & attractions

The real assets of Malibu city are its beaches but there is a wide range of other attractive places which can give you the best memories of your trip to California. the Getty Villa is the most renown place and highly recommended by the visitors. You will see the classy artwork, statues, structures, and gardens but you must be sure to get your admission tickets in advance. Zuma Beach is the most favorite place of many people, it is an enjoyable place, you can see dolphins and other sea creatures.

A surf school is located here which is safe, the surfing here is awesome and you should not ignore the smaller beaches located nearby. Other worth-seeing beaches of Malibu are El Matador State Beach surrounded by rocks and caves, Channel Islands Scuba serving free diving, Dume Cove which gives you breathtaking views and Carbon Beach with a lot of relaxing activities to do.

Few worth-seeing beaches of Malibu are El Matador State Beach surrounded by rocks and caves, Channel Islands Scuba serving free diving, Dume Cove which gives you breathtaking views and Carbon Beach with a lot of relaxing activities to do. Check out the Amsterdam travel guide.

Other Attractions

Except for beaches, other attractions include Malibu Stars’ Homes Tour where you can see the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Courtney Cox, Bill Murray and more. Pepperdine University is a must go if you visit Malibu, Simply ask the guard at the gate for a visitor pass and enjoy the visit to a school with gorgeous views. Backbone trail is well known for hiking as it is not an easy trail to hike but has a nice view. Malibu Country Mart located in the heart of Malibu for shopping. Other attractions are Charmlee Wilderness Park, Frederick Weisman Museum of Art, Escondido falls hike, Malibu Family Wines, and Solstice Canyon.

Ticket and Visa Requirements

malibu travel guide - tickets price

Malibu Travel Guide provides you with tickets & pricing. To reach this charming travel destination, Los Angeles offers cheap flights to Malibu, which costs $115.73. The prices for ticket range vary for different airlines and categories, whether you are going to visit, study or to meet someone. The prices of a ticket also depend on your duration of stay and some terms are also applied before you get the ticket to Malibu.

malibu travel guide - visa requirements

If you are an international visitor you have to check the requirements of visa and ticket according to the legal aspects of your country. You can get cheap flights online if you want to. After reaching Los Angeles through international airlines, you will get a ticket to Malibu from the specified area. After that, international visitors move around according to the rules of California.

Hotels and Restaurants

You can find good quality, comfortable and easily accessible hotels in Malibu according to your budget. Malibu Beach Inn is a high-end hotel with average prices for stay, the staff is really cooperative and helping. Native Hotel which is a newly renovated modern motel in Malibu with nice rooms and helping staff and they are still making upgrades. It is a quiet getaway along the beautiful California Coast where you can enjoy the cool breeze during your stay. Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club, which is a type of forest camp turned into a luxurious hotel where accommodations are top notch and the staff is courteous. Food is famous in San Fransisco and you must not miss the chance to taste it.

malibu travel guide - hotels & restaurants

 Hilton Garden Inn Calabasas which is a wonderful, well-designed and clean hotel to stay with a lot of comforts. Hampton Inn & Suites Agoura Hills is another hotel with great service, it has tidy comfy rooms with great pool hours, during your stay you won’t hear any traffic noise or there would be no crowd. Nobu Malibu is also a famous restaurant with sushi, Japanese and delicious seafood. Fish Grill is American restaurant which serves Mexican dishes and seafood at very cheap rates. Country Kitchen is famous for its appetizing fast food. Sheraton Agoura Hills Hotel has a convenient location and gives great service providing comfortable and huge rooms.  You can easily get restaurants and Hotels near airports and beaches.


malibu travel guide - transportation

Transportation in Malibu is the next thing in our Malibu travel guide. It is easily accessible at reasonable fares. You can get local cabs and buses to move around in the city. If you want extraordinary and luxurious transportation then you can get Roadrunner Shuttle and Limousine Service. This service provides you reliable, safe and quality ground transportation solutions during your stay in Malibu. Minibus service can also be suitable for a group of friends traveling together or family trips.

You can also get public transportation service like Expo Westwood, Big Blue Bus & North Hollywood. Metro Station is also available to use whenever you need at cheapest rates. World Trans is famous for medical transportation, home health care, and public transportation. You can also wander in the streets of Malibu which is fun and enjoyable to explore this amazing city.

Safety tips During Stay

malibu travel guide - Safety tips during stay in Malibu

During your stay in Malibu, you must beware of following tips to avoid any kind of inconvenience and ambiguities during your stay.

  • On every weekend traffic is harsh and roads get crowded. Keep extra time if you want to reach somewhere in time.
  • Do not drink too much and beware of your neighbors
  • Malibu is considered as a safe place for visitors. You should not remain outside specifically at beaches in late hours.
  • Malibu has a higher risk of natural disasters such as flooding and storms due to its geography.
  • The mountains and rocks are considered as dangerous places to go, because of the threat of brush fires.
  • Do not walk alone on the beaches in late hours and beware of gang activities.
  • Weather in Malibu often remains pleasant and moist. You need to be aware of the weather forecast and storm alerts.

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