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Heaven On Earth, The Most Colorful Places On Earth To Be Visited

Most colorful Places on Earth

When you travel, you click photos, apply filters and make them beautiful but everyone loves to visit the places that are naturally beautiful and offers the mesmerizing view. Yes, there are places on earth that have a breathtaking view and take your soul away. Here is the list of some most colorful places on earth.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

most colorful places on earth

Great Barrier Reef of Australia has colors that are enough to challenge the Pixar Animators. The island and coral reef are 2300 km long but just coral don’t delight. The fishes feed and make their home at hues and add the swirls there. Warming seas have killed many corals that’s why the reef has become less colorful. During the last summer, many corals have been killed and scientists have predicted that the time is not far when the next coral-killing will happen again. Muizenberg, Cape Town as one of the most colorful places on Earth. The world has beautiful and worth watching Bluest Water in the world.

Victorian bathing houses are lined up at the broad beach of Muizenberg. They are painted in primary and secondary colors. It looks like a piece of art from kindergarten. These small houses are left over from the days when women walked to the beach clothed and ornately and needed a place to change the clothes and wear the swimsuit. These houses are more likely to use now as holding family’s sand castle making tools and surfing board. The bold and beautiful colors still retain their link with old times.

Shibuya, Tokyo

most colorful places on earth- Shibuya

Shibuya Tokyo is peddled as the busiest intersection in the world. Almost 100 pedestrians cross the intersection from all directions when the light turns red. Once a tangle of neon signs, Shibuya is now lit by using higher-wattage digital billboards screaming in each hue that a pixel can take.

Painted Desert, Arizona

Painted Dessert Clay and sandstone worn by using the eons into dramatic formations take on unlikely sunglasses in Arizona’s Painted desolate tract. Lavender, orange, red, grey and purple tones stretch across the stone in layers of geologic records. The colors change when the sun moves over the sky. However, the one that hardly ever emerges is green. The panorama is beautiful but barren. Still, it is one of the colorful places on earth.

Lavender Fields France

Lavender Fields

If the aromatic flowers don’t trap you in, the ocean of red will. Just imagining yourself completely surrounded by a delicious crimson cloud is sufficient to deliver your blood strain down a few points. If you are a travel lover, you should look for Best places to visit in Turkey.

Lake Hiller, Australia

most colorful places on earth

Lake Hiller is in Australia and it is in pink color. The pink shade of lake is due to its excessive salt content and the organisms dwelling inner of it. Algae and little dudes referred to as halobacteria.

Antigua, Guatemala

most colorful places on earth- Antigua

Surrounded by means of smoking volcanoes and painted in a centuries-antique palate, Antigua suggests off its colors as they could have originally seemed in colonial times. The vintage city is a UNESCO world background website, and each building is painted in a careful selection of 12 colorations — tender yellows, pinks, blues and reds with names like Rojo Santo Domingo.

When it rains, the encompassing mountains burst into veggies, placing the town like a beautiful garden. It won’t leave you to feel like it is one of the most colorful places on earth.

Valley of Flowers National Park, India

most colorful places on earth- india

A photo of the Valley of plant life in Uttarakhand ought to look likes improper for an airbrush portray on velvet of a fabled landscape, the sort of artwork as soon as discovered in Alabama flea markets and now redeemed via the cost put on their kitsch.

The valleys in the West Himalayas fill with alpine vegetation that astounds for his or her sheer numbers and the variety of species. Yellows, violets, pinks, and oranges just appear too much for nature to have planted in one spot. Perhaps it really is why the landscape is mention in Hindu mythology. This place is known for gods.

Marble Caves, Chile

most colorful places on earth- Marbles caves

Those beautiful caves alternate shade relying on the color of the water. The gentle curves of the rock walls make it easier for daylight to bop around, reflecting the blues beneath. It seems like one of the colorful places on earth. It gives the enchanting scenery to eyes.

Tulip Fields of Holland

most colorful places on earth- Tulip fields

Each spring, rows over rows of tulips bloom all over the Netherlands. Visit the Holland at some point in March or April, and you’ll be handled with a once-in-a-lifetime scene. It is surely one of the most colorful places on earth.

Holy Festival India

most colorful places on earth- holi fest

The Holy festival is also known as Festival of Colors. People from all over the world get together and celebrate this holy festival of Hindus in India. It is the fun activity of tossing colors and spraying colors. People also dance and enjoy this festival at peak.

The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona

most colorful places on earth- the wave

Formation of a sandstorm is brushed in hues of brick golden yellow and red. It depends on when you visit, sunset, sunrise and night. You will see a totally different view. Visit this place and get ready to watch one of the most colorful places on earth.

Rio Tinto, Spain

Rio Tinto

The red river in Spain gets its tints from many years of mining in this area. Miners search for silver, gold, and copper. The reason of red color is the dissolved iron from the river’s rock.

Cinque Terre, Italy

most colorful places on earth- Cinque terre

The pastel buildings on seaside give an amazing scene at Cliffside. The best view is when the buildings give a mild color at cost line in the moonlight. It presents an amazing view.

Tokyo, Japan

most colorful places on earth- tokyo

You must visit Tokyo at night. It’s neon lights will make you look around in the city. If you think that time square is a nightmare sight then wait until you become lost in the Tokyo neighborhood. If you are in Tokyo then you must also check out the Best Things to do in Tokyo.

Northern Lights

most colorful places on earth- northern lights

The northern lights with their southern counterparts curve and flicker in the sky just like the wind has been caught by the earth’s magnetic field.

When the weather is clear, they are visible at both the poles. When the solar particles interact with the gasses in the atmosphere then the color of the particles change. The dancing lights are not possible to capture but it gives a breathtaking view. It makes the city as one of the most colorful places on earth.

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